Perfect age?

What do you think is the perfect age? Why?

  • ambady says:

    I think the perfect age is the teenage… Its the age we usually fall in love… Its the age we go to a college and make a lot of friends… so that age is perfect in ma opinion… 🙂

  • Renato says:

    I think that we don’t have a perfect age, cause everyage is a part of our life, and a important phase from our growing up until now… Nowadays I’m 41, and my experience passing trought the college, university, after the university, showinhg us about how the time forward and we don’t realize it, but the time never stops…

  • hanan says:

    i think the perfect age is above 20 years
    because you can distinguish between the right or wrong things
    and you can dependent on yourself ..

  • Art says:

    I think, the perfect age for me is the time when you’ve already put things into places, I mean you done all things that you have to and no unfinished business left.

  • Gadirov Parviz says:

    i think,every age has its own beauty like seasons

  • abdul says:

    I the most perfect age 27 or 28 because in this age we can make mind about that what’s good and what’s bad and in this age we are good physicaly.

  • daniel says:

    i think, the perfect age, is the age that you get your really mature. mature in thinking, doing and everything. when we can control our mind, not to do the something wrong but always doing good things.

  • Javier says:

    I think 35 years old is good!
    You are ready for phisical efforts.
    You have a lot of live experiences.
    You have so much energy!


  • nimi says:

    perfct age is vn u r healthy independent and ecnomically satisfied

  • puton says:

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  • John Choy says:

    If your life is colourful,don’t care for your age

  • Tan says:

    The perfect age is when i am 5 years old.Everyday morning do an activities likes badminton, basketball. I likes to follow my father to go somewhere.

  • Riddoua says:

    The perfect age is different regarding your are a man or a woman. As a woman, the perfect age is your wedding age

  • mahdi says:

    I think that the perfect age is when you are (perfect)”no one is perfect” . and we are trying to be like that in all the things of our life . the perfect age is our childhood

  • Vic says:

    For me, the perfect age is 20, because you start dreaming and starting a new plan of your life. You will know newest ideas and decisions,

  • Sara says:

    I think that perfect age is all life! If you are sick, then you have problem and doesen’t metter haw many age you have! Someone rode”Your age will always be perfect, day by day” …

  • roy says:

    Everybody has their own idea about the perfect age. Some people clearly define their perfect age range in a certain time frame. To me the perfect age should be the time from the second we were born until we got a seriously health problem. The reason i said that because when we got sick, we can’t enjoy our life anymore but suffer from the pain.

  • sadaf says:

    the perfect age i think is from 18-26 when you make your future and start to take your decissions and live in a way that you want.
    i think this period is the most effective years in our life.

  • Sher says:

    Greetings from Uzbekistan.

  • Sher says:

    I think all of my life when you were happy, it’s the perfect age. Aged 20 to 30 years is the perfect age. This year, we became independent and physically strong

  • lamo says:

    In my opinion we get our best age at 40 years. To refer that God give made Mohamed peace on his heart, he was 40. In this age peaople is going to start life wisdom. We would like to burn all sins by making good in a rest of our life. It’s age of kindness. A age that you going to get out of all bad things and to just looking for a paradise is perfect.

  • KoHe says:

    Hello guys.

    it’s a good quetion. I think that perfect age is chanign according to age. if you are 20, you have only the experience until 20. it’s difficult to make a right dicision. if you could say 30 is perfect age, it was just imagination. In my dream, it’s so wonderful that i could say every time that I’m now a perfect age.

  • Jan says:

    I agree with Troll. I almost came.

  • Troll says:

    The perfect age is with no doubt 80, i like hot grandma’s with wrinkles.

  • memo says:

    if you are healthy all age is perfect.

  • mazaher says:

    I think in the perfect age we can be happy easily by each other. any one must connect with another people and enjoy of life.

  • Elie seksik says:

    I think that the best age is 16 because you can do many things for yourself and also to drive in a car.

  • Yuval krispin says:

    I think the best age is the age of 16,
    That this age of independence.

  • Lessa says:

    Your age will always be perfect, day by day. If one will view a perfect age not on ones present, then one is more likely having a hard time coping with his life. We need not to worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will have to worry about itself.

    What age are you now? – it doesn’t matter. Live accordingly and do what you can do as best as you can appropriately. Then you’ll have a good time for the rest of your life.

    That’s what I’m doing. And it’s very refreshing and thoughtful everyday I rise.

  • Katherin says:

    Well,as I’m a teenager,I can’t exactly understand how my life will likely to be in future. I don’t know,what do you feel,being 25,30 or 45,so,up to know,I think the best age to be is from 15 till 20-23. During this time you have’t any serious problems with earning money and keeping your family,you’re under no obligation,except studying. You have fresh mind,so you’re able to learn as many as possible to become very interesting person.You have to choose your way,to realise,what are you going to do and so on. Maybe I’ll change my mind,but I’m sure I’ll always remember this age,as perfect in my life.

  • Nazeni says:

    I don’t think that there is a special age to be called perfect.Every age is perfect when you feel like it.So it depends only on how you feel each age.

  • gerald stacklic says:

    well,I think that the perfect age is when you have a child. you can knows the true life.
    its improves your life
    believe me

  • hannia says:

    I think the perfect age depend on every people and it is Like you could enjoy more, and the people could feel good with the challenge, situation and get to stay in peace ourselves.

  • misha says:

    As for me the age is not more thann just a formality in ID’s. Feeling (I meen how one feels hisself)is the one thing, that has a reeson in our life.

  • kesem says:

    i think 18 is the perfect age..
    because you can do what are you want..
    and nobody tell you what to do .
    you’re enough big to decide on your self

  • Adva says:

    the perfect ages is the childhood becuse you can get everthing you want.
    your perants dont accept you will worked at home , and you dont understend the difficulty at the life .

