My Favourite Food

Leave a comment to describe your favourite food. When do you eat it? Why do you like it?

  • hima ebaid says:

    my favorite food vegtable and meat and i was like eat apple evrey night befor sleep

  • Feya says:

    Hello. I’m from Nukus. My favourite food is plov.

  • hanan says:

    i’m from Jordan we have a lot kinds of delicious food … we have a traditional food it called Mansaf .. it have an amazing taste and i love it so much 🙂
    ummm .. .also i like Dawali is a vine leaves stuffed with rice it’s very delicious too

  • twfeeq says:

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  • My says:

    My favorite food is egg rolled which is Vietnamese food. It made from ground pork, black fungus, carrot and onion. When it is still crispy, eating with lettuce is very delicious.

  • psdan says:

    My favorite food is beef rolled in cabbage Romanian. Ingredients: shredded beef, one cup rice to 1 kg of meat, salt to taste, pepper, 1 egg for 1kg of meat, dill, parsley, thyme. throughout this composition is mixed and then wrapped in vine leaves collected in early spring. Place layers of clay pot and cook on low heat. Serve warm with cream, mmm! good appetite!

  • hannia says:

    my favorite food are the dessert. I like the chocolate cake, I used to eat when a was a child , because I was helping my mother to do it, and then I took a little piece of cake and smell and slowly eat with a good glass of soda. I think prefer eat it because I helped to did it.
    but really it a good option as a dessert affer a good lunch or dinner.

  • Anjel says:

    i love ice cream n it eat in evening in beach place.

  • Beyonce says:

    my favourite food is ukwa from nigeria. it’s a complete food rich in protein. ask for it and enjoy it all da way hahahahaa…………

  • pk says:

    I am very intrested to eat dal .It is liquid type .It is good for health.

  • rd says:

    I am very much interested to eat pokora. Pokaro is made of Chana flour. Do you know what is Chana. Guess it. It is very useful for health.

  • hong t nhan, vietnam says:

    I like most dog meat. I like the simplest recipe of preparing dog meat. Just boiled and eaten with La Mo (Paederia)and flavored with Mam Tom sauce (salty fermented shrimp).
    I like to wash it down with Ruou De (moonshine home-distilled). The Vietnamese is Thit Cho for dog meat. However, its euphemism is Cay To, literally meaning Young Fox. In the Northeast outskirts of Ho chi Minh city, there is a Province named Dong Nai, meaning Deer Field; however deers extinct already, along roads and streets there are lots of signs Cay To in front of many eateries. I would propose the geographic name be changed to Dong Cay To. The National Assembly would agree, wouldn’t they?

  • bella swam says:

    my favourite food = pizza
    my favourite drink = koktey
    my favourite vegetables = cucumber
    my favourite fruit = strawberry,banana,tangerine,orange,apple,pear and grape

  • SuperSuper says:

    I almost like all the food. So I don’t have favorite food at all. When I came to Canada, I’ve had a chance to taste cuisine from all over the world, such as Chinese, French, Greek, Vietnamese meal and etc. This is the one of best part of living in Vancouver. People are tired of having similar food persistently. So they like to have varied cuisine from time to time. If I must pick one food as my favorite, I would go with seafood, which, I believe, is most delicious food in the world.

  • )Vlada says:

    I am from Ukraine (Kiev)
    My favourite food is yoghurt.Also I like different juices. I drink a cup of apple juice every day!

  • Mercy says:

    i forgot to mention i love all flavours of milkshake ,oooohh

  • Mercy says:


    I’m from Kenya. my favourite foods are Choma BARBEQUE) Sausages, club pizza and fish fingers in tartar sauce and also chicken coated in breadcrumbs. oh, and i love bhajias, blackforest cake and fresh fruit juices. i totally love them! i eat any of these everyday.

  • Anna says:

    I love different kind of salads, “shuba” or “mimoza”, for example. Also, chicken cutlets and sometimes “Olivje”.
    Oh, I have nearly forgot about fruit salads! I adore them.

