Next life

What would you like to be in your next life? Why?

  • Elham says:

    i’m satisfied with my present life and i’m gratefull to my dear God.but i’ve made some mistakes that i won’t repeat them in my next life.

  • I love my life says:

    Next Life!! well, every one likes to design their next life as to what they want to be. no one likes their present life 100%. some thing or the other there is a fault. what i want to say is that, you don’t know weather you like it or not live your life to the best, because you don’t know weather you’ll have a next life or not. According to me there is life after death but next life I’m not sure. After death everyone will go to Heaven but before that they will have to pay for their evil deeds they have done in this world.

    This life of mine given by THE ALMIGHTY is a wonderful one but i do want some changes in it. I want to become a boy in my next life. I have faced so many things being a girl. so, i want to become a boy and experience things at their point.

  • newlife.melanie says:

    That’s a very good question! And I would like to answer that:-)

    There’s indeed a “next life” that will happen in every one’s lives, whether you like it or not. It’s not based on our choice–“what we like to be in the next life”; rather it’s a truth that every person must face and be prepared for.

    God Almighty desired everyone, every person, every human being He created to be with Him in “eternity” (that means everlasting life). When we die, we will either go to hell or heaven. There’s only two places where we can go, there’s no middle or purgatory. God doesn’t want people to perish and go to hell, He designed hell for satan along with his evil spirits/angels. For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son (Jesus Christ) that whosoever believed in Him will not perish, but will have everlasting life. He loves people sooooooooo much! But why other people will go to hell? It’s because of their choice. Jesus said these words, that “He is the way, the Truth, and Life, no one comes to the Father (God) except by me”, but people don’t believe, (it’s their choice) that’s why they will go to hell, and GOd doesn’t like that to happen. Maybe you will ask, if He doesn’t want that to happen, then why will He allow it to happen then? The answer is, it’s because GOd gave every person a “will” — ability to choose for yourself, a choice, God doesn’t want to force people, He is not a forcer, rather, He leads people in a gentle way. On the other hand, satan wants to force people (and he does that because he wants other people to accompany him in hell, he doesn’t want to be alone there. He’s such a loser! )

    So the bottom line is, next life or what we call “eternity” can really be decided now, I mean, you can decide now, where you want to spend your eternity. If you want to go to heaven, the way is, the key is, JEsus Christ. There’s no other way, not your good deeds(works), not other gods. Accept JEsus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. Believe on what He did on the cross that He died for your sins and paid for it, and now as you receive Him you became righteous in GOd’s sight, you are cleansed of your past sins, whatever it is, no matter how big or how bad it is, JEsus’ blood can wash it. Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and you will be save. That’s it. Live your life for Him. Follow love. Follow peace. You are not alone. God will enable you and empower you to live… new life even while you’re still here on earth.

    This is not an opinion, rather, this is The TRuth. I don’t want to share head knowledge or what I feel, this is The Truth.

    Again, we have a choice, you can believe or not. But I hope you will choose Life….and that life can be found in Jesus Christ alone. And when you accept Him and live for Him, after you die, you will be with Him in heaven, in eternity forever and ever. A place, a perfect place, wherein, there’s no tears, no sorrows, no pain, no hunger, no thirst. Old things will pass away, everything will become new! 🙂 IT’s heaven, it’s the perfect place….wherein streets are made of gold! There’s perfect peace, love, joy! No death! Oh, our human minds can’t imagine how amazing and beautiful that will be! But when you live here on earth having a heaven-minded thinking/perspective, you won’t worry too much here, you will live peacefully, you will live joyfully and victoriously because you know, when you die, at any moment, you know where you’re going…..:-)

  • Arnau Estanyol says:

    I have a good number of defects against I have fought in this life and I have been almost defeated.
    Maybe in one next life I will be defeated definitely. 🙂

  • rfvf99 says:

    Whatever you do in your current life will influence the place you take in the next one. For example, if you are a ballet dancer you might be even a pointe shoe. So, be conscience about your decision.
    I think that the substance of life is likely to be doubtful and we don’t understand the real meaning of it.

  • salma says:

    i want to air hotess because i want to travel around the world and i want to comunicate with other people.

  • Mustafa says:

    At the beginning it depends on whether someone believes that will exist or not?

    For me, I have no doubt that there will be a next life which is heaven for some people and hell for some others. If we don’t believe in that life, we can’t find the meaning of the current life. Why we are here? What is the reason behind living? Of course the reason is almost certainly to be good and to be rewarded in the last day.

    The way I am think that what I want to be there, if I am good here, I will be whatever I want, but if I have devil behaviors I will not be able to get my dreams there and I will not rest in peace.
    Let us be good and think about life how it had been created, then how people have been living.

  • hanan says:

    i hope to have a high average in high school exams … because i like to be Engineer
    and i hope to be with my friends and my family
    … i wish to get a nice life 🙂

  • nada a says:

    Next life , believe it or not , i would like to be someone who i wasn’t in the earlier life , a new born in advance constitute of a great personality ( helpful , mindful ,loveable & successful ) .
    i dream of deleting all the rudeness , violence & evils heart out of this circular motion ” The earth ” , in a bid of having a world & life !
    Its simple for me , you & others but never say never , step up & say i will .
    Here i go , again & again We can create a new generation without the word ‘ i cant or me only ”
    go ahead from this moment without thinking to improve when next life comes to your door .
    Thank you

  • Chris says:

    I would like to be an engineer so that I can build things.

