Do you have any New Year Resolutions for 2014?

For 2013 there were nearly 500 answers to a similar question. Have you kept those resolutions, and what do you plan to do this coming year?

A resolution is something that we “resolve” or “firmly decide” to do. Here are some typical resolutions:

  • stop eating like a slob
  • start acting like a gentleman or lady
  • lose 50kg
  • get up before noon
  • stop yelling at strangers

What New Year’s Resolutions will you be keeping in 2014?

  • Valera says:

    I will study well,do sport and practice English, reed more booksget up early

  • Chloe says:

    A half of this year already left but I still have some plans for the other half of this year.

    I’ll exercise at least four times a week.
    And, I’ll read many books.
    Finally, I’ll study math and English hard.

  • Bish says:

    Iam working at office. Comming year i want to be promotion so I will study and work hard. Next thing I want to emprove my english language.

  • bruce says:

    i will be a great sale manager.

  • javad says:

    I will make better life environment in my home, I will expand my network with coworkers, I will pass 7 months of my MBA program.I will study more books and enhance my knowledge and skills.I will try to manage my mind and physics better,I will practice to free my spirit from sadness.

  • Bilal says:

    I have been trying to improve english from a long long time but it seems like not improving at all. This year i decided to change the learnig methode and also start giving extra time to listen and speak at different foram. I hope this will help me and i will increase my english language skill.

  • helen says:

    I will try my best to improve my English !

  • Banjer says:

    I would like to rehab my hip as soon as possible and improve my english speaking.
    Found a new job!!!

  • Zola says:

    1. This summer I will pass my CAE exam.

  • Zhengchun says:

    I want to learn english quikly that can speak well at my work

  • Aye says:

    I’ll study IFRS & sit the exam.

  • Sarah says:

    Hello everyone . This year is so important for me . I want to get experience in teaching English , and become a perfect English teacher .I’m gonna take courses in English and study there for a while. Then i want to apply for the job , P.B.T , and interview . I do my best to reach my goals in my life.

  • Suri says:

    🙂 I try my best. Word hard to improve my English, speak, listen, read & write. I want to find good job, I love talk with people. English is important for me, Now I’m a student, study Financial Banking in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam. and I want to success !

  • Delphine says:

    I decide to improve my english by working to hard.I want a good job

  • Hasti says:

    1. I’m living in California.
    2. I’m staring my education.
    3. I’ll be a happy girl.

  • dada says:

    1. I will be accepted to Korea University.
    2. I will receive 118 from toefl

  • Zorro says:

    I decide to take TOFEL exam in this new year.

  • nermeen says:

    I should get TOFEL or IELTS and gradyate frome uni, and studing hard to acheive some special goals

  • Kirill says:

    I will study better then I will help parents I will become a top student.

  • Maria says:

    I would like to have new friends, and improve English.

  • Sven says:

    I’ll buy a new book.
    I’m going to cook the dinner.
    I’m leaving home tomorrow.

  • Rosaa says:

    I have many plans for this year
    1- I want to wake up early morning and do exercise ( I did it till now)
    2- develop my english
    3-I like to buy a violin and start playing
    4-I want to be a happy girl

  • 013 says:

    1) I will teach physics well.
    2) I’m going to quit smoking.
    3) I’m demanding celebrate passed examinations until the sun rises.


    Vladka Shokoladka says: 1. I will do double blanshe and triple back flip

    My answer for this:

    I will great chemist.Why spy do not can become great chemist, hah, or why gay will not can be a normal human.

  • Viktor says:

    I will devote more time to studying this year
    I never miss English lesson this year
    I will devote more time for study

  • zhenya says:

    I will learn English.
    I’m going to read a book every day.
    I’m studying psychology.

  • nikto says:

    I will go to olympic games.

    I am going to get a driver`s license

    I am passing exams

  • Zorg says:

    I’m passing math well.
    I’m living in Ukraine and making bread with my father.
    I’m am living in St.Petersburg with my lovely friend for a few days.
    I wil be a good painter on the streets of Poltava.
    I am going to do a lot of interesting things in this year.

  • Vladka Shokoladka says:

    1. I will do double blanshe and triple back flip
    2. I am watching 300 films
    3. I am going to to make a quality short film

  • Ezhama says:

    1. I will enter to University
    2. I am watching to 10 TV Shows(Serials)
    3. I am going to jump with a parachute

  • Air Maks says:

    i will to love.
    i am doing to sochi.

  • Console says:

    Hello Larissa Vladislavovna:)

  • switer says:

    I am sleeping more than 7 hours every night.

  • Air Maks says:

    i am go to sochi.

  • Air Maks says:

    I want to love.
    i will buy sound technology.

  • switer says:

    I will buy a new watch.
    I am going to meet with my best friend.
    I am shopping more than 7 hours tweet night.

  • Yana says:

    I will take the exam on the history.
    I am going to finish the courses hairdresser.
    I am finishing school.