  • issa says:

    coz im from jordan the best food for me MANSAF
    its the traditional food here in jordan
    its consist from rice and ugart and meat

  • Zie says:

    I love festive season. This is the time where you can get all the good food. And my favourite food is during the festive season.

    I love sambal (Chilli) prawn.

  • sushi says:

    Hi somebody!
    My favourite foods’re very much, but i like sticky rice cake best. It’s wonderful!

  • sukumar says:

    hi i am sukumar from india .i like all kinds of vegetables and fruits ,well my favourite food is vegetables because they are healthy and they contain lots of minerals ,protines and carbohydrates.i like to eat these vegetables by boiling in oil and adding different kind of spices to them .my most favourite food is pottato curry .which tastes good and healty and it can be cooked in different ways like fry ,bioled and so .there are no sideeffects and this is cheaper and good for health

  • friday&friday says:

    My favourit food is called Mansaf it is a Jordanian food.
    it is a meat with rice and we put a bread a special type it is called ashrak under the rice tnen we put the rice then we put a meat then put some nuts you have to irrigate a hot yoghurt.
    I eat it every friday with my all family .

  • HILDA says:

    my favorite food is roast beef with fried potatos,and salades,lettuce and tomatos.

  • Turki Tisky says:

    Good evening everybody,I read the subject when I was so hungry,so I have to put what I would like to eat in this moment.My favorite food is called in Arabic Kapsa I really want to eat it put I can’t because I’m far away from my mom hand,so I can’t.Also,I like Italian food such as Pasta,Alfrido and Spekatie.And that sit 🙂

  • Kiba's Girl says:

    It’s maybe chocolate ice-cream or any cheesy Pasta :p

  • doris says:

    my favorite food is hot pot. i like the taste: spicy, sour and savory. And i love the atmosphere when you cooking the food and talking with your friend. You eat, drink and talk.Wonderful!

  • raheeq says:

    i think food is very impotant to the body .it gives us the energy to do all works but in the same time if we had eat and eat alot this will give us the oppisite . we will become fit and alot we eat alot we love eating

  • syasakclamp says:

    My favourite food is apple. I can eat it eveyday.

  • kaze says:

    Vietnam and South Korea have the same famous food made from dog meat. It’s very delicious. You can eat it with “mam tom” – a traditional sauce of Vietnam. It’s wonderful when you drink wine and eat it with some friends. So I like it.

  • Lamthile says:

    I’m a Vietnamese, a country with alot of delicious and tasty foods but I like steamed chicken with onion . It very delicious.I often eat this dish at the Phi Lu restaurant.The food there is very excellent. In my experience you can add a litle of white wine when you cook the steamed chicken, it will creat a good smell for this dish.
    I don’t like frozen food, so that I have never eaten that food before.

  • sabrino lakomaz says:

    my best food is couscous with vegetables .its very delicious.thanks

  • Linda k hollywood says:

    My favorite food is Thai food and spicy food.
    Because Thai food is very delicious .
    I really like to eat everything is crispy.
    I don’t like Italian food to much calories.

    Linda k (Hollywood)

  • teresita diaz says:


  • eaz el akrabawee says:

    I like healty food. I need fresh vegetables, good meats and low fat milk

  • namitha says:

    I am from South India.I like dahi wada which is very delicious .I am sure most of the people from southern part of India likes it.I like mangoes also.I like Tiramasu cake .I tasted it in Germany.mmmmmm very tasty…

  • ignatius says:

    I like healty food. I need fresh vegetables, good meats and low fat milk.

  • Roman says:

    My favorite food is -polisch food potato,meat and some salad

  • Kitty says:

    my favourite food is icecream if it counts as a kind of food 🙁 i hope
    i love icecream, its my spirit-lifter, it doesnt matter what kinda of mood i am in, once it comes to having a icecream,espcially the creamy ones, i couldnt think anything else. Mmmmmm, I love my icecream, yummy yummy

  • alyaa says:

    ilove food very much ,

  • oska yare says:

    iam from kenya my favourite food is ugali and sakuma !!!

