What Are Your New Year Resolutions for 2015?

resolve (verb): decide firmly to do or not to do something (for example: He resolved to discuss the matter with his boss.)
resolution (noun): a firm decision to do or not to do something (for example: He never regretted his resolution to stop drinking.)

I resolve

2015 is upon us. Pray tell us. What have you “resolved” to do in 2015? Or not to do? ^^

And don’t forget to tell us what happened to Last Year’s resolutions :))

  • bwanga says:

    I have three resolution for these years :
    1 . i will open to every body because in the world no one knows every things.
    2 . i will try my best to spend more time with my familly because i need them rather than every things .
    3. i will thanks God for all he will do for me .

  • Eugenio Fernando Ndimande says:

    2015, seems to be a different year, I resolved to be a good speaker of English and I also want to improve my grammar but above all I need to get a job. I think a used well the word “Resolve”!!!!??

  • Miguel Avellaneda says:

    To spend more time with my family.
    To learn more about English Language.
    To care of my body doing more exercise and stop smoking.
    To teach my to my son more English language.
    To read at least 2 books per month.

  • dalal says:

    in this year i have to get 7 score in the IELTS test , i wanna learn drawing

  • Shane Marie says:

    by 2015, i shall strive harder to improve my english skills and i hope to be very good at my job as well. learning the english language is like touring america because for me, it’s the best thing ever!!!

  • romaric says:

    I will be more concentreted on m’y live projets.for i need going nées May god bless all us.

  • Truong Doan says:

    In the beginning of 2015, i want to find a new job better. I wish i could get more and more my own power towards my own passion and master in english.

  • Diem huong says:

    In the new year, I wish my english is better. I will get a lot of friends and hope that they will help me to improve my english.

  • Narain dass roopani says:

    This year I quite smoking and study English and Improve writting and speaking.

  • kike jasso says:

    this year i´ll try to be more patient with my family, also i´ll be trying to improve my english level practicing it daily.

    About my body i´m always trying to lose some weight so i´ll exercise more frequently to find my desired seizes…

    have a nice begining of 2015¡¡¡

  • Hubertine says:

    This year I revolved to be more closer to God. I decided to show to everyone around me.
    I decided to get married !

  • Shaima says:

    In this year i hope to learn English very well, because i have a problem in my education

  • Ahmad Isah says:

    All perfect praises are dua to Allah, the controller and master of the all. For me there’re alot of things to accomplish/resolve in this year, among them are:
    *to keep on doing any action that will brings me closer to the Holy Creater.
    *to be tireless, hardworking,and pray for to be successiful in my study.
    Wish you the very best!

  • Mohammad Reza says:

    Working hard, gaining goals and loving people
    being relax and making sure that I’m my beloved ones beloved one.

  • potato kuo says:

    1 learn English every morning in the year.

  • Hamid says:

    In This YEAR I want to be one of the most high-potential teachers.

  • Kristina Ciminillo says:

    My 2015 Resolutions are:
    To continue with my daily devotions.
    To continue finding and making crafts to do with my son.
    To continue improving my own study skills so I can help others when the opportunity presents itself.
    To keep my home organized and fit in some time for counted cross stitch which both make me feel confident and happy.

  • wiwiek says:

    My goals I want to reach…:finishing my loans and have more good income for my Nadyraoshop n tailor at FB so I can buy anything my kids n I want. Stay in a better terrace house nearby kids schools, hoping someone’s kindness to help it giving a good rent.

  • Amine says:

    Last year my resolutions were :
    – Learning new things related to my work and doing very well my job
    – Buying a car
    – Having a fluent English
    – Reviewing things i’ve learned of the Coran

    From these 4, i only realized the first one.

    My resolutions for 2015 are :
    – being closer to god
    – Becoming a senior business analyst and multiplying my salary by 2
    – Buying a car of course
    – Finding my girl
    – Reading one book per month
    – having a fluent English
    – Watching TV for at most 7 hours per week
    – Reading or watching the news for at least 20 minutes per day
    – Starting working at 08:30
    – Jogging 2 times per week
    – Winning the business cup league with my work team which i’m the coach
    – Getting certificates and qualifications to enrich my CV

    That’s all.

  • Yuni Kurnia Purnamasari says:

    1. I must find a good job.
    2. I must make my mom proud of me.
    3. I must speak english fluently
    4. I must travelling

    Happy new year 2015 and wish all the best.

  • giuseppe says:

    happy new year,
    i want to be close my family every days, i want a world without war and pain , a world of love and peace.
    happy new year for all.