  • Rina says:

    I would say 17 is the best age.
    Because I can drive on a car and I can hang out with my friend every time i wont.
    This is not a yong age and also not to old age, this the perfect age, you not need to work and get mony to pay you home, you perents pay it and this amayzing :]

  • Dude says:

    The perfect age is 3 becuze you dont need to studyand i dont need to spek i always be cute
    and everyone will be love me and i get every thing i need. and all what i say is: bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla blabla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla blabla bla

  • שניצל says:

    the perfect age is 3 becuze you dont need to studey and dont need to take nothing on your had

  • Hisham Hussain says:

    I would like to begin with a song:

    “When I was just a little girl
    I asked my mother what will I be ?
    ….. the future not ours to see”

    How can anyone describe the Perfect Age until that person cannot certify his/her’s day of demise ?

    In each year we came across with different experiences. Either sweet or bitter. Therefore the perfect age may differs to each person.

    But globally, 40 is accepted by most intellectuals. Because Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was selected as the last Prophet for human kind in his age of 40.

  • Tayde says:

    I feel the perfect age is 11. Once you’re eleven, you feel like something special is about to happen, like it’s the beginning of something amazing. Especially if you’re in the 6th grade.

  • shamsy says:

    In my opinion the ages between 18-3o is perfect (the age that we enter university), these ages effect to all of our life. In these ages we can study well and enjoy and improve our ability. Besides in these ages we are young and beautiful and we have a lot of wishes that we think we will able to get them.
    but we can make all of our ages perfect if we are capable and if we can improve our mind.

  • Mehmet says:

    I dont think so does not make a sence. Actually all age has a problem. Normally life is not fair.

  • Nagesh says:

    Their isn’t anything predefined as perfect age.but if one need to choose, I would prefer 12-15.its a age of half purity & half …. One has admire the fact that,the decisions(may b right or wrong) made in this age are the sweetest memories.Its the transformation from childlike to adultery which keeps u on tenterhooks….

  • Tang Xia says:

    the best age, well, i think it must be this very age,we are curious about everything,and have the eagerness to risk.what’s more,we got nothing to worry about.

  • nizar tunisia says:

    best age..ohhhhh…..i remember….. for me the best age is CHILDHOOD .the age of purity,peace and everlasting joy…. i think that noone wants to quit his childhood….noone wants to leave that happiness which never ends….a child does not care about anything in life.all what cares about is playing and asking endless questions about that amazing world…

  • to you says:

    I believe that the best age is 45 since at that age you will be free and happy more and you will be professor if you like.

  • Dariush says:

    Hi every one

    I thing the best ages are 30 – 40 becouse you have good experinces to looking in futuer.

  • Johan says:

    I don’t think it is a “perfect age”. All the ages have their own special moments. But I think the age 18-25 is the most enjoyable age. Because you experience alot of new things. A whole new world open up for you.

  • Ehb says:

    Life ain’t perfect so “PERFECT AGE” cannot be achived during our life time. Our “NEEDS”, “WANTS and/or “DESIRES”, whether physical, mental, spiritual or social places us in to the reality that we will ALWAYS FALL SHORT OF PERFECTION, that is, as long as we LIVE the “NEEDING”, “WANTING” and/or “DESIRING” will never STOP. The more we “NEED”, “WANT” and/or “DESIRE” something, the farther we reach perfection. As such, the “PERFECT AGE” for me then would be the age when we DIE for it is only in dying that:

    1. We lose desire of anything in this world
    2. We have the “Absolute age”, meaning, we will no longer grow old
    3. We perfected life

  • elzant says:

    I think that perfect age for women is 25:)

  • Phuong says:

    The perfect age should be 20. You are strong, ambition, and active. You are willing to try something new, also explore the unknown things. nothing can stop you from learning things in life, love, and career.

  • esma says:

    i think,
    every age has a specific beauty.

  • Kumar says:

    Hard to describe and say anything about perfect age. Each stage of life is different and has something special in it. In my opinion the perfect age is childhood, the age between the time we born until we start understanding the real world. Child are very innocent, they can be turn and improve the way we want. They don’t have any kind of hard feeling for any one. They don’t have any bad thoughts for any one. Don’t you agree with me?

  • Sue says:

    the perfect age for me is when you enjoy and satisfy with your life,
    at the same time I want to come back when I were 20 to 30
    years I miss this age coz I have a lot of things to do but I didn’t do that.

  • haekal says:

    until now,i think the perfect age is 21.i have great moment when i was 21.why?? because i finally won some trophy for my football club.. i felt so strong at that time

  • xedter says:

    Hello guys! For me, it’s the age when you get your life into satisfaction. I can’t really tell the exact figure or number for it. Whatever that age would be, it’s the perfect one.

  • mel says:

    The best age is 17 ! I have more parties in that moment, gather with friends as often as u want , enjoy high school moment, pijamas party,etc.
    And also I’ve less responsibilities in 17.
    anyway, more responsibilities make us more mature 🙂

  • Ira says:

    I think the best age is 15. You are not child, but you aren’t an adult 2.You haven’t responsible for your children.. You haven’T got any work.. It’s good, i think

  • apple says:

    I’m 30 now, and I am facing lots of things, changing job, buy a house, getting married and so on, those things are really disturbing, trust me. when I saw this theme, I do, do, do believe the perfect age is childhood, when there are so many pure laugh, no any load. I swear to myself, if I had a kid, I will make sure he/she have a healthy, happy chindhood without any load, cause you know, when it’s gone, it will never come back.

  • Jane says:

    18th is a perfect age.

    At age of 18th, you full of the energy, imaginations, curiosity. If I could roll backup my life, I would like to be 18 again to redesign my life. There are so many things you can learn, so many new technology to catch up. But all those things are limited by excuse or certin conditions. 18th is wonderful age.

  • Ana says:

    I believe the perfect age is when you become a mother or father. It does not matter what age it is. Your life changes when you realized that another life depends on you.

  • ferdaouss bakri says:

    for me,the perfect age is the childhood,
    because we were very innocence, we were thinking just about playing and having fun.
    i personnaly miss this age..
    i want to walk in the street without thinking about what people would say about me.
    i want to play and laugh loudly.
    i want to thing just about my toys and how to play with them.
    i want to feel happy.
    there’s nothing like the childhood…..nth.

