Rainy day

What’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

  • nuha says:

    I love 2 stay outside in the rain with my family & friends!!!

  • haiqa says:

    I love to walk in the rain & love jump on the puddles…. staying full day outside with my hero……

  • haiqa says:

    I love to walk in the rain… the most i lyk 2spend my full day with my spcl prtnr… dam hpy in rainy day….. i lv soooooooooooooooooooooooooo…… much no words 2 say…

  • nhocka says:

    on the rainy days, I usually listen to my favorite instrumental song. It’s Kiss the rain by Yiruma

  • coco says:

    AND CHRIS HARRY!!! (i agree with him too)

  • coco says:

    i love islands and beaches with the hot sun! rainy days suck so i agree with bannannnaaaa1233 and binnielala

  • binnielala says:

    sup guys i think rainy days r wet … and boring … so i completely agree with bannannnaaaa1233 🙂

  • bannannnaaaa1233 says:

    omgosh it is raining right now and i feel cold and wet and tired and BORED!! I like hot sunny and nice days were i can go outside or in the pool! i think that on a rainy day.. try find somewere to go INDOORS!!! 😉

  • Chris Harry says:

    I don’t like rainy day as I hate to bring an umbrella when I go out. I love cloudy day more.

  • Renato says:

    Generally in a rainy day I stay looking for something to do… Some people prefer watching TV,a movie, to take a catnap, playing cards, video-game, to read a book, magazines,to eat a lot during all day going to the refrigerator many times, just to make a snack…

  • Sneha says:

    Well, i love rain a lot…
    All i can say is, sit by the side of the window with a hot cup of coffee and listen to the tapping of rain drops …close my eyes and just feeeeeeeelllll it:) Beautiful feeling:)

  • Uli says:

    @197, kuei-ling: But in Taiwan, you sometimes have plenty of rain, and tea is available as well.

  • Lina says:

    All i want to do is sleep. I love to sleep on a rainy day 🙂

  • dilnoza says:

    i don’t like rain!!!! its make mi sad.

  • Ngan says:

    My most favourite in a rainy day is go to the coffee shop and read book. Sometime I just take for a seat then listen to the rhythm of rain and think about my life.

  • l a says:

    Ohh, i love rainy days! I usually go out and dance in the rain or I just stay home and observe the rain from my window drinking a cup of tea :)))

  • kuei-ling yun says:

    Unlike most British; I actually love rainy days when I can be home having a nice cup of tea and watching the world going by, feeling lucky enough to have a home and lovely family around. I used to live in the UK and now I am back to my homecountry Taiwan. Miss those days in the UK.

  • Li.g says:

    The best thing I can do during rainy day, is having a romantic time with a woman I prefer to love

  • li says:

    I can´t walk with my boyfriend under the rain how zola because I´m constantly with grippe, but I love to watch movies in my bed.

  • zola says:

    I love rainy day. One of my dream is walk with my boyfriend under the rain. It is so romantic

  • pierre corso says:

    just go out and let hidden tears fall

  • NG SHI MIN says:

    I think rainy day is so happy , because i love to play rain water. The rain water is cold like an ice.

  • Jack says:

    Whenever its raining I wish to watch the rain. I play with my dog while drizzling. I love rain and the weather after the rain is over.

  • Thi says:

    I think rainy days is so sad, we can’t go out and do something. I like it rain about 2-3 hours and stop, after that, the weather is so cool and comfortable.

  • Loreto says:

    Yesterday,it was a very cold raining day in my city,whenever its rain in the city i wish i was in the countryside, or i could drink a hot chocolate,and spedn all day in my home.

  • aijaz hussain says:

    Yesterday it was raining in the city where I have beeen residing since January. It was very hot few days ago, but after the shower weather became nic.I along with my other friends enjoyed alot. I can never forget the movements I passed.

  • Ahlam says:

    I love the rainy days , because when it’s raining I remember my lover…I miss him so much……..

  • Jarry says:

    I don’t really like the rainy days.Just because I can only keep staying in my home.But it can be much interesting if there’s a friend with you listening musucs or waching tv programs.

  • [= says:

    My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is siting in my blanket and drink hot chocolate .

  • Riddoua says:

    I like to lay on bed, under my cover and sleep all day long.

  • Taib says:

    It depends on the rain if it is a light not strong i like to walk under its drops on the other hand , i prefer to stay at my home with my family .

  • anna says:

    i like to walk with my boyfriend in a rain weather …

  • Ella says:

    on rainy day,I just want stay at home,sit on my warm bed and have a cup of hot tea.That’s great!And I will listen to my favorite music and pray for the unlucky!That sounds strange!

