Mobile Phones Dangerous?

mobile phonesSome scientists now say that

mobile phones are dangerous and

may damage our brains

or cause cancer.

But not all scientists agree.

What do you think?

  • anna says:

    I think that mobile phones are harmful to health. We talked about it for a physics lesson. but the phone has become a part of modern life, so it can not be undone. it should be used less often. when it is needed. talking on a cell phone has to be short. and keep it away from himself.

  • Diana says:

    When I’m on the bus or train, my mobile phone is the best friend. I can’t waste my time there without browsing or simply just checking out my social network account. My mobile phone is the source of information and tools I really need in my daily life. But, I’ve found out that looking at mobile phone for too long will cause a little headache. I guess that impact my eye too. Don’t use it too much, especially while you’re working. It is the worst distracting thing!

  • Alice says:

    Firstly, what isn’t dangerous? Even water when consumed in quantities beyond the lethal dose can be damaging. Secondly, I have stopped taking the research very seriously, it keeps changing everyday. Although one might always try for a greener, safer and a sustainable option for the same.

  • Oleynik Roma says:

    Many people believe that the mobile phone is very useful and necessary thing. Others that it is injurious to health and normal conversation. Who is right?
    I believe that the mobile phone is an indispensable thing in the world today, without it very difficult to manage. First, it allows you to quickly connect with anyone. Second, the mobile phone has long ceased to be just a phone, it allows you to get online. In addition, almost all phones are equipped with a camera that allows you to take pictures and video when you do not have a camera.
    On the other hand, it can harm the health and communication. First of all signals that are sent your phone, harmful to the human brain. In addition to mobile phones suffer from eyesight and immunity. The scientists also warn that children who use mobile phones are at increased risk for disorders of memory and sleep. Moreover the mobile phone does not sleep because they sent signals, disrupting the normal alternation of phases of sleep.
    In conclusion I would say that the modern world simply can not do without cell phones and phone manufacturers are trying to make their phones as safe as possible.

  • Oleg Yarovoi says:

    I think that the mobile phone an indispensable thing in the modern world without him is very difficult to manage. Firstly, it allows you to quickly connect with anyone. Secondly, the mobile phone has long ceased to be just a phone; it allows you to get online. Thirdly it allows you to send quick messages to any user. Besides, almost all phones are equipped with a camera that allows you to capture video when there is no camera on hand. Finally an entire game console, with many kinds of entertainment, from games and ending movies.

  • Sasho Inochkin says:

    Of course I agree with the previous opinion.
    It is very important and useful thing of our life.
    I think not one men can’t do without mobile phone because in nowadays it is not only phone it is also many other useful function. For example connect of the via. I think it is very useful function because you can find some information about something, also you can chatting with your friends on the via in different social networks. As for bad points that of course mobile phone is dangerous for you brain. Like said scientist that mobile phone emits special waves which cause damage for you healthy including the brain.

  • Sany Vasyukov says:

    I think that mobile , it is part of our modern life. I can’t imagen my life without mobile phones. I don’t
    think so, that it is big problem, i think it is normal. But phones is very dangerous for healthy.

  • Venus fx says:

    No, I don’t agree with what have been said, mobile phones are quite important people can’t abandon mobile phones as they became away of life !

  • Nada says:

    I think mobile phones are very dangerous to our health but i can’t imagine my day without it

  • Nagla says:

    Well, there’s some funny quote said that “Life were much easeir when apple and blackberry were just a fruit “. However , this is funny but to some extent it’s true .Modren life and their associated devices such as Mobile , Computers & Microwave added valuable and fundmental changes into our life by making it as easy as it now , but in turn it affect us negatively .One of the technology that has sideffect is the Mobile , ofcourse it helps us by improving our comunications , gives us acces to entertainment wherever we are _at home or office _ , but defenitly it has many disadvantage particular in term of health .I’m not sure for that related to cancer , but no doubt if it used badly or too much will cause earache (I personally expereinced this ) . To sum up , I would like to say that using a technology – being mobile or any other devices – need some awarness of the advantage and disadvantage so as indivisuals can be able to make balance .

  • NISSAR AHMAD says:

    I work in call center, per day I speak with 220 customers at mobile what do think about me?