  • nusaiba says:

    I believe that childhood is the perfect age, because in that age you don’t worry about anything, and all you think about is playing.
    i really miss those days where all we want was to go outside and play, with no burdens…

  • laura says:

    i think tht the perfect age is from 15-16,,,cuz its the most interesting and adventurous part of the life wen ur whole life is based on ur decision.

  • bella says:

    Regarding this question, I feel a little hesitant to say something instantly. I am really not sure what is the perfect age. Let me put it this way. I cannot say for sure but, I guess it would be at the age of 30’s and there are some reasons why I think like that. First off, I need to remention the question once more. One of the important words in the question would be “Perfect” so that it makes me a little confused. Not the best or happiest, rather “Perfect”. Apparently, at the “perfect” age, I really need to be independent without any supports from my parents. And also, whether to live alone or get married, my life would be very stable by having ragular income or my house in order to live well. Given them, 30’S age would be my perfect age since most people live in a stable manner. But still I feel not that certain of this.

  • Asmar says:

    in my opinion the perfect age is 30’s , in this age i traveled a lot so i gain more experience, i visited Europe and japan and in this age i am enjoying my time with my family so my mind becomes more open to understand others and to understand how people thinking and how much you are confident with your self, now i am in 40 so i don’t know what will happen in 40’s. Finally i think the perfect age is the days that you live happy now matter when 20’s 30’s or 40’s.

  • catluna says:

    it’ the day when i’ll die

  • Alice says:

    I think the perfect age is 3 because children have good memory.They can learn new things easier and faster than adults.Moreover,they won’t use any devices for getting some information and benefits.This kind of innocent can’t be found at adults.

  • Kaz says:

    I would say the perfect age would be 35. People around this age are very setteled in terms of their finance – completed their school, stable income and own a property. Also they have a choice to go either having a family or enjoying their single life. I am now 26 and am a part time student. There are more to go untill I truly take a litle bit of break from my busy days..

  • Diana says:

    well, depend in your age now, if you have 20th maybe you said that is the best age for you, if you have 30 to 35 you can said this the best age….so far i think depend how you feel in this moment you can express how you feel with you age…so to me my age is no the important is how i feel right now

  • Flower says:

    I’m a 24 years old girl and I would like to be on the age of 21. It’s not because of majority (in my country the age of majority is 18).
    The first reason – I was very-very slim!
    The second reason – I graduated University, found the first job easily and was happy I mustn’t attend classes anymore :))
    At that time I was neither student nor seious working woman :))
    I could live with my parents and brake rules ratehr often :))

  • cndy says:

    for me, the perfect age would be at the age of 25 years old.Physically,being at that age,your body is a fully function to have a job that can sustain one’s needs;mentally,its the age where a person has a more mature decisions in life (already know what is right from wrong);emotionally, its the right moment to have a partner in life and a great start to built one’s own family; and lastly, spiritually,has more positive outlook,more faith and purpose towards life.

  • Angel says:

    oh ! the year perfect for my is, when you exit with your friends, when you go to cine with you boyfriend, when you go to concerts of you favorite sing.

  • nourddine el ghayad says:

    according to my point of view . the perfect age is childhood because kids behave instinctively and spontunuosly . they are not hypocrites .

  • learnenglish1qaz says:

    I believe that late 20’s are the perfect age. Twenty-eight to be exact. By that time, I think you know now what are the things you really like. At that age, you had already experienced a lot of things about the reality of life. Those experiences would make you strong as person. It will also make you as a better person. At twenty-eight you’ll be financially stable and ready to raise your own family. Making good decisions would be easier at that age. So for me twenty-eight is the perfect age.

  • sonia says:

    I think perfect age is every age. When you are 10 you see children of 8 so babies and people older than you are so old.. When you are 20 you are in the best age, you can do what you want without responsability… When you are 30 you and your family grow and you feel complete. Now, when 40’s are near I thing it will be the perfect age too.

  • asni says:

    I think the perfect age for me is when i feel happy. Its beginning 23 years old, when i first started working. I met all my friend, partner, pal. We also sharing together, laughed together, and i feel happy with them. Really different when i studied in university. I have been working and still amaze can met all of ministry and officials.

    Its really touching when i went to abroad. The first country that i visited is south korea…exactly is Jeju island. when i was 24 years old.

    Now, my old is 25 years old. my passion in this year is getting scholarship to study abroad and worship to Allah in Kabah.Amin

  • Ann says:

    having a diamond ring around your finger is a perfect age. my stage of mind for the moment.

  • Dr Learn. says:

    The perfect age ???
    Every stage of all ages is perfect. Are you perfect at your age?

    The world we live is full of unfortunate events, and ourself are full of mistakes that why we think of perfect. Because you are not perfect at your age, you are always learned !!!

  • Taufiq says:

    The perfect age is one in which you enjoys most, so that does not matter its either in young or in old age.It really depends on situation,circumstances or some occasion where you feel this is my time and i enjoyed most.Every moment of life is enjoyable.

  • Unknown says:

    33 = Perfect Age

  • Dian syafrini says:

    For me perfect age is beginning from 30 years until 45 years which is they have been in productive ages. some people in these ages have more success in job, financial, love or family.
    they had got whatever they want.. who is agree with my opinion?? 🙂

  • Mohammad T H says:

    I think the perfection of the age is based on the condition of our body as well as mind

  • ayu fitriyanti says:

    i think the perfect age for me is 23 years old…because all of this reason is i will graduated from my study in nursing and it’s time for me to do something that can help others, finally i will get the job and will get the money. ….so, this is perfect age for me in all of age…
    :>, amien….

  • wulan says:

    a perfect age is 25, that’s the perfect time for getting married and have a new part of our life. Have someone who loves ever and forever then build our dreams together and that’s can be the beginning of our beautiful life.

  • fitri nila A PSIK 2006 says:

    i think there’s no perfect age when you think you have usefull for another person…^_^…

  • Sally says:

    I think that the perfect age is between 20-30 years old.

  • alisse says:

    for me , i think that the most perfect age is between 18 and 25 years old. indeed, when we are in this age , we are learning news things and aquiring more experiences. we have the energy , the perseverance, the enthousiasm to endevour so that we can fulfil our dreams and reach our targets. it’s also the suitable age to innovate and to create new things that can change the world . youth is the spring of life so we sould know how to profit from it .

