New Year’s Resolution

At New Year (1st January) many people resolve or decide to do something or not do something. That is called a “New Year’s Resolution”. For example, they might resolve to do more exercise, or to stop smoking, or to work harder. What is your New Year’s Resolution be for 2008? And why?

  • thuongngo says:

    hi every body.
    I’m a new member. I hope that I will gain acknowledge.

  • ghada says:

    My only hope to successed this year in my collage and improve my english language

    Happy new year

  • friday&friday says:

    My new year resolution is to improve my English language .
    I would like to learn alot of meanings read english books . the secound things i would like to meeting aknew friends thats it

  • Rajeev says:

    First of all i would like to wish your all team a very happy new year.
    My new year resolution is to improve my English and Join a very good job in my specilized field.

  • zainab says:


    I wish a happy new to all the world.
    My Resolution for this year is to practice my english and starte my associate degree a soon as posible.

  • elder says:

    I want to study English by doing my homework more and buy a new car and go to The Empire State Building.

  • Joanna says:

    My Resolution is to do better

  • lucky says:

    my new year resolution for 2009 is study hard,and keep exercise everyday

  • Princess says:

    My New Year resolution for 2009 is to:
    Study Hard , Do better things than 2008 , The most important thing is to do not waste my this year like other years…..

  • trantrungkien says:

    It’s my biggest challenge. I may make me crazy !!!

  • trantrungkien says:

    I have a dream that in which my family is very rich one. So when I was child I wish I could earn a lot of money for my family by becoming a director. And now, the new year is coming, I think I will mobilise all my neighbors sell whole their houses and we have all a big amount money then each one of us will buy another the department and live comfortably with the rest money. It’s my challenge but I will finish it well.

  • Lise says:

    Hi Joe’s Cafe.

    My New Year’s Resolution:

    Use less make-up. It is very exaggerated (?)
    Be better at english. I am going to Amerika next summer, at a language school. I am really looking forward.
    Get a little better karactor. They are really good now, but they can be even better!

    Bye bye 🙂

  • Pham Duc Nam says:

    In my opinion , I want a Xbox 360 set and 256 mb vision card formy computer to play FIFA 09, PES 2009 and CRYSIS WARHEAD. If I pass the exam of high school my parents ‘ll buy them for me.

  • hanane says:

    I do feel happy to being a member of this harmonious club. THANK YOU MR JOE for giving us a chance to express ourselves. You can only have a look at these comments to understand what do you mean to every one of us.

  • Ena'am says:


    I know I am too late

    but I have a lot of things I want to do it in new year 2008

    first I want to get master dgree. and now I am working at this .and I will start after summer vicaition

    and befor I want to improve my langauge and do TOFL exam.

    and I’ll get marid this year .

    actually I have tall lest if I write all things I wont finish till tomorrow

  • english says:

    To Renato: “resolve” and “decide” mean virtually the same. The only reason I wrote both was in case someone did not understand “resolve”, which is less common than “decide”.

    We can say that these two words are synonyms, if we think that synonyms exist. Some people believe that there are no real synonyms because:
    1. every word has a *slight* difference in meaning or formality etc
    2. if two words are identical, one of them becomes obsolete

    However, for the purposes of your question, these two words are synonyms.

  • salah says:


    very good to receive month letter from our club , my resolution this year 2008 is to work hard to complete my research and to improve my speaking in English .


  • Renato says:

    have a question about English: when you write just at the beginning of this section that people resolve or decide to do or not to do somthing, are the two verbs as synunyim reinforcing eachother mutually or is there a slight but meaningfull differentiation? Thanks for your reply. Renato

  • Doodee says:

    Thanks for sharing

  • SPN says:

    My New Year’ Resolution is improve my English and the most important thing is to finish the HSC exam successfully! That’s the promise to my family and myself!

  • ramar says:

    i want to speck become fluent in english
    getting a good job

  • elsie says:

    your new year resolution is very nice.i hope you can achieve that. nice i like your new year resolution. your happy person. unlike me. thanks………

  • juan says:

    My first resolution for this year is to improvemy english yreach my goals

  • fabio says:

    Hi, everybody

    My resolution for this new year is to increase my God faith, take care my whealth with responsability and take care my money and improve my goals.

  • Trang says:

    My New Year Resolusion includes:
    1. Word harder and find a chance for a better work, for me.
    2. Try to pass the exam for master.
    3. Take a high level english course.
    4. Grow good relationship with everyone
    5. Play badminton better.
    6. Take a dancing class.

  • Rosa says:

    Hello everyone.