  • pierre corso says:

    “do your best today ,tomorrow is another day.
    That is what I tell myself every passing day.

  • Li says:

    If there is life after death and I am going be born again, I wish God will enable me to possess extraordinary Knowlege as a child in that life, so that I couldn´t repeat all mistakes that I have made in this life again and play great roles to get solutions that bring peace in this war addicted and savage world.

  • daniel sembiring says:

    if someday, there is a new life, i want to help other people. i will give my own to create a welfare to all people in earth. i will be in the first line to defend the justice. and if i have a power, i will eradicate every criminal in this world.

  • NG SHI MIN says:


  • NG SHI MIN says:


  • NG SHI MIN says:


  • Morteza says:

    always wanted go to heaven i think it’s amazing place u know sometime i just close my eyes and pray and it’s feels like that i’m in heaven…

  • vindya says:

    mmmmmmmmmm……In my next life I would be a happiest one..I want full of happy life..Good job..good salary..I would be kind and pritty too..I want a good husband who cares me lot..If so it will be more funtastic….

  • Ahlam says:

    I want to go Heaven

  • dosy says:

    I want to liberate from birth and death circle.

  • dosy says:

    I believe in next life exist. So I want to go Heaven and become Buddha (I’m Buddhist). After that I will help all being in universe. Actually this is main purpose of life of human being.

  • Shabely says:

    I think that in my next life, I’ll be a dancer…
    I like dance but I can’t study this career. Maybe when finish the university.

  • agyo says:

    i want to have a small family, to be a good father for my cildren, good husband for my wife…. i waiting for my dreams come true couse now i’m 19 years old so now i just prepare my self for this time….. heheh

  • anna says:

    i wanna to be a princess…. to have a large family…. with many children …

  • Mira Essam says:

    i wanna to be a graphic designer .. i love designing so much and i will do my best to achieve this goal. i wanna also to be a good wife for a kind husband and a great mum for beautiful and nice children… i wanna to be an effective person in my community… and the last and most important thing i wanna to be close to my God.
    thanks everyone. 🙂

  • Sara says:

    I don’t believe there is a next life, I believe in my life ..I just wanna be happy, leave…but i believe in God.

  • Anastasia says:

    I’d like to be an actress or a singer. I’d like to live in the USA or in The UK because there are a lot of chances there. Here in Gran Canaria is a bit difficult to succed in my dreams.

  • Miss Thao says:

    if there is next life. I wish to do anything which I like. I like travel, communicate with more people that I can’t do now with reason I was a woman. I hope to look for the husband who understand me, support to me for anything I want. the husband who love and take care of me. the happy family is make by boths not only the woman.

  • sapna says:

    I dn’t want any life after this life . I want moks after this life that is freedom from life .There r alot of pain in is world . Its very difficutto express urself to someone and because of that many times u get hurt . I’ll request god to not give me futher life . If still god will not listen to me then i’ll say him to give me same parent that i have in this life n same brother n sister n ofcourse shiv as my husband and say to make me lucky so that everyone loves me and understand me . I’ll become happies girl . shiv lovs me alot .chachu understand me . Every thing which is not good in this life will change. And most important I’ll most intellegent and come first in every field.

  • KoHe says:

    Hi, guys

    Do you mean after death? there are nothing.but the answer is so boring. let me see. i could be an alian on other planet. A society of that alian has so advanced technology like a scienc fiction. we can move from a planet to a planet at lighting speed and can take time warp by a special craft. there so many delicious raw food. it’s a big doesn’t take time to cook. i wish i could be there.

  • Elie seksik says:

    in next life I want to be in hevan to live in peace and to be happy

  • lamia says:

    i as a musilm i have to believe in the next life and it is not easy day for any musilm because here god will decided if you go to heaven or to hell according to your deeds if they are good you will win but if they are bad you will lose and your faith will be to the hell because of that the musilm always watch god in any action they are going to do and thier hearts must between fear and mercy of god and their intentions must be good so the next life is not easy or fun

  • hannia says:

    I would be important leader of a big nation to allow develop the health,education,organization the less poor contries around the world.

  • Trainp says:

    Hello everyone,
    Nice to see you again!
    How are you today?
    Today i stay at home to do somethings, and ofcourse i don’t forget to write my opinions about next life to practice my English. As you know, english is very important today. If we don’t know english it means that we can not do anything we want. Back to the topic, I want to say that we can not do anything in reall life. So if have next life i wish i will do it completely. Now i want to earn as much money as possible to pay for my life.