  • eve says:

    rainy days used to make me feel sad but not any more.I love walking in the rain in the summer or in winter i like sitting by the fire ,drinking hot chocolate, listening the beautiful rainy song and watching the flames dancing..

  • Hennie says:

    If a rainy day, I stay on my bed and reading newspaper.

  • Sim says:

    I like to eat pakoras in rainy days 🙂 For people who havent heard of pakoras, they are crispy fried snack, usually made in South Asian countries 🙂

  • Vitaliy says:

    As for me, I like to stay home and watch some movie.

  • Melvin says:

    if a day it’s rain , i will stay on my bed and open my computer to do anything , such as chat , browsing , and many more 😀

  • sadaf says:

    rainy days are my favourite days.i really like to just stay under the rain and feel it.it make me feel happy and relax.
    I feel so complete when I’m in the rain,
    I feel no sorrow I feel no pain,
    I may give me a cold but I don’t care,
    There’s a calming sensation from grass to air,
    The feeling of love I don’t have, I will gain,
    Because my heart falls open as I stand in the rain

  • KoHe says:

    How’s it going! guys,

    I love reading. if i have a good book, I don’t put it down whole the day. if i don’t have, i go to a blockbuster, rent a DVD and watch it with a joint.

  • hannia says:

    the rainy day is a day to stay in home, take a nap, eat soup ,watch a good movie and listen to relax music, it is better stay at home to while the rainbow raise and get energy by the hot day.

  • zaygyi says:

    on rainy day, i miss my girlfriend (thu thu myint aung), because we meet in rainy day.

  • mazaher says:

    on rainy day I want to have a good sex with my wife. I think my wife love this, too.

  • lamia says:

    for myself i love rainy day it makes me feel happy because we rarely have any rain in our region .

  • pats says:

    “A rainy day to me is a blessing from above,” my country at this moment is very dry, and water is a problem to us so that’s why i like rainy seasons!

  • Thanh Huong says:

    In my country, there are only two seasons – rainy season and dry season. In rainy season, it rains all day and all night. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t feel like getting up nor going out for work. it is wet and cold. Such kind of weather make us lazy.

  • Vuong says:

    A rainday is very romantic. I’ll stay at home and drink coffee with my wife. She and i will talk about many problems. After that, we will remember our nice memories. everything is cosy. I will help her repare a big meal. In the meal, i will say:” I still loving you very much, now and forever…” Oh, that is great. ^^

  • Balkis says:

    If me, i will take a nap for awhile in my dorm…while see the wall.

  • Mehmet says:

    Ahaa so, I will sing a song Stranger in Moscow written by Mıchael Jackson and I yelling.
    İn memory of MJ
    Long live the king

  • sherlo says:

    I usually go to bedroom and taking blanket.then,I sleeping on time about 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm.I have good dreaming in my sleep.my mother called me.she say,’hey,wake up.you don’t go to school?’

  • Hoàng says:

    I prefer to stay at home and logging on englishclub.com to learn more English 🙂

  • Carina says:

    I love rainy day´s on Sundays. Then I have no consience for sitting at home and watch TV, surf in the internet and do nothing 🙂
    Then I just chill and become a coach potato, i love such days..

  • Olga says:

    Oh..and I like go for a walk in such rainy day and wander in the streets. It’s a romantica…
    But It’s seldom; usually I read interesting books or sitting before the monitor’s screen =(

  • Sarah says:

    I would do reading and staying at home.

  • ocha says:

    when raining cat and dog….
    i choose to eat something warm like meatball or soto (indonesian food)
    hummmmmm… nyummyyy….
    while watching advanture or scary movie…

  • ant says:

    i’ll go out without umbrella or raincoat alone…

  • HeatoN says:

    I’d go outside and take a walk when it’s raining alone or with someone else.

  • Johan says:

    When it rains I like to spend time with my girldfriend and watch a movie. It’s very cozy:)

  • David Tran says:

    Oh I think ” on a rainy day ” means to be dificult days such as you don’t have money or you are in dificulty , but not raining simply everyday.

  • karl says:

    i love to sleep when it rains, and for me it is the best time to sleep. i feel like the rains lulls me and i fall asleep with its sounds. rain is my sleeping pill and i’m so excited when i’m at home and it rains. rain is god’s grace.

  • enours says:

    I like rain because i can remember all my memories when its falling down on me

  • Plantae says:

    If possible, I’d love to go out with my lover in the fine rain and enjoy the warmness from him. Otherwise, bed and pillows are a sweet choice ^^

  • Nadee says:

    I like to the rainy days because I can sleep well. In my childhood I like to get wet in the rain. But my mother didn’t allow me to get wet, because thinks if I get wet that I’ll catch some illnesses.