    My New Year’s resolution include several things, and the most important things are:
    To get married in august, to get a job in the pharmacy field,
    and start a new life after being an au pair for two long years in the U.S.

  • reza says:

    happy new year !
    I`m going to practice hard and learn more.
    Human is same as book if you dont add a leaf every day to it , nearly it will be a usual book on the corner of bookcage.
    best wishes

  • July says:

    Hi everyone,
    My New Year’s resoluation is to pass my last CGA course this month (Jan 30th is the day the markwill be released) and to obtain my CGA desigination in Feb or Mar 2008. Then, I would like continuing to improve my English skills, particularly my writting skills, to become more qualified to my professional career.

  • Mayttt says:

    Hi Everbody,

    Happy New Year 2008 for all here !!!

    My New Year resolution is just cleaning my house and learning more in anyting I need .

    Best of luck !!!

  • mailanh says:

    happy new year to everyone!
    I wish you will succeed in your desire in new year.My resolution in 2008 i hope i will learn English better anh become an adult about thinking anh action. I hope i can keep my love and my darling will love me forever. Thankyou!

  • fahad says:

    hi for all and happy new year.
    my New Year’s Resolution is improve my English .

    thank you

  • kitty says:

    I take a great resolve to speak English fluently and pay attention to my work. I want to study a bachelor degree in English.
    Happy New Year!!

  • adamou seybou says:

    good resolutions.

  • adamou seybou says:

    hello everybody i m adamou i wish a happy new year for every body i wish i will speak english very well and become english teacher next year

  • Pierre says:

    Hi Ladies and Gentelmen,

    I wish all an happy new year 2008. Don’t forget you’re become old every day


  • bharti p. jethani says:

    Happy New Year!

    It is my hobby as well as challenge to learn english as early as possbile. Basically I am from sindhi medium and where I am working I unable to speak english sometime I feeling shy because I couldn’t speak fluent english in front of them.

    I am requesting you to please help me out in this regard.

    This is resolution of new year.

  • cam says:

    2 everyone!Happy new year-new you!
    Well in this new coming year, I will
    – improve my English
    – do more esercises to be healthier & fatter, hjx
    – work harder to achieve better results than this year
    – have b.f…

    Best wishes to all of us!

  • africa says:

    Hi! Everybody! Hi,Joe. Happy new year!
    My new year’s resolution for 2008 are:
    1. I will gain weight for about 4kg ^.^(i’m so thin, 43kg n 1,63m tall :P)
    2. I will improve 4 skills in English(listening, speaking, gramma, writing)…everythings in English to graduate from college for about 4years.
    3. I will friendlier with my friends, sure.
    N the last. I hope i will meet my boyfriend( he lives so far from my province.

  • Jenny Nguyen says:

    Hi every one!

    For every new year I always have some new goals to wish and try to keep them up. This New Year’s Resolution of 2008 I wish and try my best to enroll in Dental Hygiene major at the Central Park Campus in McKinney, Texas, U.S.A. If I am accepted, I will be a lucky person in the world because it is a first dream of mylife and it’s really worth for me. The program is so hard to get in because of its competition from a lot of students. Also, the Dental program is hold once a year in Fall semester. Anyway, I hope I can do anything I want even it takes time to work for it.

    Hope all of you having a New Year with a prosperous, peaceful, and healthful.

  • hüzo says:

    I want to conquer the world. :)))

  • Niru says:

    hi, Happy New Year
    Thanks for every month newsletter.
    These very useful for me.

    I’ve a great resolution that I should improve my spoken English. I can write and read. But I haven’t proper speaking skill.


  • Rajni says:

    It is a saying that: –

    What is this life, full of care
    We have no time to stand and stare?

    My resolution is to give time to myself to stand and stare my life so that I can feel my life with heart and soul.

  • Rajni says:

    My New Year Resolution is to improve my Mathematics & English. I will improve it by doing day to day practice. I hope that my efforts help me to achieve my dreams.

  • ALI AHMED says:


  • TongThanh says:

    This is the first time I comment my ideal
    I have many resolves in 2008
    I want to earn so much money, because I need to buy some things for my family and myself. I try to learn more English, I can read, but I my listening very bad ,and so on…
    I guess, nothing impossible…
    Happy New Year

  • kanza says:

    Hi Joe
    happy new year 2008
    My resolution of year 2008 to speak English very well

  • Mohammad Sadizadeh says:

    alhtou it is very late , to say happy new year but i sayhappy new year to all you and i would like to wish a year full of health and wealth and peace and happiness for all .
    In my country our new year begin on march 21.t and it is called “Shamsi year” thrhfore i had no resolution for your new year till i saw this page , then i decided to get some :
    1 – i will study in law course in university.
    2 – i will study english more and more and will listen to news and reports every day.
    3 – i will be better in my manner inall aspect of my life

  • neelam says:

    hello sir,

    my new year resolution is to improve my english

  • Preeti says:

    Hie Joe,

    Hope you are doing great? Wishing you a very happy new year…
    I know i m too late….and my resolution is to improove my confidence as i have a lack of confidence..and also want to get higher english language,,,,and good vocabulary

    Glad to received ur mails…many thanks

  • KimDung says:

    Happy New Year!