  • Balkis says:

    Hello everyone, i write this to make my English better than before. In my next life, i already decide to achieve my ambition. I have many ambition, there are i want to be a dentist. I want to build my own dentist clinic. If i can’t be the dentist, i try to be a surgeon. It’s good for my future life. I can help my parents if they get sick or disease. Second, I hope i will get a good husband for me. I wish he can bring me to the right way. Third, my wish is I want bring my mother do Haaji at Makkah….
    That’s all from me. I hope also my wish will be a reality

  • NQD123 says:

    Hello everyone, in my next life I wish I have got a beautiful home with only one floor. And a wife who I love, needn’t beautiful. This is my wisher and I want to share with you.

  • Mehmet says:

    I m not sure because I cannot see future now because the life is getting worse. I graduate 2 university and I learned English my second language, but I went abroad came my country. Unfortunately it does not work. Therefore I cannot see my next life

  • lolo says:

    In next life Iwant to be a man because men can do any thing they want

  • esma says:

    firstly i want a good jop, a lots of careers and plenty of gain.Every one wants that but there is so less people did what it want.
    secondly, i want to muslims live all together and in the peace.i am bored of watching massacres of muslims on tv.cause i am a muslim. but above all i am a person.i have a personality.

  • Nia Rayka says:

    next life??
    is it about my future???
    hmm,,,actually,,I have so many dreams,,about life and happiness…
    All that I need is suppose me to be a real person seems like my God’s rule..
    one thing that important is how I can learn from my false,,because it will make the obvious happiness….
    So,,i just want to be better n better in my next life even i’m not in a good condition…
    just think that God will always became visible to you…He is real,,n always a part of you if u beleive it adequately…

  • Xiao Yu says:

    I wanna be a … princess in next life ha…ha.
    I often dream that there’s a prince, who seems a bit perfect, comes to me – likes a fairy tale.
    I like it, i love it :x.
    It’s always a dream, isnt it ?

  • SARA says:

    “Next life” ,if do mean the lif when we was bee died we must to work carfely and do many good things to our dieu .but if do you mean when we bee about 24 28 years ,Iwanna be just happy and tak a nice job for help my parents that ‘s all.

  • trainp says:

    Hi all,
    I don’t know the meaning of the word ” Next life” .
    Do you mean that is life when we died?
    I think death is end of every things.
    So we must do many many good things when we are living.

  • Julia says:

    Stick strong and wait for the right man for me.

  • Rain says:

    If there is next life, I want to listen to my heart and marry the main I love as this is the only regret in my this life. Live a happy and fulfilling life.

  • yonyon says:


    If I can another life,I want to do something good to people who meet difficulty.Then I would like to help some offends.That’s all.Thank you.

  • mahdi says:

    ps iknow my website is not compelete but send email to

  • mahdi says:

    hi all
    i am sure that is a next life for us but when we die we have that and that is not finished i try to have a good next life for my self because our god give every thing to us and we should try to do every thing that god want from us i know that every one has a idea about that but my idea is this
    good bye
    best wishes

  • Alice says:

    in my next life, i wanna be a lucky person.of course , i won’t have any difficulties in my next life.Live in a peaceful place =]everyone can be harmonious coexistence. that’s the best!

  • italo says:

    i do believe in the after life and its beacuse ….aldskjfasd

  • Pankaj Trivedi says:


    I believe the knowledge, skills that we have developed remain with our soul, but it needs a medium of body to use them.

    So, if the theory of rebirth exists, I would wish to complete my unfinished tasks like learning Music, efforts of understanding life, and becoming a truly learned person, if I get a human body in my next birth.

  • Charisma says:

    I want to be a man in next life. I confirm a man not a woman because I’m falling in love with a woman who I shouldn’t love. So sad when you can see her but you don’t even hold her hand.

  • Nguyen Van Dinh says:

    next life ? I would like to be a simple one like what I have. anyone have a dream about their life. But we have to satisfy with what we have.

  • na. says:

    In my next life I wanna be a successful writer . But to be honest, I would like my catatonic world in this life became real in the next one.

  • haekal says:

    in my next life i wanna born ini brazil and became a great footbal player

  • xedter says:

    Nobody knows what’s going to be in the next life but if I am to choose what I want to be, I want to be a man who has everything. A man who is filled with pure happiness, a man with complete peace of mind and so forth.

  • apple says:

    In my next life, I just wanna a simple happy and healthy life, except I can afford to buy a house where my family can live in and the health insurance which can guarantee my family’s health. Because I am around the clock now, trying to get these two jobs down. God help me!

  • sanaa says:

    I hope to enter the paradise not by my color, language, race or beauty but by Allah’s mercy. Listen, people: the more you are obedient to Allah, the more Allah is merciful with you. If you walk on the straigt bath of Allah’s arders, certainly you won’t fell into the hell, rather, you will enter the paradise. But why must we obey almighty Allah? Logically, because He is the one Who creats us equal , guids us by massengers, protects us and forgives us.

  • NAKA says:

    i want to be a man. if i were a man i would ordain as a monk. and lead all people doing only good things.

  • hong t nhan, vietnam says:

    I remember the Buddha words : All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him; in the Dhammapada.
    For Buddist believers, rebirth into the next life is the universal principle, a truth governed by the Universe, not just metaphysics.
    I will be reborn into a country of peace, of equal rights, of democracy, of beautiful and clean evironment and of highly civilized and developed society; whereever that is. The reincarnation or samsara is real universe law; the karma can be affected by our deeds in this life. Therefore I will definitely be reborn into the above-desired country.