  • shamsy says:

    we should use it in necessary time

  • Anastasia Kochetkova says:

    I think that it is dangerous to health very much. Mobile telephone causes many types of caneer.

  • Sasho says:

    I agree with people that mobile phone is very dangerous for healthy especially for eyes or brain.
    But I think it is very useful thing for all people even for children because they can call their parents.
    As for mobile phone for teens. I can say it is very comfortable because they like chatting on the via, even I can say they can’t imagine their life without mobile phone.

  • Dima says:

    I think many people use mobile phon every day.Beaides i know that phone is dangerous for health. Besides people speak phone every day I think is not normal.

  • FirsFedorovSolovyovKarpKovyaz says:

    I think that computer is the best helper in our life. People use computer everyday for communicate without they friend or for work or study.

  • shamsy says:

    in my opinion we should use it when we are not access to a people use it all time and it is not good.and if it is harmful seriously, the media must notice people (especial young people) and give more information about it like smoking and alcohol

  • katya says:

    I agree that mobile telephones are very dangerous, for example it is bad for eyes, besides telephones send emission. Nowadays I can not imagine our life without telephones because we use it every day. I can say that there are various models of telephones and may be every model is more harmful. Before people lived without telephones and their life was better.

  • SnekKarpKovyaz says:

    Computer the best 😀

  • Sasha says:

    I think that mobile phone is very comfartable for people , you can tolk with your friends , or you can listen to music. So i can say that modern people are need a mobile phone, but people should know that phone is dangeros.

  • Nikita says:

    I disagree, i think mobile phone are useful.

  • franky says:

    say that mobile phone is dangerous is like meant that its can cause serious trouble to somebody’s life.
    yes of course, there are many car’s drivers who end up by cause accident because of a telephone conversation.
    concerning the damaging of the brain as a member says above it’s dificult to completly agree with that statement because up to these days it’s not yet demonstrate.
    but speaking about the earaches, as the same member says…what about these secretaries and bosses of company who all over the day are on the phone.

  • Gency says:

    well i think that Hundreds of millions of people have been using cell phones and cordless phones for years. If there were a problem, we would have seen it by now.

  • abdelhadi abouelfida says:

    to my knowledge i would like to say that using mobile phones and putting them just near your bed can have bad effects on your brain because continuous radiation issuing from these small cells can damage the brain’ s cells which could consequently lead to cancer …another thing is that daily contact with mobile phone causes earaches …………………..

  • Shola says:

    Quite sure. In term of keeping it in ur pocket, it cause reduction in spam count of a man/male.

  • Pluto says:

    I’m not very sure about mobile phones causing cancers and other major diseases but I definitely know that they are not considered good for health.

    The waves coming out of the mobile phone are not good for health.It’s excessive use may causes serious headaches.
    Its use should be kept at a minimum.
    Moreover I don’t much about the ears or head problem but it do affects the eyes by texting each other all day or by playing games, eyesight is effected.

    Mobile phones should only be used when needed and we should try to stop being dependent on them very much.

  • Priyanka says:

    Ya “Too much of anything is good for Nothing” is it a quotation or a proverb …. but it sounds right to all circumstances… that’s my personal Feeling… And it always have been …

  • Rosalie T Cigaral says:

    I believed everything in too much is dangerous, too much alcohol, too much smoking, too much meat and all of the too much is bad. We should try to develop self discipline…

  • Winnie says:

    Do you think that riding a motorcycle, driving a car, and taking a bus or an airplane are dangerous? Definitely, everyone agrees that there are some risks. But why do we still venture our lives in doing these activities? Because we can benefit greatly from it. I think that the mobile phones are dangerous. However, they also bring enormous advantages to us. Besides communicating easily, you can listen to music, play games, watch videos, or connect the internet to search some information or receive and send emails at any time. Even though everybody knows they are dangerous, we can’t live without it.

  • reza alvani says:

    yes,it is.we should try to use cells in nessesary talks.

  • samira says:

    i don’t agree with cancer,but i think it has some bad affect on has rays so rays have affect on brain same as x-ray that is not good for pregnant women

  • mariana says:

    Well, for me everything in this life has advantages and disadvantages. so, all the new technology or what’s related to have indeed damage on the human body . Cancer is elected increasingly to affect people who use mobile for long time talking on especially businessmen who receive a lot of calls. I guess it is much better to respond the incoming calls by loudspeaker to avoid the electro ondes penetrating the brain and cause huge damages to whole audio, visual systems of human or any other contagious healthy problems

  • Vanja says:

    nowadays everything is dangerous if we want to live without any damages on our helth we should live without any modern tehnology

  • ayo says:

    İn my view,they may be dangerous for our health but we mustn’t forget their benefits and advantages.