  • apple says:

    When it rains, I used to go out and take a shower outside. The feeling is great, It’s like some kind of relief, reborn and self-satisfaction(but one thing you must be sure, don’t get cold). now I’m not any younger and my body is weak and I’m afraid of be sicking, buy I am still reluctant to bring an umbrella in cloudy days, I wish that can remind me of that peculiar experience.

  • hero says:

    hi everybody.
    in rainy day,i will go to bed because i usually learn late and in rainy day if i go to bed,i will have good sleep.it is wonderful

  • Maja says:

    Whenever it is raining, I’d like take pen and paper and just write down my feelings. Ideas will come up in the same rhytm the rain is falling down. Unfortunately I never got time to do so. Mostly my day is going on like everyone is going on. Stressful and hard.Rain makes me always very thoughtful. I feel very secure with the sound of the rain, like a mother’s melody. It just changes the world in a grey and melancholic way. It’s one of my favorite weather, altough here in switzerland it is raining very often.

  • ferdaouss bakri says:

    in a rainy day i like to sit to watch the rain
    and smell its wonderful smell..
    what a happy time…………….

  • Gani says:

    I really like rainy weather. Since I was born in southern Kazakhstan, where the hot weather, and we rejoice in the rain.
    In this weather I like to walk down the street barefoot, sit under a bush and hear the groans of rain.

  • James says:

    Compare with have a full rest I prefer to enjoy the feeling of fresh air in an outside lonely and quietly.

  • catluna says:

    I like reading a book or watching a good telefilm

  • María says:

    I like staying at home and watching through the window.

  • d says:

    i hated rainy days usually.. but now i can enjoy rainy days as relaxing woren heart and resting as leaving all my hard works behind.. i can be in the mood just for fun 🙂 and i cna act like actress while i rest in rain. but usually i don’t really enjoy rainy day becuase i can’t go out without umbrella and even i go out with it, i feel like i don’t want to do something in that day.. especially, for me who likes exercising, rainy day is the worst day to do it. what i often do is just be in the room listening the music or.. surfing the internet. oh watching a movie ot do the filed homeworks is good too.. but as the person up of me said, i can grab some beer and enjoy the rainiy day even though i don’y drink. that’s good idea 🙂

  • Kaz says:

    I usually cook. Of course I grab some beer while I cook. With my favorite music and friends, it usually turns into a good party. One of my specialities is a stake dish. It’s easy but everybody loves it! And for sure, it goes very well with beer. I like rainy weather, but I don’t like cleaning part:(

  • Penny says:

    On a rainy day, I like watching the rain falls. It is very romantic and interesting, you should have a try. Or you can go out to the rain and listen to its sound. Sometimes it is sad, but it also gives us a lot of emotions. I love eating ice-cream on rainy days, although maybe it is a little weird; because in Vietnam, the raindrops are really cold-as cold as the snow-and so is the weather!

  • jaikishan says:

    in a rainy day i will sit in front of my house and siply watching the the rain and the flow of water.in rainy times it is very intresting to watch the nature.All trees and bushes will be in a wilder situation at that time .When i get bored,i will read an intrestig book.

  • nnaa says:

    I always imagine being wet under the rain together with my lovely husband

  • Amel says:

    Well, in a rainy day, I prefere wathing a romantic movie or napping in a warm quilt and listening fall of rain, remembering my childhood…

  • learnenglish1qaz says:

    When I was a child I always like to rain. I like it because there is a tendency that classes will be suspended. I usually surf the net the whole day then take a nap when Im sleepy. I tend to have a quick soup after I woke up. It’s really a great relaxing day for me.

  • Ahsanul Alam says:

    On a rainy day i like to be close to rain in many ways- by driving car in the rain, by sitting in the balcony with coffee, by walking with a umbrella towards unknown destination etc. Rainy days sometimes make me nostalgic and i look back to see sweet memories of my boyhood.I really love now to stay outside on road on a rainy day.Rainy day is like a sad romantic song which i like to listen whenever bored with everday’s routine work.

  • Remona says:

    On a rainy day, I wish to meet my beloved and walk together singing a romantic song

  • maddox13 says:

    well I would love to eat a lot then sleep after eating while listening to – A perfect circle.

  • Amy says:

    well, in rainy day, i would prefer getting under a blanket and reading something untill i fall in sleep

  • Hanna says:

    I love rainy days, but hate to get wet. We dont get much rain here but when it does rain Ilove to fry pakoras and munch them on the veranda with hot sweet tea.