  • mariya says:

    hmm next life, it is hard to say,all that i dream and wish so strong but don’t have time and strenght to achieve it in that life,i guess…..

  • sara says:

    … next live
    I hope many things in next live.I want as star women in my society by offer a good thing….

  • maya says:

    what woul i be in next life depends on this very life which i am leading ……i want to be intarnquality in the next life

  • Thomas says:

    This is a very interesting question… Everyone live as life as everyone want. I hope that everyone´s life is beautiful… People don´t have to be a rich, nice, live in perfect district.. Many people are(have) some handicap and they are very happy. So all, which are 100% healt, shoul be happy, because I am… Sorry me for my english language, I am from country, where enought don´t speak english language.
    Prajem všetkým veľa šťastia

  • Amel says:

    Actually, life is short and it passes quickly, we must maximize our good deeds and acts because w’ll meet God after death and personnally i hope to win paradise.

  • nourddine el ghayad says:

    hello every body really i read some answers of my friends and notice that there objectives in this life are just materialistic . no one ask what’s next life . my guess told me that next life is after death . paradise or hell . pesonally i like to meet allah by a pure heart and enter to the paradise . thanks every body and put attention to what’s after . life will die . .

  • Kami says:

    Next life… I want to have same next life as i am having now…. Beautyfull, powerfull, rich, perfect and happy. Traveling all over the world, having Great family, dependable friends. and my husband…. he is the best what could happend to me Thank u God :* i Love my life 🙂 I love myselfe :* and i want to stay like this Forever :*

  • aya says:

    Next life : i like this quetions. i have many dream. If I given chance to next life, i wanna to be the richest people. I dont know why. But i’ll give some reasons. First, I can be falicitate my family. Beside that the most important, i can help the others people. There will be part of my life. and of course God’s love me and my family. I want to be succes woman who useful for my self and my enviroments. and one more, i want to study abroad and around the world. Because all of that i must be richest people. 🙂

  • maddox13 says:

    I know that I will go to heaven beat that! :D..In my next life I know I will experience living in abundance in life, with God in heaven. There will be no suffering and no moer sorrow.

  • Ann says:

    I want to cherish my childhood more instead of studying all the time. I’d like to see more beautiful and wonderful things when i’m a teenager next life.

  • rami says:

    Isay to work in your stady and work a first life(Gad) this Bitter .thanks

  • Taufiq says:

    I would desperately want to be a President or King of some country or empire respectively.Giving orders and ruling, i am very good at this and also the dream to rule the world could become true.

  • raj says:

    I want to be the same person but with lot of luck and God’s love showered on me and again born in India

  • Nurdan says:

    I’d like to be a tree coz I throw a fit lately n don’t wanna be in anyONE’s place.I’m just gonna be a tree and just grow up all in green nature without concerns or fears or my own self.Yeah I need to rest kinda….

  • emil A 06 UR says:

    I want tobe a success woman,have good invested in healthy and bussiness,I want to become the best leader in unicore’s team work.I wish in the future I have much time and passive income likes investor as Robert T.Kiyosaki and other.welcome in a good life…..!!!

  • purwati A06 PSIK UR says:

    I wish in the future, I become succses and useful for others. If I married and become a good mother plus good wife……!!!!

  • MURNI A06 PSIK-UR says:

    I’m a student in nursing program University of Riau. I wanna graduate with good degree. I wanna work in a hospital and be a professional nurse. Then,I wanna marry and have a happy family.

  • Sherry N.Q says:

    There are happiness, sadness, love, hate etc in life, next life like my sea-sky, I want to become a bird and fly freely in sky or a small fish could swim with abandon.
    There are too many obstruction in sentiment or career, somebody could be fired only for a finger of money, power and respect. I am over it. If I am a bird, I could touch with the whole nature and give my nest anywhere, althouth rainstorm, cold, heat wave, I could meet them without word, I could put my whole life and heart to my dream.

  • sawita A06 psik-UNRI says:

    Now, I study in nursing program. To be a nurse in a clinic or hospital is not my wish.
    I would like to be a nurse for my family,
    my father or my husband and my children once day.
    It’s not matter for me to applicate my nursing knowledge in the home. I’ll happy to do that.
    cause I believe if health living start from small part,,,
    my lovely family

  • vella yovinna A06 PSIK UR says:

    I want to break free…
    with a cup of tea or coffee…
    reading a love story…
    and get a good man to be my honey…

  • mistriana "ijaw" wahyuni A06 PSIK UR says:

    I just wanna be happy girl which is can share my happyness to other people, like my family and my friends… doing something usefull for myself and for my environment like the sun whose shining the universe and like the moon whose smiling in the night sky…..

  • aka 06 PSIK UR says:

    I wanna be a success and happy person in my life, my family and my relationship so I can make my family happy. I wanna Have a husband and children that love me and I love them.
    I wanna to have a small happy in world and the hereafter.
    amin…Ya Rabbal alamin..

  • Sally says:

    I would be a famous footballplayer like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

  • Dany Champagne 26 ans says:

    If the death is the beginning, I hope do not lost my memories, chilhood and that made who I am.

