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Discuss: Can you give me some money to buy a train ticket—please?

EnglishClub Discussion Point

You are approached in the street by a well-dressed man who says that he has lost his wallet. He asks politely and apologetically if you could give him $12.85 to buy a train ticket.

What do you do?

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approach (verb): come near; walk up to
wallet (noun): small case for money and credit cards
politely (adverb): with good manners
apologetically (adverb): in a way that shows somebody is sorry

92 Responses to “Discuss: Can you give me some money to buy a train ticket—please?”

  1. gursewak singh panesar says:

    There are a various type of people in the the world,we should not trust to any stranger,there are lots cheat copper that doing such type cheating, all of first i will do inquiry as per my supervision coz i know what is the value of money for average person it is vary hard to earn especially some parts of the world ,i will go to the ticket counter and i would purchase ticket for him if i think that is a right person and he is speaking true,………………………..
    Thank you very much

  2. Nadia says:

    Yes, if I have the money!

  3. Nadia says:

    Yes if I gave the money!

  4. Bergvolk says:

    Once, I’ve lived a similar situation. However, a man asked me for some money because he was hungry. I didn’t have much cash, but I remember that I had a lot of food in my bag (provisions that my stepmother made for me exaggeratedly). He smiled, gave me a tap on my shoulder and said: “thank you”. After that, he walked away. So, I believe famine wasn’t his problem. Some use the same strategy about tickets. So I’d buy a ticket (no money returnable) in his name. For guarantee

  5. Nickolas says:

    I’ve been throug similar situations. Usally I can indentify when are lying to me by the way the acting. Most of the times I help the people, of course when I have money for that.

  6. Lucia says:

    I would buy the ticket myself and give him . This way I would know if he was being honest.

  7. suryadarma says:

    I will ask him regarding the lost wallet. how much money in it, where he lost it. and the last one I will give him some money but not all,

  8. Martin L says:

    If I had money, I would give her!

  9. Nicolae says:

    I will give him $12.85 to buy a train ticket

  10. marina says:

    I would ask him a couple of questions to figure out if he was telling the truth, like when he last saw his wallet and how he found himself in this predicament. Then, I would suggest he called his friends or family to come and pick him up. And if nothing worked, I would give him the money, of course if I had some on me.

  11. Edith Rodrigues says:

    We really know in our hearts when people are lying or not. It will not depend on being well or badly dressed. There are some examples here through the comments.

  12. Y.Aryankia says:

    Yes , I will give him this much to get a train ticket only !!!!

  13. Christine says:

    I will go to the train station and buy a ticket for him !

  14. Ngoc Trang says:

    I will give him because he can tell the truth and need my help.

  15. salah says:

    I will give hime that amount with ful respect

  16. Luigi says:

    I would remind him he could purchase his ticket on line with the IPhone he’s holding…..

  17. Gulmira says:

    Well, I’ve never been in such situation. If I were you, I would help him. I agree with those who accompany him to the station and buy a ticket. In case I’m short of time I ask for his ID card to have a look and then I give him money, of course.

  18. Rima kallop says:

    I would love to hilp him whether he was saying the truth or not ,because i am doing a good thing and that thing probably gonna leave an amazing impression on both of us especialy if he was honest.
    If he was not then i have only lost a small amount of money and i did a good thing that makes me feel great,but his loss is greater because he lost his dignity and credibility..

  19. Anah Sid says:

    $12.85 isn’t a small amount. I will apologetically refuse to help him.

  20. Abd el azim says:

    I will go with him and buy the ticket for him

  21. Jonathan R P Taylor says:

    I tell him to do exactly what I would do if I’d lost my wallet: Hitchhike!

  22. Tuan Nguyen says:

    until today, i always try to live my life following “You reap what you sow “. I am very happy to help him in this situation because such assistance is in my ability.

  23. Autumngarden says:

    I will tell him to go to the police box and ask them for help.

  24. syed ahmad dawood says:

    i will verify through some question. and than i will help him.

  25. Julia Bickel says:

    I would say, “Sorry, I don’t carry cash, but I could help you find the police station ( helping charity, etc).” Sadly, I no longer trust “sob stories.”

  26. Duvisien jerry says:

    A demand is a demand I would have probably given him this money if I’m able to
    That might be a test a way to get into a new experience within the true world to be honest if i would have to take that same train and have only exactly amount that was being demanded _I certainly wouldn’t have but in the other hand I would.

  27. julia Bickel says:

    Because he may be asking for money for other purposes, instead of the train

  28. mehdi kobeissi says:

    sure why not I will .

  29. Naseem says:

    I will direct him to police officer if I think he is not genuine, buy him ticket or give cash.

  30. M.Islam says:

    I will lead him to the counter and try to buy ticket for him,I won’t give him money in cash.

  31. harry says:

    I would ask him to go to the nearest police station asking for help.

  32. Sil says:

    It has happened to me and I helped those people. But as pay with a card I used it to pay for their tickets too. If I hadn´t had that card, …. I would probably have said, “sorry, I don´t have cash”.