  • anna anelca says:


  • Ann says:

    Actually, I don’t like rainy day. For that I can go nowhere when it rains. I think I will just go to sleep on rainy day. Reading a book or listening to music are also the indoor activities I will do.

  • faizah nuraini 06 psikUR says:

    sometimes, I like rain especially when I am home because I can spend my time in my room while listen to the music, take a rest and online to the internet.
    But, sometimes I do not like rain because it remind me to somebody.
    However, I love rain because it is a God gift…

  • ezi kusuma says:

    my favourite thing to do if the rainy day alike chatting, reading, or listening a music..that activities made me interesting..and then sometimes my family and I talked each other about many topics of news..In the rainy day.. the weather become fresh and cold..I love this situation..The weather made all of people could open their mind with this special present which made many peoples to obdience and thankful to Allah Almighty

  • raudha'06 PSIK UR says:

    If rainy day,i always stay at home,,take a rest,,
    and sleeping……….^-^

  • Rhoma -06 psik UR says:



    sometimes I like that moment but if I were home,,,

    it’s very pleasure because I can stay home, take a rest even sleep.

  • radea -o6 psik UR says:

    when rainy time, I always sleeping and watching TV with snack near me,,,

    I like rainy day…..

  • adek^06 PSIK UR says:

    i very like rainy day, because if rainy day i look wisdom of God so i feel peaceful.

  • yayuk'06 psik UR says:

    I don’t like rainy day. because, if rainy day I borring stay at home…

  • memol says:

    when it rains, i wanna cry. because last day when my reall love left me the weather was rainy… god bless him

  • quanvn says:

    when it rains, I want to stay at home, relax in front of sofa to watch television. An action film performed by Jacky Chan attracts me a lot.

  • Dany Champagne 26 says:

    For me, raining is the perfect time to take a nap with some candlelight next to my beloved or writing my memories in books for my children read them in the future. That’s the way I am.

  • jeroen says:

    I like rainy days, so I do the same things I do on the sunny days 🙂 I like an oceanic climate which is pretty rainy.

  • Zie says:

    I like to stay home on rainy days, either taking a nap or watch my favorite Korean drama.

    I always love to take a walk after the rain stop.

  • seraaaa says:

    whenever its rain I love to look out of the window or watch a romantic film sipping of my coffee

  • amber says:

    if u want ma msn just ask

  • amber says:

    on a rainy day i lay in bed and watch the rain and some times i play on my game console, watch tv and text every body or go on MSN. i love going out in it when it is light with all my friends!!!

  • rajib says:

    this process is very nice

  • Nguyen says:

    I like to see everybody pass acroos a road. They is very hungriedly. I usually feel sad and read novel. When I was a child, I used to go out and catch fish. But I hate rain, because it make me ill.

  • Elena says:

    I would love to walk in the rain with my boyfriend.It’s so romantic! hugs, kisses… mmm 😉

  • norman says:

    Listen to raindrop when i feel sad because it somehow make me feel better.Or read Joe’s cafe of course.:)

  • Dodi Settiawan says:

    I eat meatballs, fried noodle, and fried banana. And I also have hot tea for the drink..
    Huehehehe.. who wants join me?

  • Shyla says:

    Rainy days are perfect!! I would love to walk in the rain and think about life. I like the sound of rain also rainy day will make me full of energy 🙂

  • xx.boy.tc.xx@live.com says:

    in rain day i want only to learn and to use the phone…to tallk and to send sms to my friends 😛

  • pamela says:

    I like the rain in summer. It´s very fresh! I love it.

  • maria says:

    I love rain most of all precipitations. Rain makes me feel better when I’m tired, sad or dissapointed. The noise of rain is one of my favourite equally with cats purring. When I sit by the opened window and my catty sits next to me, raining weather is what makes me happier. I get freedom and hope everything will be ok – my troubles will be washed out like summer rain washes old dry leaves out from the ground.

  • manikandan says:

    whenever it is raining. i closed the windows.and watching the Television, have a full sleep.

  • D.J. says:

    Well, i am living in GCC country in Qatar, usually we had a rain here in Doha might be 3- 5 times in a year, but when it happened i prefered to have a Bar B.Q. along with my family or friend Or tried to had a long drive.

  • doris says:

    of course i would take a nap when it was rainy.
    When you lhuddled up on the bed with the warm quilt on your body in such a cold rainy day, how perfict it is!

  • Farooqui says:

    I like rainy day very much, because I belong to a country where there is not enough rain.