  • Beni says:

    One day our perfect teacher ask us which is perfect age.We had differnt ideas. For my the best age is between 40-55. why because it is time where you have finish you study , you have your family and childern. you have good exsperience in your job.and it is easy to find solution for your personal problem. It is age where you are stabil in your long life. it is my opinion.

  • daisy says:

    I thing 18-24 this ega more fun and good morry


    oh everytime is the best to me
    it’s just the matter of opinion
    someone likes their childhood, orthers like the time after getting mariage.
    i always think of my childhood when i have sparetime alone and think about my future when i need to be confident to do some thing. i rarely thing about the present because i m being enjoy it by all my sences. i love my life althought there are a lot of things that make me sad. i thank the god for my present. 🙂

  • Ninva says:

    There is no perfect age, only perfect moments!

  • Amy says:

    I’m a teenager too,but that makes me think the perfect age does not exist.You can have a perfect age when you are 18,20…50..Whenever you feel it.Even an old man can feel young still and look at all things he did in his life and be proud of him and enjoy life.Most of people say probably the same but with other words.(My grammar is not best,still practicing)

  • Kuz says:

    I’m teenager now so I think that the perfect age is teenage.
    I feel happy now. I can do what I want and I don’t have to be stress much about thing in my life.

  • jeroen says:

    Personally I think that the perfect age doesn’t exist. For me it may be 40, but for you – 20 for example. The perfect age is when you feel happy and you don’t have to do things you don’t want to do. When you feel free or be loved, it depends on the person.

  • Anda says:

    There is a flaw in the notion of perfect age. There is no such thing as perfect. Perfect from whose point of view? It so happens that when I was younger I was fascinated with the number 22. SO I decided that the perfect age would be 22. The more magical the number seemed as I would have reached 22 on the 22nd. Years passed and that day eventually came. It turned out to be disappointing. No magic, no sparks, no fairy-tale. Only a cold rainy September reality. The perfect age is now. The perfect age, if perfect existed, is whenever the magic was there. Or is… Or will be
    (to be noted this is a writing exercise)

  • Zie says:

    Me too. I don’t think there is a perfect age. But there will be a time when you think your life is prefect with successful career & loving family.

    I hope by 35 I’m able to achieve this.

  • Dany Champagne says:

    I think there’s no perfect age, this is so relative. That depends from where we are because the influence of weather conditions, the education, style of life, the longevity is not the same everywhere. There’s regions where children are 10 years old and are more mature and wise than young adults from my country. I believe we all need knowledge and wisdom. I think the perfect age is different for anybody, the important is to have reasons to live, plans, dreams for building the happiness. Without all this, we’ll become sad and we’ll aim anybody else to blame and that is the worst age.

    Thanks to ask.

  • Nguyen says:

    I think that every part of our age is perfect. When I was a child, I like play hide and seek. At 10th, I used to read paper and play football. When I was a senior pupil, I started look at the girls and go after them. At my university, I spent a lot of time to study and wonder what is my job in the future. Now, I’m a teacher and I’m happy with my work. When I see a baby, I like them very much. I wish have my own child. I admire the old stager, I want to have their experience.

  • ABDULLAHI says:

    I think the best age or perfect age is 40 because it is the time when you are strong. You can manage your life and work. It is the time you will start work and marry your loved one. If you are health and perfect you can do what ever you want to do . That is my poor opinion.

  • victoria says:

    in my opinion, the perfect age is when we can make our own decision!

  • Zagita says:

    the perfect age ?? I don’t know …
    everybody have the time when they’ll leave their life in the earth, but no one knows, right?
    so I think it’ll be perfect if someone die after he fulfilled all he wanna do for his life and, of course, after he got his dreams …

  • aanu says:

    hw will u tell me tht wat was wrng in my essay like hw will point it out n were???

  • aanu says:

    according to me the perfect age of human being begins with the time when he starts gaining experiences. like according to me, it totally depends on a person that how he is using his life n making it perfect day by day.
    a person should not be a pecimist n he should look forward to his dreams and the life will surely turn into a big blast.

  • BADRIA AL-MUTAIRI (kw) says:

    Hi all,

    In my own opinion, the thirties is the perfect age. In this age you’ve just passed your teens and your twenties.You left the wild life after having experiences.While in the thirties you’re going to start gaining wisdon.

  • ajean says:

    Perfect age

    I’m a 20 years old girl. Someone told me i’m now under a nightmare age that everything is unknow for me, & someone told me i’m in the age like a flower in the sunshine that life is simply & funny. For me i think everything is going fine so far. I taking things easy & enjoying, though life is not going as well as i want everytime. I just take the problems as challenges & learn new knoledges from them. Of course if things going well i will feel better…I study & work hard everyday. I think it makes my life more meaningful & i like life in that way. I respect & treat people nice, though i didn’t used to talk too much because we are busy with jobs & i don’t want to disturb. I try my best to learn fast to become strong & independent though i’m still sometimes naive, but i think the way for me to mature is not too far. I’m always optimistic. I think life is full of surprise, and i think i’m now in the perfect age.

  • saron says:

    My point of view age is doesn’t matter in life. Because the experienced people all are aged. Likes abrahom lincoln didn’t achieve in his 20 or 30. He acheived only after 50. Age is likes the experience.

  • Silvia says:

    I don´t know what is the perfect age, but I think it can be the time when you haven´t got any serious concern, you are just learning to live whithout knowing or thinking in any trouble.

  • ๋ำJem says:

    In my opinion the perfect age is 30-35 year old.’Cause you aren’t too young and too old.You think fast act fast but not in stupid way.The important thing is you have a long way to learn and discover your new abilities.

  • Yaa says:

    My opinion for perfect age should be over 25 years old as its enough feeling to get older without present 😉

  • mariana says:

    I think that the best age of the human is the 25 because the person is not young but is not old.

  • friday&friday says:

    The perfect age is 20 because your persoalty life is start when you choose awork what you want to studay every thing . you will be freedom because if you think that you have a family they will help you be sure they will help put after 22 they will told you know you have to improve your self 20 is aperfect age because you will be a king in your kingdom .