  • bashir says:

    Iam from somalia, my favourite food is muufo and maraq, absolutely anice balanced meal to every one, not frozen and not from factories but always fresh and from farms! enjoy,

  • xiaobo YE says:

    I come from China,my favourite food is tomato,both cooked and raw.I like its taste,sour and sweet.It is also abandant in various Vitamins.When I’m at home,I always cook it with eggs.When I see tomatos cooked with eggs at eatery,I will never consider of other dishes.

  • Ashraf mohamed says:

    I’m from sudan and my country is rich by many many kind of food like meat , vegetabels ,fruit and many kind of grain such as rice and wheat but for me i like all of them i eat all kind of meat fish,beef,mutton and chicken excepting ham also all kind of vegetabels especially those kind apparent in rainy season but for fruit i like all but my favorite one for eat is mango but for fruit juice i like so much citurs fruit juice because the wheather in my country is so hot, so i need to keep my mood and nerves calm. good bye and hope that you enjoy by my comment.

  • carmen says:

    Hello everybody.

    I am from Mexico, my food favorite is mole poblano. mmm deliciuos.

  • nando says:

    Im from Peru , my favorite food is ceviche ,its made with fish , lemon, and rocoto ( kidd of chily) its the most delicious dish I have eaten , you have to try

  • thaiduong09 says:

    Have you ever tried Vietnamese-pancake ? How did you know about it ? I am Vietnamese , i also love my traditional food , when you are wllcomed to Viet Nam i am sure that you will be invited to try many traditional foods , especially Vietnamese pancake . Because you know , a lot of foreigners – if they have a chance – all of them love it .It is very famous like “ao dai ” (traditional dress ) which is dressed by Vietnamese woman in the holiday or festival .

  • July says:

    My favourite food is mushroom. I like all sorts of mushrooms and they are delicious if one knows how to cook them properly. I always cook them with a little bit of soy bean sauces.

    Because I am a vegetarian, I do eat a lot of veges especially mushroom. I sometimes add a bit of tofu into the dishes when I cook. I have heard people complaint about the tasteless of tofu, in my opinion it’s the matter of the way how you cook it. For instance, when we cook meat and fish, we would add some sauces into the dishes and without these flavours meat and fish are also tasteless too.

  • Vasavi says:

    I like South-Indian sweet POLI a dish made with maida dhal and jaggery. My children also like it very much.

  • sureerat says:

    my favourite food is papaya salad.or you can hear “somtum”

  • nunua says:

    i love fish and i eat it every wednesday

  • hüzo says:

    my favorite foods are iskender,adana’s kebap and kokorec because ı am a turk.they are delicious.
    I venture to live for you.

  • karel says:

    Hi … all. I am from Indonesia. Favorite food? I think Gandul Rice. Do you know Gandul Rice. It’s there from Pati city Central Java. I must like cause is sweet taste and more meal and wonderfull taste for me.

    Thank U.

  • yasmin says:

    My favorite food is kubaa .I like it very much. The ingredients are: boiled potatoes plus boiled rice, boil them separately then mince them together in a mince machine if possible.At this time you have to prepare the mince meat with some onion , put some oil in the pot then add the meat and the onion ,add some salt .When the mince meat is done you have to make balls from the potato-rice doug ,then fill it with mince meat.Then cook them in oil.Oil should cover them.Its very delicios.Ihope you try it.You can have adish of soup with it.

  • ALI AHMED says:


  • kanza says:

    I’m from Morocco ,my favourite foood is couscous ,i love it and i must eat it every friday there are our cotums

  • neelam says:

    i like noodles.i eat it on sunday. i like it because it takes very less time in preparation and its very testy.i like also eggless cake which is prepared by me.