  • Faith says:

    well, i would stay at home and make me a big mugg of tea and sit on my rocket chair and and look out of my window and watch the rain coming down and listen to Handel..there is nothing better than that

  • Phyo says:

    When it is raining I wanna to go somewhere with a lot of my friends without umbrella and rain coat . After that have a cup of coffee. How great! Now it is raining season at my country. so i am very happy now.

  • Genaro Suárez says:

    When it’s raining I like studding near the window. What pleasure! the sound causes an amazing feeling, I can concentrate better.

  • janny says:

    rain ,sometime i like sometime i don’t in my life time. when i was a child, i hate raining day.because the outside was too muddy and i can’t play with my friends. i grew up .when i was twenty’s i like to talk with my friends all raining day.and now if rainy day i’m free,i like drive car to sub-urban and stay there to look at and listen to the rain dropdown.

  • Linda k Hollywood says:

    Hi everyone
    I like pouring rain I can hear in the howling
    storm. Make me has a feeling in sensibility.
    I was rest up on the bed as sleep (no question
    ask) I love raining day. Can you Inmagine what it
    must have been like to watch it rain for a day.
    Good luck
    Linda kosolsak(Hollywood)

  • namitha says:

    In a rainy day i love to sit beside the window where i can see the rain fall and eat hot pakodis (Indian snacks) prepared by my mom.I also love have a good nap under thick blanket.In the childhood we used to play outside in the rain.Its a beautiful memory.

  • Elham says:

    I like playing guitar,smoking cigerette and see the lightning,I write them in my list of things to do!

  • Thiti says:

    It’s raining,I’m sitting on the chair in my house and I’ve some tea and smoking cigarette.

  • Cody Bryant says:

    i like to sleep i think that is because it is boring and i love water and the sound of rain=D

  • ines says:


  • afzal says:

    i love rain alottttttttttttttttt.
    i love to chat with some1 special in rain and wana do some hing special like playing in rain and driving and jumping in rain water………………………… waooooooooooooo its so gud

  • nga giang says:

    oh! I don’t like a rainy day. It’s so wet. I won’t go out. I will read my favorite books or watching TV.

  • Dayeon says:

    When I listen the song.
    Because outside is so gloomy and melancholy.
    But Listenning is so happy and cheerful.
    Ha, ha.
    also, I sleep all day long.

  • lisa says:

    I prepare a paper boat and then i will have a race
    with my friends.

  • Kagomenasai says:

    I always remember the whole childhood story in rainy day…after playing outside under the rain,i had a hot milk n warm blanket,,but i never got illness at that time,so amazing…

  • leo says:

    Rainy day is a good day for me to sleep, its a cold weather you can enjoy sleeping whole day! Thanks

  • Koon says:

    I would like to stay comfy in bed on rainny day and listen to my favourite radio channel. After that, I will watch some movies. Of course, this can happen only it’s a rainny day and also in the weekend. Otherwise, it’s not difference whether rainny or sunny day

  • Rajeev says:

    Samosas, pakaudi, lots of snakes hot tea/coffee are stand for a rainy day.

  • jacob says:

    My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is sit inside and play games with friends or family. Other than that i like to spend time with my girlfriend.

  • Janiya says:

    wowwww,,rain my favourite,,wel in rainy days i would love to dance, singing rainy songs like “bheega bheega yeh december”, “bheegi rato mein fir tum aao na”, “bheega bheega mausam,thanda thanda paani” with my crack voice, & cherish my memories,having a full mug of coffee standing in my gallery and enjoying every drop of rain,,woww tht is wonderful thing which i really love to do,,in every rainy season,,sometimes crying and missing also my love ones ..

  • Princess says:

    Rainy day is the day when you feel relax,without any tention you enjoy the lovely rain.I think rain is a shower of blessings from God.So much rain is not good because rain can destroy many things.Rain washes all tentions from our life and brings a lot of happiness.After rain everything looks fresh and beautiful.I always thanks to God when it rains and after rain i again thanks to God…

  • Lili says:

    In rainy day i would sit next to the window, watch the rain, the people do under the rain, take a hot chocolate & ofcouse listen to music. Thats so romantic…..^^

  • Issy says:

    I love staying in bed with my beloved with the window opened and listening to the sound of the rain as it drops with a soft music playing …. more like kenny G. It’s so romantic!

  • Pham Duc Nam says:

    Whenever it is raining I wish I was under the rain walking down the street .Then I stay at home to watching TV.

  • nyacchi says:

    Of couse I do PC because I like motorcycle, so I search new motorcycle information at web site in rainy days.

  • riyanti says:

    I will have a bowl of hot soup and a glass of coffee. I will also read books and listen to music. It’s really nice!