  • maria says:

    i am sure that talking alot with phone can hurt our ears/auditory system, meanwhile it could be dangerous for our nervous system ,sometime i am feeling i am in hurry sometimes i am feeling get confused and my mind doesnt work properly anymore , i had headache by using phone/mobile alot . when i look at monitor of mobile i find to have problems in seeing/optic whereas i get conected to net and chating with my friends and sometimes i send sms to them .at final i can tell all equipments are dangerouos and threat for our health if we use alot of them (extraordinary)

  • Diem says:

    yes, i totally agree. you know mobile ware is very dangerous for our mental.also, if u spend a lot of time talking to each other, your ears will be affected serious.

  • Ahmet says:

    If you smoke at least 7 cigarettes a day, the complaints about the health don’t make sense to me at all.

  • samiha says:

    i absolutely agree with the fact that using mobile phone may cause serious health problems .As we can see the more the technology develops the more dangerous illnesses spread worldwide.

  • Iyan says:

    I agree…everything has advantages and disadvantages, morever if you use it out of safety control. In other words, It depends on you to make that device become a beneficial or dengerous thing for you.

  • parviz gadirov says:

    i agree that mobile phones are dangerous for our health and especially damages our brain,but i did not know about it’s cancer cause.And what we can do?What is the solution?Nowadays I can not imagine our daily life without mobile phones.

  • Shalva says:

    I agree . Not only mobile Phones, but also office and home telephones are dangerous if you speak during hours.

  • Nightlast says:

    I think its not true , because more people has died . If the phone cause the cancer , everybody was died cause that .

  • John Medina says:

    I don´t know for sure because I´m not a doctor, what I do know is that my former employer´s son got very serious ear problems and that he was close to loose his left eye. His doctor sead that the cause was the telephone´s radiation.
    Because he is co-owner at the company they run, and because of his work agenda, he spend at least 6 hours with the cell glued to his hand and ear. the las thing I knew was that now he is using a device beause he is 70% deaf on his left ear.

  • nightfisher says:

    It can be true that cell phones cause canser in sertain cases but not for all. If it took place most of the people would be subjected to cancer. In other hand cell phone can distract you when you drive the car or cross the road. Use it properly and everythings be good.

  • Zehra says:

    In my opinion they have only one advantage ,but more disadvantages. Everybody knows their harm to our bodies,but here I want to talk about their occupation in our lives. Especially young generation depend on them. Wherever they go ,they take mobiles with them, even to the bathroom. Their eyes are always on their mobiles every three minutes. When they are in the class, they are more interested in what is on mobiles or what mobiles say than what teachers say. Very soon they will forget voice communicaton because texts and emails will replace it.

  • Anita says:

    I think mobile phones have the potential to be dangerous, especially if you are my husband, and everytime we go shopping and I want an opinion, you are busy texting or talking on your mobile. This could be dangerous, with the possibility of brain damage if you don’t duck quickly enough.

  • Nawaz says:

    yes i am quite agreed with Sara, if we used mobile phone too much it is dangers for us, even any thing we used unbalance it is not good for us, i got an alternative if you want to talk on phone long time, so use hand-free for that, by use that mobile signals not come directly to your brain, (but be careful not use charger for charging cell phone during talk)

  • Soria says:

    yes, I heard something about this fact “mobile use can effect our health “but only from my sibling so I’m not sure about weither it’s true or just an opinion.and I’ll be thankful to know more about this fact.

  • janaka says:

    I haven’t clear idea about that but i heard some of scientists talk about that tropic. And also i red few paper articles. All of them said about one thing that is when you use any equipment you should think about your safety. it’s very important.

  • Sara says:

    I’m not really sure if it causes cancer .The thing I personally experienced is that I got earache and some headache at a time when I was too much using it. I couldn’t understand from where that came untill I quitted talking at mobile. It’s such a relief to do so. Having declined its contribution to cancer, mobile has been related to such severe pains.

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