  • Selena Roberts says:

    It’s 30 for sure!
    because you have freedom and you can do probably anything without any troubles 🙂

  • Mohammed says:

    From my point of view I think the Perfect age is independent the person because for me I think between 7to17 because i dont care about any thing . however if I ask my firend or any one they will gave me onther age .So my father agree with me but my mum said 20 to 40 the best age

  • shushies says:

    I’m 20 yrs old. Obviously I cannot predict my future or how my life will be for the next yrs… So until now, after being surviving in the world 20 yrs, I found that the perfect age is at 13-17. Of course it is just my own opinion…At that age, i had a wonderful time, I got nothing to worry about … In addition, when I was 14-years-old girl , the first time I experienced how the feeling of loving someone was ^^…I loved and to be loved… although it was not a real love ( I easily change my thought toward someone else ), it became one of the most beautiful memory in my life, I believe so…

  • doris says:

    In my opinion, the perfect age is at 4-6years old. At that time, you are naughty, innocent,naive, pure. You do not have burden for study, working and dayly life.You could not worry about the poor scores; You do not care the bad performance on your job or the feeling issue. What you are doing is playing.

  • kittu says:

    Hello Everybody,

    I think perfect age is 30’s , Because by that time you must have gained some experience in life, you are matured enough to make your own decisions,I mean right decisions.which makes you to lead a happy and peaceful life.

  • ty chuot says:

    With me, the perfect age of my is 19, because in that age,I didn’t have ant stress, no worry, no sad…I always feel very very comfortable.Now I am 25 and there are many things that I have to think. Example: get married 🙁

  • Two by the sea says:

    Interesting topic, direct to the point!!. I believe the perfect age for me is “Now and Here”. I’m in my 40’s and going stronger and better than ever. I don’t believe the past events in my life, (althought they have been awesome and memorable ones), can be rated as the best. Every age and stage in life comes with it’s own favorable results. Hmm!! Maybe I have a natural disposition to think the best is yet to come.

  • Tara Benwell says:

    I always say grade 11 was the perfect age (age 15). No boyfriend. No kids. No stress. My job was to bring people eggs, bacon, and coffee and if they liked my smile they gave me a tip. Then again, my earnings paid for cute clothes, so I could try to look good for boys…which eventually got me in my current happy place. 🙂

  • Bahar Sarafrazi says:

    All though that i’m a perfectionist girl but i am aware that there is nothing really perfect in the world.
    The perfectionist always suffer in the world And:
    The point is exactly that,because no no perfect things can be find in the world & that’s why they all the time trying to do the thing in a best & perfect way while that things nevers comes & in that case they are always & always suffereing & suffering.

  • Bahar Sarafrazi says:

    In my point of view ,aperfect age is when you are akid & when there are many strang questions in your mind about the world around to be discovered.2-8

  • Adriana Salinas says:

    For me the perfect age don`t exist, is all live itself perfect…each stage is different that has advantages and desadvantages, but all depend of how you assume.
    In other words, each age has its own magic and depend of you enjoy it or don’t.

  • janny says:

    in my opinion perfect age is different matter with different people. in our life stage people could have happiness ,success,emotion all of good feeling is perfect. enjoy every moment in your life. that is just perfect age.

  • Rakki says:

    27 will be the most perfect age.
    Mature enough to see the world, high enthusiasm in facing this rapidly moving world. Having a good job, great friend, and my be it would be a nice moment to start to build new family

  • Saeide says:

    I would say the perfect age is when the chronological age suits the psychic age. Or I might say when one’s mental status goes with his age. To make it more clear bringing an example would help; when one is 30, apparently a fully-grown adult, he may be only a 3 year old child in real, and thus we see inproper behavior while some maturity is expected. So when I act my age that would be the perfect age for me.

  • Tashi says:

    I would say, the perfect age for any humans is when the person had his happiest days. I had cut it in short for days because an age could be a year long, so in a year there could be a lots of ups and downs and moreover some people enjoy life during their childhood a lot, some does it at teenage, some after 40 and some people never felt their life was perfect at any age.

  • Farooqui says:

    It is a nice piece of work. It gives opportunity to enthusiastic new writers to apply and experience their writing skill. I highly appreciate your efforts. It also provide opportunity to go through the thoughts of others from all around the world.

  • Farooqui says:

    In my opinion, the perfect age is the middle age, when you are at your prime, full of energy, enthusiastic and willing to take the risk. What is your opinion, I do not know. Let me have your opinion. Bye!

  • Dana says:

    I think the perfect age is not exist, stristly speaking every age is perfect for living. If you are child you don´t imagine how it is to be an adult. Maybe you want to be older. If you are the adult you don´t image how it is to be a pensioner. Maybe you want to be younger. Every age of person´s life is coming to the good and bad things and it depends on everyone how to able to go though as such. It is necessary to think positively and to manage to live though every moment in your life.

  • Joe says:

    Thanks for all the interesting comments 🙂

  • Nutt says:

    What do you think is the perfect age? Why?

    I thought the perfect the man and the girl is different . As the girl ‘ll older than man in the same age . So I thought the perfect age of woman at around 27-32 that is the most perfect of age and very happy in their life .

    I thought when the girl is at around 27 -32 age .At time they finish of Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and in period they become full adult in both of their physic and mind . They have a contstant job and good salary .And they can know what they want to do in their life .

    The perfect of their life , the girl , as they can have good money and job then they can tour everywhere they want and have a free life . By the way,they are ready to be full happy with boyfriend as they are ready to have real love . They are ready to have a baby and a warm family . They can take care of themselves and another people , too . These are the age to the most perfect life of the girl that I thought .

  • ruba says:

    I think the best or the good age is from 25 – 35
    because you are old enough you can live by yourself , you can have kids and you can take care of them , you can find a good job , you can have your own house .