  • Abdalla Altayeb says:

    First of all happy new year for all of you,what i have resolved in this year and i am going to work on them,initially to be the best of the best in terms of speaking precisely in English language and the other skills as well,and at the same time finishing my study which is Management Information System and as well as IT.Hopefully to start working on the compulsory national service and the most important part practicing football even though i will never have time but i ought to have…….Apparently it is going to be splendid year with having my accomplishments….

  • Mamus says:

    This new year 2015 will definitely be an exciting year for me as I have committed some important things to accomplish. Firstly, I have resolved to improve my English rapidly, with hoping to speak more fluently,accurately and naturally. To achieve this goal, I have joined the online English class, and apart from that, I regularly read a newspaper at least half an hour a day. Secondly, I am going to live healthy lifestyle. to reach this target, I have joined the local sport club to play different kind of games such as volleyball, basketball and table tennis. My probably the biggest goal is to get university degree from University of Western Sydney in mass media. I am in a final semester of this course and to secure high distinction mark in my final exam, I have fully immersed into my study and working very hard no matter it is day or night.
    I fully hope that I will fulfill my dreams in this year of 2015.

  • ejaz hussain says:

    I will improve my pronunciation

  • Sami says:

    Happy new year 2015
    Only one resolution, make my Family, friends and collegues happy !!

  • Ariel says:

    My is not to curse be kind to some people do very good in all my class and I hope I can get closer to God.

  • Ash says:

    I have resolved to learn at least two languages this year, and improve my english writing skills. I will spend some quality time to de-stress my self, do some yoga everyday and maintain healthy life style.

  • Mouktar says:

    My principal plan to resolve in 2014 was to get my baccalaureat diploma degree in order to get entering in university.
    I am very glad that my plan become realized,I thank to Allah that he facilited to get that.
    And in this entery of 2015 I wish and planed that my wishes become real.
    Thank Allah,I miss you weel because you help me very time that I needed to make something.
    Thanks Allah.

  • Yemane Gebreselase. says:

    In 2014 is was good Year for me and My Family too My wife and I are working ourchildren are learning and working.On 2015 we wish well going to do better than 2014. Because we have to have get better life so we’re going to Envru our working and Learnings -our English skills.so happy New Year for anyone. I like Englishclbe thchrs I would like to say thank you!!

  • Johnny says:

    Next Year I want to master Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator. Of course there are more goals I want to achieve, but they’re very personal.

  • Daniel says:

    In 2014 I moved forward in English skills in a way that I couldn’t imagine. This is fantastic! I hope to carry on progressing in 2015 this amazing language, and also in my academic studies, maybe prepare me better for future professional opportunities. Happy New Year for everybody, even 2014 it wasn’t so good for you. Don’t give up on your dreams!

  • Asanka says:

    I’ll stay more time with my family because They need me, I need them rather than anything else. I will resolve several things to develop my skills and will go ahead in my carrier ladder one more step in coming year..

  • Saleh says:

    First, Happy New Year For everybody
    I think before to talk about new your we should talk more about last year
    for me i can say in all my result only 20% , i see my self and i think i didn’t work so much or enough for my business or education or relation or make more friends
    so i promise my self to get more for what i want

  • Karthick iyyappan says:

    Have to wake up before 5 and sleep before 10
    Have to maintain self discipline in business & family
    have to intake proper higenic food
    Have to utilize the opportunity and start earning
    Have to quit cigarette and beer
    Have to thank god for my creature


    My resolution/s for 2015 are simple and practical.
    I will not drink a coffee/cappuccino/chocolate a day but the money will go instead to a saving device so at the end of next year I will have enough money to bring my wife to live with me in my country, Australia.
    My second resolution is to finish my book to get it ready for publication.
    If I get these resolutions a reality I will be a very happy man!

  • Benilde Maria Werka says:

    Read more books and sleep at least seven hours per day.

  • potato kuo says:

    To become more closer to God and do learn English and Japanese

  • Ivana says:

    To become wiser by learning and observing and thinking and travelling hopefully

  • naima says:

    This year i want to travel to the united states.i wish i could use less facebook and chat with more interesting people.May you have a happy new year.

  • Robin Yamin says:

    I will be more close to my creator, my Lord God. I will win more souls and bring them close to our Lord God who haven’t yet accepted Christ as their saviour. I will also try to teach English to those who are not good at English. I will introduce more people to the website of English club.
    Robin Yamin.

  • Javad Khademi says:

    This year I want to love all people in spite of their color, religion, nationality and …. because we all are human and we should love each other.
    Merry new year.

  • Adekemi Okunade says:

    I will be more closer to God. Read more books. Extend hands of love to those around me. Be more dedicated and more committed to my teaching job. Give more of myself to my family.

  • jose benitez says:

    my target for 2015 is to improve my english..
    at least a 10 percent.

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