  • Julia says:

    I will read the literature.
    I am going to become a doctor.
    I am reading of biology.

  • Ezhama says:

    1. I want to jump with a parachute
    2. I want to enter to Univeritet
    3. I want to pass a driver’s license

  • Nikitos v kyrgane poc says:

    Im pass exams in this year.
    I will ready for this.
    Im going to proceed in medical university.

  • Vladka Shokoladka says:

    1. I want to see 300 films a year (Now I looked at 198 films)
    2. I want to make a quality short film
    3. I want to do double blanche and triple back somersault this winter

  • Yana says:

    I will learn physics.
    I am reading “Tikhiy Don”.
    I will spend on social networks than last year.

  • Olga says:

    I will finish watching serials.
    I am going to play the guitar.
    I am reaging Witcher Saga.

  • Console says:

    1 I will buy a car.
    2 I am going to achieve success in sport.
    3 I am finishing school this year.

  • Alena says:

    I will learn english.
    I am going to make my dreams come true.
    I am making my parents be happy.

  • Mildred says:

    I will begin to write a book.
    I am going to eat only healthy food and do sports.
    I am attending a lot of concerts.

  • Olena) says:

    In the coming year I’ll try to gather a collection of Kinder Surprise.
    I am going to Ural State Law Academy.
    I am passing my exams good, I believe it.

  • Irina says:

    i will get good mark in physics at certificate.
    i am going to make Vitya bring all textbooks to school.
    I am finish school after 4 months :(((

  • Anya says:

    I will go to America and become a famous actress.
    I am going choose the ideal future profession.
    I am celebrating own eighteenth birthday.

  • Algor says:

    I will do a major renovation.
    I’m going to go to New York.
    I do sports every day.

  • Vik@ says:

    I will morning do exercises every day.
    I`m going to visit the gym.
    I am passing the exams well this year.

  • Sasha says:

    I will work in a bank.
    I’m going to prepare for exams.
    I go to school tomorrow.

  • Alena says:

    I’ll do homework of physic.
    I’m going to pierce my lip.
    I am visiting my sisters after exams and school graduation.

  • pierre corso says:

    hello everyone,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 !
    I will make more friends .

  • Blue Lotus says:

    Find and get an inspiration to make some resolutions!

  • Alena says:

    I`am going to buy a car of my dream.
    I will go to university after my last exams.
    I am finding a job during the summer holidays.

  • Tanya says:

    I will do my math homework. (Anyway my math teacher doesn’t like me. I hope she will love me after this)
    I am going to Novosibirsk after main exams ~
    Aaand i am passing my exams well…nope… great! 🙂

  • James Bond 007 says:

    Im pass exams in this year.I will ready fo this.Im going to proceed in chemistry university.

  • James Bond 007 says:

    Im pass exams in this year.I will ready for this.Im going to proceed in Chemistry university.

  • Kim Ngan says:

    Many things….(*’ ‘*) I can tell countless things that I want to del, to change,to improve or to get.
    No more procrastination.
    Act firmly
    Care about everybody around me.
    Live at the present
    Find out what I want to be in the future. At the present, I have no dream or some idea for that.

  • sara says:

    i”ll change my way`s life.i wish that get better.i”ll study english books and watch movie and any other english sourses more than last year.

  • sevil says:

    I’ll take IELTS,so i’ll do my best and this year i’ll speak perfectly.I believe in me.
    Every week I’ll go to the conversation club :),I’ll work,God let,I’ll be the top student at my university.

  • Gulruh says:

    I’m learning 100 words a day and read one story in english. In that case my vocabulary will be perfect.

  • razie says:

    that was great suggestion
    i will have been accepted in my favorite university before the end of this year

  • Dini says:

    I’m 49 Kg, so It would be minus -1 Kg if my 2014 resolution is “loosing 50 kg” XD

  • Timmy says:

    i wish i can pay more attention on studying
    , do better on my test ,learn everything l want to learn.

  • Ray Linn says:

    No procrastination. 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    New year is coming, after 5 months did not speak english so my speaking skill is worse. So I will keep time to practice English and study master program. And I also hope that the luck will come with me in finance and love

  • Sky says:

    I will practice yoga everyday to increase my body’s strength and flexibility. Be at present and easily forgive anyone that do bad things to me.

  • monalisa says:

    I hope I found a real man can beside me forever. I will not wasted my time together with wrong man.

  • Mona says:

    I decided to go home and work in my country , the sky of my country is the best.

  • Twfeek Ani says:

    2014 on the doors, I already took a decision to change a lot of my bad habits, I will go to gym on a daily base, I will stop having a heavy dinner and i will limit my self to a very light salad plate full with carrot and lettuce, In case of i felt hungry i will eat some fruit but i will keep the bread and the butter far from my food.

  • Marie-Danielle O'Reilly says:

    Listen a little more to protect my health…

  • Amy says:

    I’ll get married , I hated being so lonely.

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