  • ruby says:

    If there is next life I like to be a soccer player
    I want to play for some renouned club as a striker.I like to famous with lots of fans.

  • Kuz says:

    I wish I no need to reborn in “Next Life”

  • jeroen says:

    Next life I want to live in the Netherlands or Australia and be a swimmer. I want to enjoy every traning and competing with swimming stars, like Michael Phelps 😀

  • Queen_Of_World says:

    i think what my God decide that what will be happen

    i wanna see my mother and dad and my family in heaven not in the hill i want to see my God and all the God’s Messengers 🙁 i really want this

    i can’t imajing what the heaven look like but i want to be there wihe all of good people> peace

  • Zagita says:

    a next life …
    I don’t have any idea for this question … but if so, I just hope to be the most useful creature in this world. I don’t care if I’m gonna be a pig or a just a plant .. as long as I can help other creatures, it’s okay with me … so that I can live happily, because I can help other creatures …

  • ajean says:

    Next life
    If i have a next life, i would like still to be an ordinary person. I live in a place where people all in very nice & warm heart. I grow up in a lovely fammily, accept the tradition education. I owned a small coffee shop. Everyday i dressed cute, listerned the nice music working in a good mood. I married a cute guy who is nice, friendly & have a strong sence of responsibility. We treat each other as if the other were a guest, respect each other as best friend. We travel abroad twice a year. Everything in my life is simply but nicely.

  • says:

    i want to work in company for pc….and to countionu muslim…..cos i am muslim

  • Nucha says:

    Actually I don’t have idea about next life , no one can confirm that it’s true or not ! So I agree with teacherjoe ,but if I can maybe I want to be a popular singer as everyday I can sing songs that make people smile and I feel happy as I like singing . I am not older ,but I chose to be something what I want in this world.

    Thanks for the intersting topic !

  • ngoctuyet says:

    If i have the next life, i would like to be a bird because i can fly and sing everywhere i want. In addition, I like travel a lot so I can fly around the world to enjoy the landscaps and to wide my knowledge. I hope that I will become the pigeon which is symbol of peace.

  • remi purcell says:

    i believe there’s heaven and hell and i know it’s not that easy of reach

  • remi purcell says:

    i guess every one has his own thoughts a bout the next life and this is not just my thoughts it’s my religion thoughts too

  • remi purcell says:

    On my religion there’s a next life it’s come after we dead when s.body die he move to his grave he lives there but not like this life i mean he didn’t eat or drink but he’s just feel on his body supine and if he was a good person on the life he wont feel pain but if he was not a good person he will feel a lot of pain because god will punish him and that wouldn’t be the final punish because the final one will be the worst it’s hell

  • kardokh says:

    I think it`s a taugh and important quistion and evry body have to know ansuren it ,
    acording to me I would like to achif fowllowing ,
    -Improve my English ,
    -get more degre and skells at work,
    -Going to study in a country that speaking in English ,
    -And finaly find a pretty and smart geirl who love me as much as I love here ,

  • lia says:

    if i could life in the next live, i would like to be the richest woman or girl in the world…i want to be like a prophet..don’t have a bad thinks ..i always be a good girl..i wanna like as smart as EINSTEIN…but i still like my life like this..that cute, friendly, smart enough, good girl, beautiful, talk active enough, nice, etc..

  • NgocHanh says:

    God creates us and he forces us to face every challenge he arranged.Indeed, although the life I’m living is quite good, to my way of thinking, but I’m not satisfied with it, and I have a very strong desire to live the next life(do not think I wanna die :)) ),in which there would be my mother and my father again, I hope to have enough parents like many others, not my father only. Everything is so strange, harsh and
    difficult for a girl to survive without your mother.

  • shushies says:

    I’m 20-year-old girl .well, even in the next life, i would like to be the one as i am. I find that i am luckier than many of the others in the world as i have a happy family, some funny best friends who always by my side whenever i need them.

  • doris says:

    If i have an option to be a human, i wouold like to be a man, not a woman. Maybe it is because i have seen the painic time when pregnant, the tortured gynecology disease, the menses. it was woman suffered them not man.
    Although man may have heavier burden than woman, they did not suffer physical things as woman did.

  • may zin says:

    I don’t want to be a next life because i’m sure life is just suffering. If we have a life, we must be try hard everything for our desire. For instance, we have a car or house but we are not content and we desire more car or more better than. Well, we can buy the another better new car or house , do you think, your desire will be stop and you don’t want to the best one. So, you are always try for your desire. Therefore, i see, life is suffering because we are the servant of desire.

  • Fateme says:

    ommmm. In another life i like to be lover…and just guve love to people and myself and not anotherthng..not angry ..judgment…jeleous….just love and not another thing….

  • Springautumm says:

    If God want me to comback to this world again , I’ll beg him to let me born in the family who will give me lots of love , educations. suport me ,no one can abuse / bullies me. I wanted to be a good tescher to pass my knowledges and virtues to the children of the world.