  • legendkid says:

    I would like to sit in front of my TV to watch a basketball game or a football game with some snack or drink instead of going out in a rainy day.Maybe go to sleep also a good way to help you relax because I feel that i have a better sleep when it rain outside,it feel so good.Or you can sit inside your house and look outside to see the rain falling down,it kind of romance thing but you can do it by yourself.Enjoy your rainy day.

  • NganLuu says:

    When it rain slight , I like riding my motorbike around the city under the rain.How wonderful I feel!
    However,when it rain heavy,I just want to stay at home,lying on my bed and listenning many songs which I love.I will feel very comfortable.Then,I will take a full sleeping.That’s a appearl feeling which I have.^^

  • jephany12 says:

    4 me ! Most thing, I will go to the sleepy…It’s so great for a long sleep after hard days. When it’s rain, a lot of emotions on me…I miss my old friends, family, and someone else…so sad when it’s raining.

  • Minna says:

    In a rainy day there a two options: The first one is just to rest, spend time with family members and simple take it easy. Why not also read a book or watch a movie? No hurry and no worries about being “lazy” – sometimes it’s really good just be and do nothing super special. But still a day like that is quite hard for me because my conscience is saying all the time that I should do something useful.

    The second option is the opposite of the first one. This time it’s not allowed to lie all day on the sofa because now it’s time to be active inside the house. A rainy day flies away very fast meanwhile I do all those little jobs that I’ve been moving forward until this day came – I do the laundry, clean some closets and put the home in order.

    Both choices are actually very good and beneficial!

  • Thanh says:

    It is nearly 10:30 pm according to my country time (Vietnamese time), and it has stopped raining only 30 minutes after 1 day and a half pouring water cats and dogs. Now, water is everywhere, but not the pure but very dirty one. When I get out of my house the level of water nearly touch my kneels. Terribly, in some of my neighbours’ home, that kind of liquid climbs approximately the edge of their beds. According to national meteorological centre, the rain has been one of the biggest in our history with the volume reach around 500mm. Yesterday, I myself had to wade half of 1 km with the water nearly came to my hip to get home. It was a scarely unforgettable moment in my life.

  • Lovelylions says:

    Oh! Isn’t it great?
    Well, I love rain! I have many plans to do on rainy days. But you know, I’m a teenager, so of course, I’m very sensitive to everything around me. Great to come around a window and look out at the sky. Maybe it would be a “big gray surrounded place”, but, I thought that it might be a little romantic, right?!…

    I would step up to my desk, take a pen and begin to write a poem. I’m not really keen on this kind of work but I like it. I like romantic thing, so I do it in order to have fun!!! Then, maybe I’ll post it to my weblogs, and waiting for everyone to comment on me.

    And now, I’m waiting for my comments on this reply…
    So long everyone…

  • HoaiThu says:

    Rainy days always make me feel sadly. As many persons, I usually watch television, read newspapers… As you know too, have many good foods which we can taste in rainy days, or think about life. Bye everyone!

  • Nurana says:

    The most favorite thing that I like to do on a rainy day is to stay at home,and look out of the window at the falling rain drops.And a good music would be better.

  • Sushant says:

    I like to go for a long drive with my beloved in a car. and drink hot coffee in a open coffee shop with watching the rain drops of water.

  • lan says:

    Whenever it rains, it gives me a feeling of sadness I think. My memory is often recalled. On rainy days, I just want to stay at home or in a warm room and look outside. My hobby is watching people go and fro. It’s not that comfortable when we have to be wet in the rain. But maybe that’s the way we can slow down the pace of life

  • bashir says:

    thank you Tere, this reminds me my childhood days hundred years ago! Nowdays things are quite different out there!

  • Tere says:

    Rainy days are great!! I would love to walk in the rain eating fish n chips wrapped in newspaper. As a kid we (my brothers and the kids in the neighbourhood) would go swimming in the sea and the water would be luke warm – yes I lived on a tropical island..

  • KHAL says:

    i’ll play by my car zig-zag

  • lily says:

    be relaxed , take a nap and listen the sound of rain ..
    I like it !

  • Sisse says:

    I love rainy days,if ı m at home,I’d like to drink hot chocolate and watch the sky.

  • bashir says:

    The Ideas of men are allmost different as their faces, so good job to every body, and see you soon in to another lecture,

  • Gloria Mendoza says:

    Please explain to me because I do not understand: What “awaiting moderation” means?


  • Gloria Mendoza says:

    In my city, Bogotá, Colombia, the weather have changed so much that when it is raining, it is so cold that I need to use thermal underwear. In the afternoon my husband and I enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate, bread or cookies, no more. And watch a good picture. That is enough for me. Or for us.