  33. Patsy says:

    I don´t care about the way he is dressed, I answered politely “I´m so sorry, I´m in a hurry and forgot my purse at home”. Good luck!!

  34. Juliet says:

    Without jugdement i would love to buy him a ticket and food to eat… Do you know why? I am traveller and though never happened to me i encountered some folks paid my bus trip without asking. Sincered thank you will be enough for me.

  35. Eduardo S. Silva says:

    Despite of he be a well-dressed man, this shouldn’t be a reason in trust him. Probably I would ask a few questions first, like where is going or what he is doing here… If he seems trustable I would buy a ticket for him.

  36. Bet says:

    it is a tough question! And, mostly depends on the situation. I will give money if I feel he really needs it, if not I will not pay or I will pay less.

  37. says:

    I would give him if I had a spare amount. It’s not much to give for someone in need. I wouldn’t worry whether he’s lying or not. That’s his problem At least, I acted to help someone I thought is in need.

  38. Siguirit+Garybeth says:

    Gerardo I think in the same way as you, if I can help I do it, that we can always help but not only economically, faith and love of neighbor

  39. Gerardo (El Ticher) says:

    First of all, peoples’ dress or manner of, means little to me. However, because some folks have a drug or alcohol problem, I do not as a habit, give money out on the street. I normally, accompany them and buy them something to eat if they seem hungry. In this case, I would accompany them to the bus or train station and meet their need. When this is impossible, due to time constraints, I trust that God wanted to bless me by helping someone in need. It IS better to give than to receive!

  40. Hadji Hotman says:

    I will simply hand him a few dollars.I won’t be inquisitive at all.I wish him good luck.

  41. Gaby says:

    I’d tell him that I could accompany him to the police, and they might call his family and have the money dent for the ticket and a snack.

  42. chi du says:

    Sorry, I don’t have $12.85 extra to give you but I can help you by taking you to the near place of the bus. It will be cheap.

  43. Vanodia says:

    Of course yes I would help him because he needs help as do sometimes.

  44. Yassin says:


    Some people usually go to streets to deceive the people, pretending that they need hand,but sometimes it happens to normal people as well, so if I see this well-dressed man begging me to give him money.I must make sure that he is telling me true and it is piece of cake to know that he is telling me true just give 2 min to him and chat with him and tell him that u saw him before and tell him u also helped him before and don’t laugh. Show him that u sorry that he wants u to give money to him again.

  45. Alexander aquiles says:

    Well,, i could say to him would have care with his money and his wallet and i would borrow a little money

  46. Lusi says:

    There are so many people who ask money and don’t want to work. I don’t want to be cheated. I was in such a situation but I never asked money. I earn it myself. There are a lot of ways to get it honestly. I don’t believe the beggers.

  47. Shahnaz says:

    I would like to help him and get ticket for him instead of give money.
    If I don’t have a time then pay money for his ticket because I God knows well if he really needs or not. If yes then I gona commit sin without helping him because we help the needy person. Or he doesn’t, then he accountable for for his action on the day of judgement.

  48. Dave says:

    Apple pays.

  49. Besafe says:

    i will check person’s behavior first that will help me to decide whether to give or not. Same thing happened to me earlier, a lady needed 10 dollors to fill up gas to her car, i gave without second thought. Sometimes, it feels like we all are humans, helping each other is the best thing to live happily and safely in this world

  50. M irta Hrga says:

    I would give him some money.

  51. Maryam batool says:

    Probably I would lend him some money, 5 dollars or even less, he wont be able to buy the ticket but he can keep on asking till he gets the whole amount he needs.

  52. Rodrigo says:

    I come along and buy him a ticket.

  53. Adrienne says:

    This happened to me once and I gave him some money. I later realised it was a scam and I had been tricked. It’s hard though when you think someone needs help and you are able to help them. You also wonder what you would do if you actually did lose your wallet.

  54. Mohamed says:

    I think it’s better to go with him to the railway station and buy him a ticket.

  55. PENNEC Christine says:

    I will be a little upset and I don’t know if I will be able to believe that man even this man is politely. I will be in trouble.

  56. Mishaikh says:

    It has already happened to me number of times and I don’t understand how come I become the target of such spivs when I already have got experience with them. But it has happened repeated. Last time when another such spiv came near me I burst out loud, and reprimanded him. But no avail, next time I saw him victimizing another guy.

  57. Servet Aksoy says:

    I would buy the train ticket myself and give it to him and offer some more money in case he needs until he solves his problem.

  58. Mounir says:

    It’s not easy to positively respond to the man that it’s possibly he trys the same thing with others.

  59. Saad says:

    I will see if he told me that is truth or not if he’s true I will give him.

  60. Jayashree Chetan says:

    Sir, I’ve lost my wallet. Can you please give me $12.85 so that I can buy a ticket to go home?

  61. Siguirit+Garybeth says:

    Suppose you go out to work, obviously with your best clothes, with the right time, because of the hurry you forgot your wallet, often happens

  62. Alberto says:

    I would do the same, Bijan.

  63. Bijan says:

    Hello all,

    I usually go for walking in the evening every day and see many people who have the best clothes want me to give them money.