  • renata230 says:

    Rene Pol
    My favourite food is a dish called PIGEONS but it has nothing in common with birds. It is made of cabbage, rice, minced meat, mushrooms and spices.The stuffing made of rice,meat and mushroomsis is wrapped in boiled leaves of cabbage.Tastes delicious!

  • Mai says:

    In fact, I like many dishes: spring rolls (our traditional food), salad (all kinds), and also Italian food, like pasta or pizza (first, I’m not used to pizza due to its spice or its ingredients, but gradually, I become addicted to this kind of food)

  • Zaids says:

    My favourite dish is my mom’s hand made minced meat kebab.I love it.

  • Jane says:

    i also like ice cream of KFC.

  • Jane says:

    i like noodles.

  • Rossella says:

    I like pasta as all italian people.
    I eat past everyday.

  • baiyun says:

    My favourite food is hot-pot.It is very famous in China.I often eat it in the restarant or at home.I like it very much for its vegetables and seafoods,even its special sauce.It is a mouth-watering meal and before I eat it my taste buds ready for this.

  • Tehua says:

    Hi! and greetings from Mexico City. My favorite food is CHILES RELLENOS. They are a variety of CHILI pepper called CHILE POBLANO.
    Here’s the recipe: Put the peppers on the grill stove to burn them a little bit. Then, put them inside a plastig bag (3 to 5 min) so the steam makes it easy to pill the skin out. Later, CAREFULLY open them on one side and take out the seeds and veins, so the peppers won’t be TOO HOT (it would be a good idea to do this under running water) Next, fill the peppers with cheese or ground meat (previously cooked) or canned tuna. To make sure the peppers won’t open while cooking, close them using a toothpick or thread. **Some people like to cover the peppers with scrambled eggs. First beat the egg white to meringue point, then add the egg yolk. Next, cover the peppers with some flour and then cover them with the scrambled eggs preparation. Fry them in hot oil. Use a napkin to drain the oil.** Prepare a tomato stock with a little bit of onion and a clove of garlic, when the stock is boiling put the peppers inside. Cook for about 20 min. Serve with some rice. Have some TORTILLAS with them. BE CAREFUL WITH THE STICKS OR THREAD Enjoy this DELICIOUS MEXICAN DISH!

  • Navamani S says:

    Indian’s Sambar Rice. Sambar means liquid item which is mixed with Rice
    I like very much sambar rice because it’s give me an energy whenever i eat.Another important on the sambar rice lot of vegetable is there which is helpful to get vitamins.
    Anyone can eat sambar rice at any time , there is not side affect. Sambar is an important delicious in Indian’s food, without Sambar is there is no festival celebrate in india especially South India…

    I proudly say that i am a “Sambar” to my friends….

  • sasa says:

    i like to eate panana

  • fawer says:

    my favourite food is banana,i like to eat it every night,it helps me with my food.

  • Leila says:

    My favourite food is aush. It’s sepcial soup. It’s been cooking for long times in our country. It’s served when the weather is cold. I like it because it always evokes memories of the best time of gathering with my family and colsed relatives.

  • kiyaara says:

    my best food are pitzza, Macroni and pasta. i am having this food every day except in the morning. coz these food are changing everyday. and adding new things to make pitzza and pasta.and give more taste for us every day.

  • Hilda says:

    Hello everybody.
    Really I don’t have a favourite food to eat, but I like salt and spacy flavor put in and over my disches when I am cooking. Really I enjoyed my meal with this taste.
    Thank you.

  • aziza says:

    my favourie food is tagine i like it very much, and i like to eat it on wednesday

  • Hang says:

    I am from Vietnam, a country with a lot of delicious and tasty food. I think am very lucky to live in such a rich country with various type of vegetales. And of course my favourite food is vegetales, every sorts of vegetables. They are both safe and extremely good for my health. We can cook them in many ways and they are all tasty. We can boiled them in water or eat them raw. But I love stirring them with eating oil and adding a lot of spices.

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