  • Echo says:

    In my next life, I want to be a tree so I can live for a hundred years. Unless I will be cut down and made into a wooden table. I hope not! =(

  • jessica 098 says:

    dear princess
    thanks for the message

  • Linda k Hollywood says:

    I don’t know in my life circle right now. If I want
    to be a next life.I want to be a famous women and
    rich women in the world.If I could I will happiness
    in my life.

  • vitalina says:

    in next life i what to be barbra streisand becouse i love her so much.she’s my idol and my diva she nr 1
    alll my life is dedicated to her!she’s amazingf person with big heart!

  • Stéphanie says:

    I would like to be a succesful scriptwriter and have a beautiful house!After that, hapyness is in your hands. If you want to be happy, be happy with what you have. We always want something new. When you have what you want, you’re only happy for a while. Then, the feeling of something new missing come again. People who can’t be satisfied with what they have can’t be happy. Enjoy life with simple things: watch your children play, read a book, laugh with friends…

  • Roman says:

    I wisch I will remmember all misteake’s and bad bad things I made. So I will not do them again

  • Rakki says:

    I do believe that there would be a LIFE after this Life.

    Imagining what will happen in my next life, make me scared than the Death itself. Because I am not sure what will happen to me in that time.

  • eden sumayo says:

    i want to become a dolphins to swim and to see whats in there other side of the world that god well created..

  • eden sumayo says:

    next life= if it can be how i wish the same parents and family..and leave a simple life in the guidance of god.. and also same friend as what am i now..

  • wafaedlh says:

    i wish to be a great doctor in the futur for help the poor pepols

  • Rulz says:

    I think i wanna be someone that very deep appreciate in my life in my present moment till i death. Also i what to be better and more better the my past life

  • daniel says:

    i guess i would like to be a millionaire in first place so i could buy all my friends, girlfriends and i m sure i would the nicest guy in the world. so, life sucks without $.

  • Rajeev says:

    I hope my next life will not be a Human because in this life i have sufering from lack of money, i sufer from family tension, i have only self thinking ony self,self & self welfare. So i get red of all of these things in my next life.

  • leo says:

    God be with us to our next life. To praise, worship, and adore him! Were been save through our faith according to the Bible.
    Yes! if I would be able to live on next life. I would like to go to heaven. I wouldn’t experience anymore to become poor, Co’z in heaven we are rich, We never experience famine, in heaven have plenty of foods. We never abuse those People in a higher position bco’z in heaven we are all standard to the eyes of God. What were are going to do there is to laugh, sing, enjoy and to share the Kingdom of God.

  • princess says:

    Hey jessica i have wanted to tell you that if you become an angel but still you cannot help the poor and can not do other things because God will not give you permission because God can also do these things he can help the poor and other but he will not because he have wanted to take our exam in the world.If we pass the exams with good results then in the day of judgement he will give us a place in paradise.

  • jessica 098 says:


  • padal says:

    i want to become a special animal in my newt life and that is DOG….black dog,covered with hairs…My dream is to bark at night like Black DOGS…Dogs what a beautiful animal…

  • Janiya says:

    wel there is no next life its just the day of judgement and it depends on our faith and believe,,after tht people whether go to paradise or hell,,wel if i go to paradise than it would be super,, wel i wish to be nothing but beautiful as much as iam in this world,,need full luxuries and last but not the least my family,,to whome i love the most,,i wish my parents and my spouse and whole family will also enter in heaven with me and have a gourgeos, beautiful and comfortable life,,INSHALLAH…

  • Princess says:

    Hey Everyone,
    I can tell you about our next life.It is in heaven or hell.There is no next life in the world.So please dont waste your time and start to do something good which will work for you in the day of judgement.And stop doing all bad things which will become bad for you in the day of judgement.

  • tho says:

    “Next Life”. I don’t believe there is a Next Life or God, Heaven, Gost…in every where in the world. So now I want myself to be improve stepping-stone. Becoming a strong man, good with people and happy in the morning when I wake up!

  • Issy says:

    In next life, I would like to be endowed with heavenly wisdom, knowledge and understanding and to be able to love my neighbour as myself. I would like to be close to God with His fear in my heart.

  • Thongsavanh says:

    Next life, I want to be the best politician

  • Jonh says:

    if in this earth truely had next life, i would like to be someone that do understand how important parents are.

  • trantrungkien says:

    In next life, I would not being disturbed my nicee, and my oldest brother, and my mom, and other horrible people…I wish I could make money easily…and I will be born in the rich family…And I will do many more meaningful things. I hope to be more intelligent…I would like to make friends with more beautiful girls…

  • satty says:

    I think it is not posible but it is very thanks of god they born to human beings. I want to be Engineer & find good job that my parents is very proud to me.i have become good person in life.

  • jephany1291 says:

    I still not thinking about my next life in the future. Next year, I’m a senior. I must to chose a job I will learn and start to develope it. First time, I want to learning pharmacy, but I have some trouble on my life and I was change my mine. I was confuse, I didn’t like this job. My mom and my dad want me to learn it and I was told them I can’t. I want to be a technician. I’m positive. That’s a job I like and it’s can be make me have more efforts when I feel boring because that’s my purpose. I can do anything to make it come true than the job I didn’t like.

