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Superlistening – The BUWOG Affair

Here’s a superstory about supercorruption in superclean Europe. Supersound makes for superlistening practice. Great English-language voiceover.

I recommend this video for general listening practice. The English is clear, well pronounced and reasonably slow. The video is a graphic novel that explains “the BUWOG Affair”—one of the biggest cases of corruption in Europe.

Teachers may like to use it in class or for homework. If you create any worksheets to go with it, please let me know!

Please share your opinions in the comments below.

voiceover (noun): a piece of speaking in a film, without an image of the speaker
graphic novel (noun): a novel in comic-strip format, applied here to video
affair (noun): a situation that causes strong public feeling, usually of moral disapproval
corruption (noun): dishonest or fraudulent behaviour by people in power

9 Responses to “Superlistening – The BUWOG Affair”

  1. Hana ra says:

    Thank you for your Super Interesting Video share.

  2. Nebia says:

    I agree about the language clearness and easiness to be grasped but the topic itself unfortunately cannot be used with intermediate learners in class. I will be grateful if you can supply me such kind of videos dealing with other topics such as pollution or English educational school systems or tragedies and accidents. Thank you so much.

  3. Onee says:

    Sir, I also like your all superwords. 😀 I like to use the word ‘super’ these days.

    Thank you so much for this superlistening. ^_^

  4. Onee says:

    Wow! A supercorruption case will be disclosed. I hope…. :))

    However, when I think about a disclosure of person’s action on corruption, there will be so many parties involved may be revealed, too. It’s like a long glue that stuck on a long bench.. 😀

    Yes, Sir. The English is so clear to hear. However, I should listen again since I lack vocabulary. ^^

  5. Bijan says:

    Hello all,

    Unfortunately, I myself cannot trust to politicians anymore because they are corrupt and also liar.

    You can see that they say many lies to their people every day.

    Best wishes,
    Bijan from the Persian Gulf

  6. Roman says:

    Corruption is a right word for that action, because it is rotting the society.

    The video is interesting, meaningful and easy to understand! I like it.

    But I hate corruption! Sometimes it is hard to believe, that people can be SO greedy…

  7. Alberto says:

    Dara and me see eye to eye. Nowadays corruption is the biggest problem in everycountry.

  8. dara says:

    It is the corruption of the top ones that make instability of our societies.

  9. Josef says:

    And whoever thought that politicians could be so corrupt? I mean, taking money from the people they are paid to represent! That’s almost unheard of.
    game over!!

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