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Should Facebook control what art you see?

Sir Peter Paul Rubens was a European artist who lived from 1577 to 1640. He is world-famous for his paintings, many of which include nude and semi-naked people and cherubs.

Rubens’ works of nudity are displayed in museums and art galleries all over the world, but one place where you cannot see them is on Facebook where they are censored.

In the above video the social media police protect visitors to a Rubens art gallery from seeing paintings depicting nudity.

Do you agree with Facebook’s social media police?

Please leave your views about this important issue in the comments below!

14 Responses to “Should Facebook control what art you see?”

  1. Abulaiz says:

    Why should Hide ?. Everything Should be the manner born.
    It’s not a crime.

  2. Alberto says:

    I donΒ΄t agree. I love freedom.

  3. Azi says:

    it is funny. people can find every thing in social media. this is art. i am not agree with the policy for censored the art

  4. learner says:

    first of all, I do thank you for this topic, second of all. as I’ve seen in the video , folks have different views as well as different reaction about this issue some of them just accepted that with no grief while the others did feel uncomfortable, in my view I do think that not allowing these paintings to be displayed on social media is a right decision because social media nowadays can be used by kids, adults, which I consider them not rational enough to see these paintings.

  5. Onee says:

    YES. Sorry to say… People may not like my opinion. There should be ethic’s norm in everything, including art. So, I totally disagree this saying …. “Everything is fine IN THE NAME of ART”

    Good job, Facebook! πŸ™‚

  6. Xavier says:

    Any form of art is an expression of human beings’ inner longings, insights into human experience, relentless search into inexplicable realities all around. The sky is the limit to human beings’ aesthetic and creative expressions. Hence, no need of policing and censoring but responsible behaviour is expected of everyone who creates or admires art forms.

  7. iman says:

    That’s a good idea not let some nudities be in museums but the managers of museums must aware of visitors regarding these drawings or paintings then people can decide to go there or not . And it’s rude to stop people when they are in those places for not seeing these nudities even by police or any guarding staff.

  8. Ljubov Koss says:

    we cannot avoid our flesh notion…

  9. Rasheed JImoh says:

    Mature adults have the freedom to choose from good,bad and the ugly. Once a arts lover is at the gallery, he she should have been presume that exhibited work maybe presented free of morals.

  10. cruz says:

    culture is culture, this not is improvise

  11. Hawas says:

    I agree with the point of view in order to cover the nudity.

  12. InΓ©s says:

    Honestly, it reminds me of school, where the nuns used to show us masterpieces with “their parts” darkened with black paint. It called our attention even more than anything else!!=)

  13. Kim Chan says:

    What is Facebook?

  14. Lek says:

    I don’t use facebook

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