  • NganLuu says:

    In my next life,I wanna to graduate with good degree.Because of having a good degree , I can find a good job with good salary.That is the first goal of mine.I hope I will earn a lot of money by myself in order to help my parents.And then,I wish I will meet a good guy who can give me true love and make me feel happy.Moever , I wish I had a happy family with authentic husband of my life.We will have lovely children.I hope i will finish my dream in future.And now,I am trying studying a lot for a sake of my future plan.Anyway,Fighting!!!!!^^

  • Alex says:

    A happy lady with a family. We’re living in a small town in France. I have two teenager boys. I’m a Social Science professor teaching Psychology, Sociology and Human Population. My husband is a Medical Doctor in a nearby Community Hospital. I’m living with a contented life but flaws are welcome and solve through our strong family bond.

  • Katherine Lin says:

    I would like to be my parents’ daughter again no matter what background and condition it is. They always encourage and back me. They take my point into consideration at the top priority as well. I am the luckies kid in the world!

  • Nellis says:

    I am moslem and the way of my life is avalaible to the book I hold it’s Qor’an , the book give me explanation that human life has 3 time in their life:1. Life in mother’s pregnant, before their were born
    ————2. Life in this world before the death call you
    3. Life after you dead and the boddy burried.
    The eternity life is in the 3rd life you will never die for long and there is no limitation for this, this new life is depend what has you done during the life time in the world, this is the next life and you could be in heaven or hell just you decided, if you are in the good manner you will be in heaven and if not you will be in hell, that’s the life I know from my Holly Qor’an, I am looking forward to be in heaven so that I like to share my knowledge to everybody whom is interested in, thank you for your attention I hope all of you can find your new life next.

  • Mohammad Reza says:

    Sometimes in class i say that it depends on you,Here again i should say that it depends on you,it depends on your beleive,on your life,on your actions and on your thoughts…
    I myself hope not to be ashamed of GOD

  • trovizo says:

    In the next life I wanna be the same person but, It wold be wonderful if I could correct my this life mistakes and avoid the actions that would hurt the feelings of my parents and my friends.

  • OYBEK (From UZB) says:

    if there is next life , i would like to rich . As there are so many poor people in the world. i would help them. Firstly, i would build “ENGLISH TEACHING SCHOOL ” for no money . Than help them to get all about other countries.

  • zohre says:

    I wouldn’t like to comming back to this earth. i really hope to stay near god for ever. i really miss him. i wanna to be a part of him.

  • tootiii says:

    I would make a tour around the world with my husband.and
    at that time I wish for world peace specially in the Arab countries

  • . .. ... says:

    it’s always not easy to talk about whether it’s good to live or not. happiness and sorrow are just the two sides of the coin of life. it’s like running in circle and if you hold a second chance to start again, you may be facing another gamble. and i just can’t image that what would happen when i come back to the earth again. maybe all i wanna do is stay with my girl if she is reborn too ha ha.

  • Aung says:

    If there is a next life, I want to be the luckiest man in the world. All of you think that what the luckiest man meant by. I may be born from the rich and honourable family and if I want something, they will be ready to support my wish. How beautiful the world is! If I have enouch money, I can do everything I like. Nowadays, money makes almost everything. And I wanna get married with the beautiful lady who is very favourable to me and may be at least 10 years younger than me. After that, we, I and my beautiful wife will happily build our future. The another thing I want to do is ” I wanna a famous translator and interpretor because of translating English books into my mother tongue. I don’t want to be a powerful man and be a leader for human society peaceful, but i want to be a adviser for those who are the presidents, primier, and famous senators. By doing so, at the age of 60, I don’t want to do anything. I will be trying to find the peace in my mind, I will see my childs who are settled happily with their families. If I miss them, I and my wife will be visiting them. At the age of 70, I will be staying in heaven.

  • lacio ahmed ali says:

    in the next life we would live in the high speed of life that we would fly on the hanging gliding which so most dangrous sport then wind surfing and i think the conditions would be so hard struggle in the war of bottle mind such as organizations in the east ane west of Africa thet rthe genration would life in no peace just in their heart that wyh they keep carring the pistols in their hands .

  • VSRCMurthy says:

    The Holy Bible says that man does not have birth afterwards. Eternal God sends his spirit children to the earth for atonement. They are given choice to choose between good and evil. Accordings to their wisdom, they choose the things. On the basis of thier living on the earth, they will be judged after death. On the basis of their riteousness, they will be sent to heaven with perfect body to live with God. Otherwise they will be sent to the hell without body but as a spirit. They live like that forever.
    Any how my answer to this question that I would to be come movie star. I like that glamor life and I want to perform. With best wishes.

  • Ayan Jama says:

    Insha Allah, After I garaduate frome collage I am hobbing to get a job that I can travell all over the worl, and I really love to help kids all over the world nomatter what background, culture, or calor skin they have. I love to travel because it is such a bad idea to speack one language and stay one country in you life. just go outside and learn the diffrences creation of God!
    why I love to help kids Is because kids are the future of the world and they desorve to get extra help.

  • olaniyan victor olumuyiwa says:

    In the next life, i would like to be a medical doctor, because doctor is one of the profession that render help to the poor.