  • sunnie says:

    Rainy day, so good, I like it, and rightnow it’s raining in Beijing. I walked back after work handing my umbrella, the weather was neither dry nor hot, it was so cool and wet ,made you relaxation.

  • jullie says:

    I love to spend my rainy day at home. I’d like to watch my favourite cartoons or listen to my favourite music.

  • Zaids says:

    I love to eat hot yummy fried junk,with a cup of tea. And well, ofcourse enjoy the company of your family.

  • amina says:

    well………..i like to walk alone
    it is great feeling ……….i like writing poems,playing basketball also

  • nadia says:

    rain brings music to my ears so d first thing i do is match d rainy rhythm with my fave song and rush out to feel d magic and beauty of rain

  • nguyen tan says:

    i do not like rainy.
    so i always sleep then.
    but hand in hand with a beautiful girl under the rain….. not bad

  • venus says:

    I love rainy seasons , on these days I like to listen
    to sound of rain which drop to
    metal surfaces . how many music masterpieces you have
    Known like that?!

  • li says:

    When raining ,I like to walk with an umbrella in the rain or hear the rain falls down with the window open .

  • omesha jayapreba says:


  • tricia says:

    the best thing i do when it rains is to cuddle my pillow while rubbing my feet on my cool bedsheet.it’s a delight for me because i dont have my air-conditioner at home and i live in the Phillipines.

  • M.E says:

    My favourite thing to do on a rainy day,is walking with the one I really love with one umbrella.It would be so cool and relaxing.You can easily find 3 pure things:God,Your Heart,Your Love

  • AMA says:

    whenever it is rain ! I love stand behind window and look the drop of water !

    what else is to get outside home especially when the heaven rain heavy

  • Hossain says:

    In our Bengali year Asar and sravan this two month are Rainy season in Bangladesh.We donot get this season in timely, but this year had got this season 15th june 2008. Starting the season logn time without interval whole day long -Rainy days remember me ,many things. I like this season but not repetedly. I like to eat fried rice( kichuri) with beef in this days. It is better if i stay in house and i can chose to hear on that time tagore sing from my cassete player.

  • Riana says:

    Staring and wish I could see the rainbow after that

  • Real vision says:

    It is really beautifull moment ….in fact, I always have special feelings in the rainy days .I like walking alone seeing the faces of people ,the smiles of children ,the laugh of the old ….
    I usually go to the sea where I spend too much time watching how the drops of water touch the surface of the sea and mingle with it ……..

  • ishag says:

    rainy day
    it is time for thinking well,remember your god

  • hnin says:

    I love raining and I like at walking in the rain.

  • hedanhua says:

    in a rainy day i look forward to stay at home ,watch essay ,poem or novel story .listen music is also a pleasure thing to do!

  • Leopold says:

    Hi to all of you!
    In a rainy day if i haven’t got anything to do i stayed home.

  • ABRAHAM says:


  • marta says:

    Hi everybody!
    In a rainy day I Normally like to stay at home if it rains strongly but if it isn’t, I like to go for a walk because I love the scent of water over the streets.

  • trang vu says:

    My passion in rainy days is sleeping because the weather in my country is very hot, but those days it’s cool. Therefore, I can sleep tight and have nice dreams. 😀

  • fati says:

    I like to sit near the window and watch drops of water and listen the sounds of raining. sometimes I prefer to go out and walk under the rain.

  • LAN says:

    Where I am living has two season. They are rainy season and sunny season. When I was a child, my neighbor and I would play in the rain. When I was a teeager I love to ride in the rain. It was very cool and interesting.

  • mannal says:

    in araining day i sat near the window and watching hte rain falls
    i like it very much

  • mai says:

    nap walking alone in the street read a novel

  • faramarz says:

    When it is raining i convent my friends and we play card.

  • nona says:

    sure when the drops of rain meet the ground , it makes avrey romantic sceen . if i am at home i actulally enjoy looking this sceen from the window . if i am outdoors i also do the same . what amagical feeling …………?

  • Mimma says:

    away from the sadness, what i like to do the most in a rainy day is call my friends up, but above all i love make cakes and sweets for everyone happiness.

  • Mimma says:

    When it’s a rainy day at first i think to all the homeless persons! And that’s why usually i feel sad in those days! Than i start to do something that keeps my mind busy such as crosswords, read a newspaper or wach tv.