  • Joe Silva says:

    The perfect age is the age you have now. There’s a saying and it comes in Latin “Carpe Diem”: it is used as an admonition to seize the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future. I would go further and say also, don’t worry about the past or count your age.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re 15, 35, 65 or even older, every age has its pleasures and you must enjoy it fully. For it to work you should stick to your friends and acquaintances, because they will get older along with you, so you’ll always have things in common.
    In addition, imagine how boring it would be if everyone you know inclusive you girl/boyfriend aged but you. Wouldn’t it be awkward to play with them?
    You could find new friends or even a new and younger girl/boyfriend, but they certainly wouldn’t be in tuned with you. Well the idea of having a younger girlfriend sounds a good idea, but you would have to take her to your environment, I mean with people of your age. You won’t fit very well in a teen group if you’re 50.
    The opposite would work even worse, because if you’re a teen you certainly lack of experience, though you would follow the older in their ideas.
    This is just one of the rules you should apply to really enjoy your currently age there are lot of others that you’ll discover in then appropriate time, and a discovery is a pleasure itself.

  • ID says:

    I think the perfect age is when you understand thing and able to do things for your self with people telling you what to do.

  • Autrust says:

    I don’t cares too much about the perfect age. With me, I just want to make my life happier and bring that to many people I loved. Each year, I grow up a little bit. That’s also make my mind thinking with another ways better than. I feel happy with all things I have however something were happened with another ways but that are an experiments and I have to thinking about how to developing or find another ways to make it better. Just do everything you like, you will feel like each age have a different feeling and different thinking. Make sure you are happy with whatever you did.

  • jacob says:

    the perfact age is not something to be asked but something to be found. because you change throught your life not one age can be perfect. when your young you have no cares cause your parents take care of you. when your in your teens you begin to feel lifes effects and what it can do to you. also you have to start deciding for yourself on what you want to do with your life. in other words a real pain in the ass. when your 20 – 60 you work, make mony, love , play pay bills and have hard times . and when your old your back to being taken care of , not having to work , and having people love you all over again. lifes great hu?

  • leo says:

    There is no such a perfect age for me as long as you do your part as human. Life is beautiful, you have to enjoy while you here in this World. But the best life is, when you offer it to our God because he is our creator. Thank’s and God Bless you all!

    Jessica! that is your final answer?

  • etiquoe says:

    I think, it’s perfect age when you become mature either physically and morally, and you can give something useful for people around you

  • roro says:

    i think all the life is nice when the person creat the happines but the perfect age we can give(love,mony,pationt,————-)is from23,30 but of coures 30 is not the end of life

  • padal says:

    i think the best age is 100…becauase in this age a human become more sharp+active+and new teeth start coming…so thats why 100 age is perfect age…hahaha

  • alinawl says:

    There is nothing to say anymore!
    There is tru for me what Katherine Says:
    November 19th, 2008 at 7:33 am
    I agree!

    But that:
    poriba Says:

    March 4th, 2008 at 3:44 pm
    “Definitely before 40! Wrinkles and flaccid thigs appear without previous notice and they´re here to stay… no matter how intellectual, happy, wealthy, healthy you are it hurts to stare at that woman in the mirror and discover you are not a young girl anymore. ”

    Are we living just for a nice face?
    Ofcourse we cannot be a girl all our life. But it is a wonderful to discover our wisdom, to be proud of our children, to be beautiful and nice not only because of our face. There is a crazy Hollywood/Bollywood divinity of to be young. Every age is playing a part in our life, is taking a part of ourselfs, is making us more human then only the Barbie and Ken stories.

  • Janiya says:

    I think sweet 16,,cuz dis iz the age whn u r not too young but also not too old,,in this age especially the girl are always in beautiful dreams that is just meant for hers,, and in this age the girl looks most gourgeus and beautiful in the whole world,,wel naughty 18 is also quite cool age,,cuz in naughty 18 there are lot of changes seems to occur,,the girl start maturing, understanding things from different perspective and i think the real life starts,,wel from world of dreams she come to world of reality,,these are the ages which are unforgettable,,and trully reminds tht world is not wht we think,,its wht we never thought of,,thts all i can say,,but every age has different memories and experience,,so enjoy every moment cuz it never comes..

  • Princess says:

    It depends on every person that which age he/she had
    enjoyed a lot.I have no perfect age because life is
    beautiful and i always enjoy my every moment of life…

  • Issy says:

    Perfect age varies from person to person but I think it is that age when we have achieved all our dreams or heart desires. It is that age when you can actually look back and be thankful to God and be pleased and proud of yourself and say……I have achieved all those!!!

  • sat says:

    Such,perfect age ischildhood age because they wouldn’t face any problem & don’t carry responsibilities.They want only love.Evey moment they enjoy & play game of life like hide &seek etc.They couldn’tunderstand differance between rich & poor.

  • trantrungkien says:

    I think each age has its own interesting. We should by oursevles find out the interesting thing of it and enjoy the life.

  • legendkid says:

    I would say it will be 30,at that age,most people usually have their own career and have a family.Not to old and not to yound to make the right choice in some sittuation.The knowledge that you had learn from many year ago will help you in your life.

  • jephany12 says:

    I think at 25 years old. I mean, we don’t need to cares about owned years old. I just feel at 25 years old is a good time we can have more thing like we’re already learned, take some jobs (full time or over time..) and thinking about more plans with a new life in the future…25 years old that’s perfect age I think we can do anything or got anything we were wished. That’s also age, we can start with a hard working or take a difficult experiments in the life.

  • NganLuu says:

    At the period of age , we will have different emotions.In my opinion,I think that childhood is the perfect age.Because,when we were a child , we wouldn’t have a lot of trouble such as : working for money , taking care of our children ,etc…A child just know to eat , play game , sleep.That’s fresh spirit!

  • jeremy says:

    I think the perfect age is 18. Because you will become an adult and you can do what ever you want.

  • kse says:

    I think the perfect age is 19 years old because in this age we can use our fully effort to do something.

  • Hana Hussen says:

    Hi Everybody.

    According to my view about the perfect age of the person, really I have read the ideas of these different people, and I’m supporting what Eman says.

    For me the perfect age is, when the person is independent because you can control your self as you know, and you can take your decisions, also that time you know what is good for you and what is bad for you. You also learn how to afford the critical situation if you meet them.

    You also know what your dreams are and you can reach your goals as soon as you can.