    I am interesting in English so my New year resolution is improving English, to try to speak English as well as native one.

    now i can write but cannot speak and listen well so i like to get through this page to learn more.

    New Year is new long trip with many challenges.




  • Dyana says:

    Hello, Happy VERY Happy New Year!!

    Im happy to read your comments I want to say I though Im the only crazy girl who really want to learn english in the way I wish. Well, Ive started to study alone at home and follow for different ways to learn more to improve my english grammar skills 🙂 .
    I started in this 2008 to improve my body also , doing exercises at 7 am.

    Well, I hope all your wishes and desires come true!

    A latin friend……………….Dyana

  • Zaids says:

    My new year resolution is …I’m going to work hard and try my best to achieve my aim that is to reach the zenith of my profession.I pray God to give me success.

  • aziz says:

    What is your New Year’s Resolution be for 2008? And why?

    To determined to elaborate english language , I enjoy to learn more and more than every body How could ? i don’t know … I’m in challenge with english and i will beat it .

  • Jane says:

    Happy New Year!
    i like the words from you. well, i have the similar feeling. but, now i am a worker. i’m diong what i dislike. everyday i read english materials. i’m confused and titleless.

  • Mumtaz Qazi says:

    A very nice and lovely happy New Year to all.
    This year I resolve that I should be more careful about my life, friends and relatives.
    Moreover I will not waste my time while reading extra things I should click to my subject only and by studying it, master it or I will lose my knowledge and information of my field.
    I resolve to write, speak and listen to English language more and more. As I am trying for admission so my aim is to complete my postgraduate studies in English Language.
    With best wishes and with this song, lets make this world a better place for you andfor me.

  • Robert says:

    Hi! Joe!

    Well, this year, I really hope God can guide me at every step.
    That’s because I love English.
    I can’t live without it.
    I practice speaking English every day.
    I read English articles day by day.
    I want to major in English in my future college.
    But my father doesn’t want me to major in English.
    He said I should major science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry etc.
    He said mojoring in those subjects would give you more job opportunities.
    That’s why I ask God for help.
    I hope I can make a good balance among these subjects.
    However, I still spend most of my time studying English.
    Always English, English always.

    Happy 2008 everyone!

  • pranit says:

    hi sir,

  • Rossella says:

    In new year I must study English and I must make exames
    at University

  • Angel says:

    Hi Iimoya,

    Well, we have the same New Year’s Resolution…I want to improve my english too and also I want to exercise more I feel I gained weight because of the holiday season.

  • Lola says:

    Hi Joe.
    Happy New Year to you and the people who wokes for this wedside.
    any way i am a college sudent and i am about to finish my college life in five months and my aim is to improve my acadamic writing and try to much better than 2007 in my exam and score highr mark.
    i will promise my self that i will do very good on my coming exams and i made list of my plan for every week and everyday which include every hour what i suppose to do…….see how serious i am….i will do it..i am a acheiver not a quiter……
    With lots of

  • gaze says:

    hi,my name gaze
    happy new year 2008
    my new year resolution is improve my english ,and make myself moor happier

  • Tui says:

    My New Year Resolution is thai I will work harder by thinking more, reading document relating job more. Because this year my perfomance evaluation score is less than last year’s.

  • Vilasack says:

    Hi every body this massege from Lao PDR ( small country in southest asia), happynew year 2008 even it is a bit late, this is my first time here, and my new year’ resolution is study English in specific field more: marketing or international trade. Hopefully, this year i will have a chance to get some schorlarship for improving my profile and education. i have to apologize with my poor writing in English. but i will try to do it better.

  • Tika says:

    Hi Joe. good to see you. thanks for giving me the newsletter once a month. wish i could do such a great thing. My resolution? i want to work harder, to be a professional and experienced English teacher. I wish i could go abroad to enrich my knowledge …

  • Navamani S says:

    Yours resolution is very good. I wish you achieve all this within 2008. Make plan for everyday for your resolutions. Don’t Alllow deviation in your goals. If deviations occurs you may have to correct it immediately.