  • Ham My Linh says:

    I love sitting in the house, looking raindrops through the window, enjoying a cup of hot white coffee with soft music. It is so romantic. 😀

  • Bhavani Pandey says:

    i will enjoy with light music eating hot chips and i would like if i have one cup of tea. I will stand on terrece and i will enjoy the rain with humming really it such a wonderful thing. But i dont want to go out because the roads become worst i dont like that.

  • badria says:

    The best thing you do in a rain day is staying at home to watch every drops from window without be sick and see how the peaple walk in it and play > you feel happy for that even u don’t share them .And the best thing when the famaly can’t go out and the house full of them which make the home more happy.

  • Candy says:

    i want to stay inside, watch video or online search.

  • belen says:

    In a rainy day for my personaly the best thing I like to do is to see the flowers and plants, because this days they are more green and full of color. I think in a rainy day I really like to watch trought my window and see the rain fall, simple stay at home.

  • suong says:

    for me, in the raining day,i like to eat hot food and watching tv

  • Nikas says:

    of course, to sleep on a rainy day is the best thing I could imagine before this saturday. My group had arranged a canoe tour, but we didn’t know that it will be raining cats and dogs on this saturday. We couldn’t cancel it, so we had this tour. And now I can say that the most interesting thing is to sail canoe on the river!!!

  • Micky says:

    We’re having a really queer spring/summer this year.
    It’s been raining for weeks – with some short truces now and then ! That’s quite unusual here in Italy…
    Well, I hate rainy days …
    But since I try to see the bright side of everything, my favourite “rainy day” activity is definitely .. READING !!!
    I absolutely love reading. (Even better would be reading sitting in the sun under a tree in my garden!)

  • Imran Shah says:

    well in rainy day I wish I go on a long drive with my girl friend and enjoy the whole rainy climate together talk in a romantic mood,Just me,My girls friend and the sound of the fllowing water.WoW.

  • Muneer Ahmed says:

    when it is raining I love to go on a long drive with my freinds at rocky place take pateez & tea in an hot pot and try to enjoy the evening there.coz the rainy evening makes me so emotional.

  • Mbolatiana says:

    I don’t really like rainy day, I’m sad when it’s raining.
    I hate waters all along the way, there is a terrible traffic jame when it’s raining.
    But, staying in bed with my beloved sounds wondeful on rainy days !

  • Kathy says:

    My feeling is not change since I was a child until now. I feel a bit sad whenever it is raining. I like alone in a rainy day, listen to my favorite songs or read a good book.

  • Khun Kyi says:

    Very pleasure to play football in the rain when I was young.
    Sometimes I write poem because I feel rain brings me some events of the past that is why.

  • pratum noojaikla says:

    read a lovely book, listen a romance song and write something in my mind

  • bashir says:

    One of the best fouvorite thing to do on a rainy day is to improve our relationships, Remember the best beoutiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched they must be felt in the heart,

  • Dionilde Vieira says:

    When it is raining my favorite is at internet
    to try to learn something.

  • Celia says:

    I love to nap in the arms of my love… or read a very good book!

  • winnie0706 says:

    when it is raining,there are two favorite things.one thing is that i lop at internet,and watch the video which is published on “tudou” net.there are a lot of funny programmes which can be laughing.another is sleep .it is comfortable to sleep when it is raining.

  • lesly_black says:

    everytimes it is raining always remind me about the song” rythme of the rain” although this song does not have any connection to me but i always feel comfortable and a little bit sad everytimes listen to it…a little bit weird,r.. any way, in my opinion nothing could be happier than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate at a coffee shop and looking the raining is falling outside the window while listen to the music……..so happy and release any trouble and stress in the busy life……

  • little monkey_vn says:

    Well, i just wanna write what i’ve passed in a day, a week or a month whenever it’s raining.It’s good time to express my feeling in a full way.

  • rony says:

    me either ,icrazy about rainy day its my favorite ..i like to walk under the rain walking down in the street and wishing awish in thats moment i feel how much am i clother from my god….its my pleasure….

  • shereen says:

    hi i tottaly agree with you i will go waling under the rain and have cup of coffee in any open area cause i live in saudi arabia it rarely rains so most of my friends will do the same.
    where do you live and what do you do in live thanks

  • Thao says:

    And me, I like to drive motorbike on the street alone under the rain ^^

  • hanane says:

    Whenever it is raining I wish I was under the rain walking down the street hand in hand with my Beloved.

  • Idea lee says:

    close the windows ,have a full rest ,i mean no any troubles from outside at this time. I will do everything i can not do at the normal time . Such as full sleep, watching a long time. Time is extar to me when raining.

  • Vanessa says:

    Of course, take a nap . I did it every time it rained.
    Taking a nap near the window while listening to the sound of water drop….What a pleasure!

  • >