  • Katherine says:

    Dear friends, that’s a very interesting question. When you are a teenager, it seems to you that once you get a bit older, you will start living a perfect life – without your parents’ control, being independent, and enjoying every moment of adult life… On the other hand, you are a mature personality, and suddenly it occurs to you that your years of youth could have been spent in a different way – you should have read more, or you should have chosen a different professional background, or… We always want what we don’t have, and it’s in our human nature.
    There fore, any discussion of ideals and perfect things may be reduced to the following slogan: our life is precious, and ideals are figment of our wishful thinking. Of course, we should try to achieve the desired goal, but we should never forget that life is too short to look for perfection in the past or future.
    We should look for the perfect present, and live the moment in its full! And for someone, this “perfect present” will turn out to be the “present perfect”. I hope you got my idea 🙂

  • Katherine Lin says:

    Every age could be perfect, provided that you know how to manage your life well. We should take action to implement our target or goal without hesitating in every stage. Therefore, every moment would be perfect.

  • Toniaa says:

    in my opinion there isn’t a perfect age.To me it can be this and to an other person can be that.However we often have to live at the best , so every day can be the perfect day.

  • ramavasudevan says:

    i thing perfect age is childhood age. that age is known any problem and there won’t be worry. i thing that childhood age everybnody should not forget it in every one life…

  • Carlos says:

    The perfect age is the age we have right now because of that we are Per + Fect

  • Carlos says:

    The perfect age is the age we have right now because of that we are PER+FECT

  • trovizo says:

    The perfect age is that you can understand the world around you. Another important thing is the age that you can make all you want or all you need with your own way.

  • maryam says:

    the best ege is i get marey(i kidding)

  • tootiii says:

    I think 30 is the perfect age because in this age you are wise enough to make your decisions , and in the same time you are allowed to be crazy sometimes and take some riskes.

  • . .. ... says:

    maybe the perfect age could be the one when u really enjoy and love ur life.
    ….ur….is the sentence right? – -!

  • Lily says:

    “Age is a matter of feeling…not of years.” This sentence is from George William Curtis, a great American writer.
    I think, `perfect age` is also a matter of your feelling: if you feel happy, you are successful and satisfied with your life, you can say you are of your perfect age. And it follows from this, if you want, you can be always – your whole lifelong through – of your perfect age. I wish you this! 🙂

  • Soni Dogra says:

    Age,I feel,is a mere number and no number is perfect until you think so!In other words each year of one’s life is the perfect one if we really know how to make the most of it.It’s easy to contemplate and believe that the coming years will be perfect but if we really look deep inside there is no more perfect time than the one that is NOW!

  • SANTOSH says:

    The age you are in is the perfect age. Because every age is perfect for learning, or else you can say at the age when a person can understand something about everything is the perfect age.

  • Aung says:

    The people from other nations convealed the meaning of perfect age as they think. Although I want to read all opinions they think, I don’t have enough time. The opinion I think the word “perfect age” is that there are three perfect ages for a person. The frist perfece age is between 15 and 20. They can do everything they like or wish. The more they are young and have active emotion, the more they will succeed completely. But good supportings of their respective family will be needed and excellent helps are also needed for their lives

  • VSRCMurthy says:

    A man lives for 100 years. All the 100 years are perfect for one thing or other at every year. God is great. He has a plan for giving 100 years age to the mankind. Mankind is supposed to do certain perfect things at certain age. During the journey from birth to death, every stage is important and that age is perfect for that stage and circumstances. Nobody can tell what age is the perfect age. Finally, all the 100 years are perfect age for mankind. With all best wishes.

  • vijaymohan says:

    Hi,This is Vijay.
    What is age? Is it in our hands? No. It is like a river. It starts some where and ends some where. In beetween it takes so many beautyful changes. The same way all ages have their importence themselves. For enjoying our parents love – 10, for friends,teanage love and education – 20, for getting job,life partner and children – 30, enjoying love towards our children and erning money – 40, getting happyness by seeing our children`s win in their life 50, rest of the age for relax and waiting for milk from our mother of death. But heart doesn`t have age, it is ever green. Enjoy every moment in life.

  • letina says:

    in my opinion,the perfect age when we think the short sentence as below to be true
    Timeless mind
    Ageless body

  • mihaela says:

    for me the perfect age doesn t exist!!!our soul is forever young!!!

  • Ayan Jama says:

    To me, my favirate age is from infents to age of 15 because it is profect you are not thinking anything just what you need is food, school, nice parents, peace, love and fun.! I love It

  • Akhil....... says:

    as per my point of view,perfect age should be that duration of life in which one feels perfection.i think age between 20 to 25 is the perfect age as at this age,one gets familiar to the reality of life and prepare himself physically and mentally to tackle with the real life problems.So,i think this is the most deciding time period of life.Before this age,everyone forces u to study and advice u not to waste ur time but after this age everyone leaves u on ur own and hardly anyone ask u to study or to do some creative its the most perfect age to show your ability and talent and prove the world that you are he best…:)

  • sunil nair says:

    to me, age is a relative n subjective issue. So long as u feeel u r in the best phase of life, each n every age bracket is gonna make u happy. So, far as u feel u r getting only better by the day, u really need not fixate on any particular time of life to be better than the other, this very moment is the best u can hav. So, why bother, just relish the moment. We deserve it.

  • thisisdoris says:

    In the risk of sounding sexist , I think perfect age is not same for men and women. It seems to me that men most oftenly mention before 30’s to be the perfect age when women are separate in two categories : one accepting wrinkles and the preferring being older , the other not accepting wrinkles and preferring youth.

  • bluesky says:

    I think that the perfect age differe from one to another ,but,in my opinion it starts from 20 to 30,time to become more wise sensible and mature and also able to take responsibilties.

  • ary says:

    I think the perfect age is a time when you feel that your life is so wonderful. You feel happy and know about your inner self. You can manage your self, nothing worry you. And i think, a perfect age not related to specific age, but it is a continuous of our life. Life is always changing. It’s a time of learning. So, get your perfect age.

  • ilham says:

    I think the perfect age is not number of years, is when u can control your behaviour & ur feeling, & when u have enough knowledge & experience for can solve ur problems & depend of urself.