  • tho says:

    in the next life, i would like to be a teacher. beacause my mother is a teacher and i want to share my knowledge with poor childs.

  • Niniek says:

    The next, I want to lieve in America. so I don’t need to study English, because I direct speak naturaly. You know I am lieve in Indonesia. Here, people seldom speak English.

  • Niniek says:

    The next, I want to write a lot of book. and my write to be bless for all people.

  • Ahmed Ali lacio says:

    if only i had a long time that iam still breathing iwould travel the world such spoken English countries America and untied states . then i wish i could study political scence in fifity states . the life which we are going to live is various anty how .

  • Kathrine says:

    If there is a next life, I wanna be a tree growed in a rainforest with various kinds of wildlives.

  • bashir says:

    Oh yeah, believe or not there is a next life, and we shall reap what we sow today, and every day is new chance to every reasonable human being, so do good today, and evaluate your self before you are evaluated by the almighty Allah,
    Remember the more you do good today the better your future is,

  • Ma Cuili says:

    if there is a next life,i would like to have a warm family so that my parents would be not always quelling and i can more love from them.also,i want to be beautiful and lovely.

  • magri says:

    Really, I find it a strange question because it’s depends on what do we mean by next life .Next life is polysemic and complexe meanig because we can not know what will happen tomorrow ,but if I have the decision i’ll decide to draw big simle on the future world and to help anybody need help espcailly,persones in diffucult situations.

  • Adeel Zahoor says:

    I would like to be fresh water flowing in the valleys. I wanna be cool breeze passing by the tall trees of green mountains. I like to be a bird, flying independently here and there.

  • kim says:

    In the next life I would like to be a Westerner. I am an Asian woman. And I try to study English well. But it very difficult to excellent in English. Especially writing and speaking skill.
    If I was Westerner, I would have come to Asian countries to teach English.

  • Hamid reza says:

    I’m going to be successlful life with my wife, we plan to make top quality life for our children.

  • chaumai says:

    In the next life I would like to study Agriculture of Holand. Because I would like to become a teacher of Vietnam forestry University. It is suited me and i like that.

  • Flor (Cebu City) says:

    If there is a next life, i would rather still be the same me. I would like to continue my unfinished business and to correct the things i’ve done wrong.

  • kathy woon says:

    i would like to be tree. stand up, strong. whatever four season. enjoyable sun,wind and rain.

  • Omar Araya says:

    Hi everybody.

    I m not sure what would like to be next life if next life really exists. I think I would be the same person but I would like to born with all knowledge learnt last life. It would be really exciting and interesting because I’d have much advantage than others

  • fuyad says:

    Only god knows. Okay. If it I want to be a girl and teas all the boys of our area. They are very crazy.

  • murad says:

    I will try my best behaviour on earth with every single person. Take part all religious festival, respect elders and spend time with family members. So I want to go heaven in next life. Best of luck

  • poriba says:

    Just someone good and happy

  • Mong Thi says:

    If there is a next life, I want to love and loved.

  • Akbar Darvishi says:

    I want to be a student whose teacher is God,the same as this world

  • fatima zahra says:

    My next life is an unknown.I do not know it but I hope to enter heaven with my family and friends and all who I like.I hope meeting them there.

  • diveya says:

    I wanna be spirtual healer to heal others with spirtuality and bring them closer to God.

  • diveya says:

    I wanna be life closer to God and feel Him every moment

  • kimo Banafa says:

    all of us know that heaven and hell belong to GOD,
    so no one knows who is going to be in heaven or in hell
    so u have to believe in him and based on what u have done
    so if u did what GOD asked u to do… it will be the right way to the heaven…..((it’s not based on what we like))

  • chander says:

    i would like to remain with god in next life.

  • Marcus William says:

    I don’t want to heva another life. To think, to have only one life help us to do my best in this life NOW. I have only this life and I can’t leave it in trash wainting another.

  • Iqbal Bahar says:

    Its a fun. I am not interested to make fun like others. I believe in hereafter, it must be decided as my activities in life on the earth.

  • winnie0706 says:

    i wuold like to be a air hostess.that would mean that i am beautiful and friendly.
    as a air hostess,i think i have a lots of trip in different coutrys .i can visit a great number of different palces and know kinds of culture .it is very exciting to me.

  • teacherjoe says:

    I don’t believe there is a next life, but if there is one, I would like to be a blues musician. That would mean that I would do work that I love and every day would be special. Every day making music, making people happy, and listening to other musicians – that would be perfect! Or so I imagine…

    I suppose it is not too late for me to learn to play the guitar now, but I’m sure I could have learned to play well when I was young.

  • hanane says:

    Here it depends on what You mean by “Next life”;as far as I am concerned and what i understand, I haven’t got a spesific plan. when i am dead, I am not sure whether I am gonna be sent to heaven or hell, or i am gonna be reincarnated into a beutiful lady or a handsom man with a fluent English. So i do not know. DO YOU?

  • rony says:

    i wanna to have asmall happy family ..consiste of lovly hasband crazy about me ..and lovly children..i think its the normal life every one wanna have it…

  • >