    I’m surprised why do they want me to give them money while they are wearing the best clothes?

    In the above case, how can I trust the well-dressed man that isn’t telling me a lie?

    Thus for resolving the problem, I myself take him to the train station and buy the train ticket.

    Best wishes,
    Bijan from the Persian Gulf

  64. Juanma says:

    I would ask him if I could give him a lift and see how he reacts. I would try to find out asking two or three questions if he’s lying or not and would then help him or not. Honestly, you can’t simply rely on someone who asks for your help like that as he just could want to rip you off ! Anyway if he truly reacts with good manners and offering you, for instance, his watch and phone number as a guarantee of his acts, of course it would be a pleasure to help him.

  65. Alberto says:

    I buy the ticket for him.

  66. Alex says:

    I’d tell him to piss off

  67. John says:

    If I had enough money, I would ask for more information such as where he intends to go and documents to support his destination. If all information points to the truth, I would accompany him to purchase the ticket. That’s the least I could do.

  68. Elena says:

    It depends on situation .
    How much money I have in my pocket .

  69. Salih Hasan Jumaah says:

    I have to put my trust in what he says and give him help

  70. Erica says:

    If I have enough resource with me why not help him, but sometimes me or people don’t have enough to share. Sad.

  71. Siguirit Garybeth says:

    Eddy you are a good person, the first reaction is to doubt or distrust others, in my opinion you acted in a disinterested way, Ánimo
    continues like this

  72. Rima kallop says:

    Soo kind of you ,really you are a gentleman..
    You know what,i will do the same if i were in this position.
    God bless you

  73. Kid Sanuk says:

    That was very generous and caring of you Eddie.

  74. Eddie says:

    I’ve experienced that situation twice in train stations. The first time, at Lille (northern France) a teenage girl approached me with exactly the same arguments, she looked very in despair, she could not call her father and she wanted to go back home in Amsterdam. I bought her a train ticket and a prepaid card to call her father. She was very grateful and I was happy too.
    The second time in another city, in Metz (eastern France) a man approached me with the same reasons. He also looked sincere. I did not have enough cash then I bought his ticket with a cheque.

  75. David says:

    It’s not just a tip, it’s much more. If he convinced me, maybe he’s his story is false, I’d give him just a part, maximum $5.

  76. Edmond says:

    i would give him a ride…

  77. Masood says:

    I would listen his request carefully. From his posture, it is appeared as if the man is really in trouble. I would go along with him and buy him a train ticket so that he would reach his desired destination.

  78. Dawn koster says:

    This senerio is no difference then seeing people standing on the corner wanting money. I see so often people give money to them. I want yell at them there are good banks, shelters that take care of them if they are truly homeless. Why are you allowing them to earn money and not pay taxes off your hard earn money? They can work.

  79. Siguirit+Garybeth says:

    Hi Klavdiya, Maybe you’re right, here in Mexico it is common to ask for money, for a sick person, for a ticket, for a funeral or whatever you can think of, obviously it’s up to you to help or not, Blessings

  80. Klavdiya Kozhuharova says:

    I think he`s a liar. He must have his cell phone on him and he can call a friend or a relative to buy him a ticket online. It`s an easy way for him to get money. Maybe he bought these nice clothes for this reason. What can I do?
    I`ll buy him a ticket but I won`t give him any money directly.

  81. Murugesan Paramasivam says:

    I will help him whatever help possible

  82. Me Me says:

    I would give a small amount of money, because I wasn’t sure if he told me all about it was true..

  83. Jorge says:

    I’d tell him I’m fed up of People asking for money. I ain’t no atm machine!

  84. Randje says:

    Assuming I was not in a hurry, I would suggest that I accompany him to procure the ticket, and ask for his phone number and address…and guage the veracity of the situation by his reaction thereof.

  85. Siguirit+Garybeth says:

    Bravisssimo!!! No lo había pensado, I had not thought of it that way!

  86. M.R.Ramji says:

    Yes Sir. Take the money and also take my number . so that if you are genuine person ,you can return back my money.

  87. suryadarma says:

    hi gentleman. How much money you lent him then and do you think it is a lot of money or it does not mean anything for you.And suppose he bullied you do you still expect him to return it bact ?

  88. M ZAHIDUL HAQUE says:

    On humanitarian ground I would lend him the money. But it often so happened that such appeal is not genuine. Once a foreigner came to my office (then I was the Dean of one of our university’s faculties) and requested me to lend him some money so that he can go back to his hotel in the city. He told that his wallet together with passport, credit card, etc. was stolen. He promised that he would return the money soon after re-gaining access to his Bank account. But unfortunately he never contacted me.

  89. Nid says:

    I tell him to go away haha. It’s a scam

  90. Mir Quasem says:

    I’ll try to detect his proper identity i.e.whether he is a beggar in disguise or not .Then decide to pay if I possess same amount .

  91. Mary Ida says:

    Buy ticket for him is good idea 😉

  92. Samrawit says:

    I would give him monye if l have cash or I’ll buy ticket for him by my by credit card.

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