  • ako says:

    for me my perfect age is when I was child I was very funny very happy kid ,it may be because my grandmother was with me I was free I didn’t have problems which so many in my adult life now
    childhood is time when to start your life…

  • Kathrine says:

    I guess every day could be my perfect age according to my soul age.

  • sue says:

    I think the perfect age depend on your wishes, and your achievement. If a person doesn’t have any sucess, he doesn’t have any happiness.

  • Ahmed Atea says:

    Ooops! Finally, let me say that the sooner you write, the better your writing skills become!

  • Ahmed Atea says:

    continued…..It is worth mentioning that metaphorically there are similarities between the process of surviving life and brainstorming ideas to write. In life, you need to think clearly and then select what is relevant and purposeful; in writing, you need to brainstorm, and then to outline your relevant thoughts to your topic. Accordingly, you can’t set a “perfect” age to writing. When is it-at what age is it “perfect” to think? If you could find an answer to this issue, then you could set a “perfect” age to writing!!! Enjoy writing!

  • Ahmed Atea says:

    There is no perfect age to learn writing. Writing is thought mirroring life. Hence, any stage in life needs to be mirrored and reflected in our writing. This is how there is no age to writing. A child can write reflecting not only his imagination and fantacies, but also his visions of life and early convictions. Writing hleps an elderly reflect uponj his rich life; a teenage can write reflecting his illusions or delusions-or some new concepts. Drawing is the early writing stage of brainstorming ideas in an infant coloring so innocently anger or satisfaction with his diapers or chocolate! Don’t you agree?

  • marwa says:

    I think that the best age is between twenty and thirty . It is the age when most of us become curious ,so active,ambitious, full of love and experience.this as what i think but hf i did not achive any dream of mine ht wold not be so

  • Mary Bui says:

    In my opinion, perfect age is the time you have a good health. You are always full of energy to play sport, study and at that age you must be dynamic too

  • rajeev says:

    i feel perfect age is 25 as we all will realize what value we have? what is my role in the society? what should be my ultimate goal? where i should reach? all these important decisions are considered and taken during this time period as we are on the threshold which leads us to the different heights.

  • sibel says:

    I think the perfect age is the one which makes you feel that you are living and enjoying the very moments in life…If you can look and see all the beauties of life -just thanks God-you are in the perfect age…

  • daima says:

    In my opinion, the perfect age for someone is the age of now since he or she can only do or don’t something now and cannot do or don’t them in past and future because the past passed and future may not come for him or her. Therefore, I think that only the age which we have now is perfect.

  • Adeel Zahoor says:

    I think that every part of our age is perfect.Our achievements in life, emotions, love and care related to different parts of our age make that part of our life perfect and special.

  • Eman says:

    the perfect may not come if you feel that you did not acheive any thing that you was dreaming to do for your life

  • eman says:

    I think the perfect age is different from one to one but for me ,it is the time i started independant and control my life by my

  • Huyen says:

    Perfect age, oh i think all of us have perfect age. However, my perfect age is 30 but you are not. Because we always want our perfect age have succeeds, happy and a happiness family. Beside our job are developing, we have many oppoturnity in this age. With me, i want have a lot of money. So I want my perfect age as long as my life.

  • Hamid reza says:

    I think,it’s depend on your life condition.each age that you reach tranquility it will be best age.

  • sylvia says:

    I agree with Tiana, be perfect or not depends on your attitude. But I still think age from 20 to 30 is perfect. Because during this period, from the aspect of work, most of us have graduated from colleges and have jobs, we are quite independent. For the sake of feelings, we’ve already understood more about feelings, we won’t hurt others or ourselves that much as we were young.

  • Mario E. Flores says:

    There is not perfect age. It all depends of the actitude you have toward life. We must learn to take the good and the bad through life and make the best of each experience.

  • fadila says:

    Ithink there is no percfect age.In each age there is something we don’t find in the other.

  • meriem says:

    I think that the perfect age is not limited by the number of years ,it is a spiritual age ,a feeling of ease in ones body ,a satisfaction of ones thoughts and analyses,an acceptance of our reality and no more looking for the perfection in everything,no more this quest for the best things ,only live to love and give the beloved people the affection,care and help. when we arrive at this state of mind and spirit ,only then we can say it is the perfect age.

  • fatma sacli says:

    I think the perfect age can change according to feelings. But as we think out of the feelings, 25-35 ages are the best to me. Because in these ages, we can be more energetic, more lively, more beautiful, more handsome, younger and not mature as old, mature as young. This means, we can think these ages as a transition from youthful to maturity and old age.

  • poriba says:

    Definitely before 40! Wrinkles and flaccid thigs appear without previous notice and they´re here to stay… no matter how intellectual, happy, wealthy, healthy you are it hurts to stare at that woman in the mirror and discover you are not a young girl anymore. It

  • Mong Thi says:

    Follow me, the perfect age is from 30 years old to 40 years old. By that age the people more mature.

  • hamid says:

    According to my point of view the perfact age is ur from 16 to 25 this is the time period when do ur studies and make planning for ur future.if someone use this period in a proper way he can meet the targets.


  • Tiana says:

    I think that the perfect age is when you “feel perfect” 🙂 It may be every day, year or the whole life. It depends on our attitude, not age.

  • nhoc says:

    20 ages, i think it’s a nice age. in this age, you are young and lovely, your mind is positive and life ardour.

  • Abdinur says:

    I think the perfect age is 35 years old because your not too old or too young. also you have seen enough in the world. maybe you have two or three kids in that age or life style. you do know whats bad and good.

  • Shobna Iyer says:

    40 is the age to be – next year I’ll say it’s 41. Done with the nightmarish 20’s and the stressful 30’s. Near the end of my 30s I realised I had it in me to take some decisions to live the rest of my life doing things I wanted to and still earn money. Now, I am wondering why I didn’t do it before.

  • Lerma A Solis says:

    There is no such word as perfect age. Learning is a continuing process inorder to gain more knowledge and broaden one’s mind in understanding every circumstances and events one had to undergo and experience. Writing english helps every person to sharpen her mind and add new words and vocabulary .

  • >