    Every Actions is require for proper,effective planning & Hard work. Don’t forget these……….

    All the Best 2008!

  • versha says:

    my new year’s resolutions are married, go to india, buy a new house in my central city, change my car, focus in my college and my business. why ? let me tell you why couse in my previous year this is the thing that I havent accomplish and some of the resuluition is just came up when I having dinner a few hours ago. what do you think Joe ?

  • yasser says:

    my resolution is to work harder in order to learn English

  • symbond says:

    my New Year’s Resolution is improve my English too!

    because I want make more friends. I like make friend.

  • trinhho says:

    Hi Joe
    Happy New Year 2008
    My New year resolution is to get IELTS 5.0 5.5or more ,and get a good job , and i ‘d like to know more about English in my career,i really don’t know how to search it, what website that i can find my specialty English, i ‘d like to go to work in another country

  • lazyliza says:

    Happy New Year!
    Wishing you all a very successful 2008.

    I would like to shorten the number of my flowes.

  • Hilda says:

    Hi Joe. Happy New Year 2008. One resolution is to have my brain an heart opened to change bad habit in my person, and let me to know new things every day. And improved my english too. Thank you.

  • parivash says:

    hi happy new year . my new year resolution is excercize more and improve my english and work hard and try to enjoy and have a good time

  • Marcela says:

    Hi Joe
    happy new year for you!
    my new year´s resolution …. well , I´ve got a lot of ideas for this year , but the most important ones are… to study harder than 2007 as the boy who posted first , and … work .
    and… if good luck is with me… i hope to find a boyfriend jajaja
    why not?


  • lemy says:

    my name is MY
    I have many resolutions in new year, but the most my important resolution is that improve english more and more, because i will take part in IELTS in march month. I hope that i can get scholarship of NUS university in singapore

  • THIBEAUX says:

    As a French speaking writer, I wrote my first novel in English “Operation Arcadius”. (You’ll find the synopsis on my website.) I am eager to learn how to catch the English way of thinking and writing. My style (Continental English) is correct, yet rigid compared to English authors. How to improve it? That’s my main concern for the current year.

  • hanane says:

    Hullo dear Joe,
    First of all Happy New Year.
    Honestly, I am not sure about my new year’s resolution. It is gonna be a revolution instead. I am planning to change many principals to get on and have a successful carreer. besides, i’ll keep a strong touch with ENGLICH LANGUAGE.
    How do you find my words?


  • uche says:

    my new year resolution, i ask god to make me to know him. and sarv him all the days of my life.

  • Marielos says:

    Hello. This is a great opportunity for me to improve my English. I love English since I was a little girl, I`d say, even before I learned how to write it I used to listen to songs and memorized them (I didn`t know what I was saying)
    Thanks for taking me into account to share your site.
    My New Year`s resolution is to learn more about English and to improve my listening understanding since I live in a non-speaking country.

  • aziza says:

    hi my name is aziza happy new year my new year’s resolution is that i have a dream to teach abroad and get more experiance

  • aziza says:

    my resolution is to teach Enlish in a good conditions

  • Rose Bard says:

    My new year’s resolution is to go back to art practice. So far, on the second day of the year I was able to engage in my art once again. Ever since, I have been drawing, painting or reading about art daily. I have also decided to take the TKT examination and TOEFL test again this year. I have been trying to take those tests for while but I guess I haven’t really been commited to do so.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  • kiyaara says:

    hi joe

    frist i want to say happy new year to u. and my new year’s Resloution is improve my english knowledge more. and to complete my graduation.

  • mani says:

    Happy new year!My new year’s resolution is not being obssessed with unimportant little things.Wish me success!

  • inda pitkanen says:

    Salam Dave!
    My resolution of year 2008 are : 1) Starting a new carreer, which is to be an english teacher of a leading english course here in Indonesia!, 2) to begin a reading community for kids in d neigbourhood, 3) to be more thoughtful about my self, love, life, and peace, 4) to have a health insurance.

    most of all, my bigest wishes is to build a nice,peace n happy family with my dear husband!

    Love for you all!

  • Fab says:

    hi every one
    first i would like to wish you all a happy new year although it’s too late 🙁

    well my plan for 2008 is
    1- become a very fluent english speaker
    2- lose about 2 kgs
    3- try to excersie more 🙁
    4- get a new car 🙂
    5- mmmmmm i may get engaged this
    6- i may shift to another job

  • iimoya says:

    Hi Joe (yr name as like as my friend’s name)
    Happy new year 2008
    anyway, my New Year’s Resolution is improve my English – -”
    study harder than 2007. Before I’ll go back to my country.

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