What do you want to own?

If you could own one special thing, what would it be? Why?

  • hannia says:

    I wish could own the key of happy and I coul open strong heart of many people that need to freedom.

  • jalal says:

    If i have to own something i want my freedom. to be really free:
    to do what i want when i want,
    i don’t have to work if i want too,
    go for trip if i want too… too much !!eh!
    ok, i want magic stick how i bout that! ?

  • roberto says:

    If I could own a sapecial thing this would be a very ancient a rare book, possibly an illustrated bible book dating back to the middle ages. why? that’s because i love books and pictures as well.

  • Li.g says:

    I would like to possess power that enables me to read and identify evil things to support innocent people

  • Loan says:

    If I had special thing to own, I would want to have good health, for me and my family. I wish I become stronger, more healthy, so I can do anything I want, I can travel over the world, make anything I like, and make more and more working. And I used to dream that I’m taller, more beautiful. After that, I will be more confident….

  • Ahlam says:

    I want to enter the heaven after I die..

  • eldar cohen says:

    I want to own a gold top Gibson guitar like Jimmy Page, the guitarist of the band “Led Zeppelin”.

  • inbar mizrahi says:

    What do I like to own? Right now the thing that I want so much is a new ipad, in white color with 32 GB memory. Ipad is kind of a computer that you can carry with where ever you go. It also has a touch screen and you can download to him a lot of games and applications.

  • ron says:

    I would like to own a big villa in Australia with a swimming pool, be happy and black on jeep
    , I want to fly and travel the world in worldwide.

  • ofek timestit says:

    I would like to be a bilioner!

  • aylon says:

    I would like to own a good health for me and for my family

  • SIVAN says:

    I want a Happy life (:

  • Riddoua says:

    I`d like to have a power to exhaust all of your dreams, and mine too.

  • cahyadi says:

    i want to have an university in my hometown which have a cheap fee so that people can get an education that will make their life better than before

  • Alex says:

    I would like to have many women, several cars and a lot of money.

  • Saya says:

    the special thing I want to have is lots of money, because I want my parents to live in prosperity.

  • Jasmine says:

    If I could own something, I would defenitely want to have James in my life. He is the only person that I truely love. I wish he could understand how much I loved him and god can bring him to me.

  • Sadiq Ali says:

    If i have a stock of knowledge. i will contribute among the students who often thirsty to obtain.

  • KoHe says:

    What’s up!! guys

    I could have my own country. I could decide everything like a dectator. Don’t worry, citizen. I abuse every one equally. it’s got to be kidding.

    I really have a beautiful and thoutful lady, when it comes to a realistic matter. Is it ok, not thing?

  • Yamini Patel Nair says:

    I want to become rich, so i can build chilren house, and help needy peopel. and i want to be become like mother Terisa. All this things i want to do with my husband.

  • roni mizrahi says:

    I want to graduate successfully, to have light hair, little sister, little puppy.

  • ziv says:

    i want to meet lady gaga

  • RoronoaZoro says:

    I wont to fly to the moon you can move without the floor. you can see aliens. you can get them and be famous guy. you can see the dark side of the moon.

  • Elie seksik says:

    I want helthy for my family, and to secsese at school.

  • maxim says:

    i love my family and want thet they wikk be happy and the most happy family is the world

  • hgi says:

    i love dicks

  • sivan says:

    I want to own :
    I want to own a clothing shop.
    I want to have a big house with a good family and children and cute dog.
    Succeed in school get good grades to succeed in life.

  • ziv boaron says:

    I want to succeed in my studies this year and next year.
    I want to fly to Maiami and to watch a basketball game.
    I want live fun.

  • elina says:

    I want that my family will be healty

  • dorin says:

    I wish that there will be piece in the world I don’t need something bigger or smaller than that…

  • ghhh says:

    I wish a misel to kiil you all

  • chen tshova says:

    We want to eat a lot of good food in a picnic in the Shamon becous this is so delicious.
    This is fan and we love it.
    on the way from the school we pick any fruit we see.

  • maxim says:

    i want an healthy family and peace with ather countrys

  • U-R-dommd says:


  • RoronoaZoro says:

    I want money.
    If you have a lot of money you can buy all the things you want and it will make you only good man.

  • Ofek Timestit says:

    I want a lot of money and a big yacht and all the stuff I want.

  • jjjj says:

    love love love love love lovrrr

  • ak says:

    I would like to own a special talent in soccer.
    and then to be a f.c.barcelona player,i would like to be an winning academy aword actor,i would like to won alot of money so i can buy anything I want.

  • ziv says:

    I want flowers

  • Maxim says:

    i like maphins hmoozim

  • Maxim says:

    i want thet my family will be healthy and happy and healthy (:

  • falafel says:

    I like falafel I want tomato

  • Max says:

    i want you all die

  • kaki says:

    I want kaki

  • RoronoaZoro says:

    I want money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max says:

    i want thet my family will be healthy and happy

  • Ban says:

    I don`t like to own somthing except to have agoog relationships with my God

  • Maryna says:

    I*d like to buy happiness and health for my parents,my husband and my little daughter. But these things one cannot buy :(( I*d like to master & improve my English & German(that*s my dream) & visit UK!!!It would be wonderful…. & want to see my dreams come true!

  • misha says:

    I whould like to have my life in happiness, love and prosperity. And just one thing… to see my family in a good mood!

  • Trainp says:

    Hi all,
    I want to own a beautiful girl hehe

  • Tayde says:

    I want to own an easel.

  • NQD123 says:

    If I could own one special thing, I wish it would be a Laptop. Because my computer is too old and slow. I don’t need a good Laptop, just useful for my work.

  • Jaber Adel says:

    actually i would like to own good collection of american muscle cars specially chevy chevelle is my fav. car i really like it..
    thank u..

  • Mehmet says:

    Δ°f I had a chance believe me I m telling the truth. First, I go to the hospital and I will say please I want to make a operation and clean my mother language and put the English. Might be sounds crazy, but I want to do this. And I will travel around the world live the USA

  • lolo says:

    If I could own β€œONE” special thing I wish it go around the world especaily to Italy

  • Ehb says:

    If I could own “ONE” special thing I wish it would be a MAGIC LAMP so that I can multiply my “ONE” wish to “THREE” wishes… hehehe…

  • jyline says:

    Hi,im jyline,its my pleasure to say something here.If i given the chance to have my own I wish I could have my own house and my own car.Why?its because i never experience to have one.I want to experience how its feels to have a house where you can feel relax and you can do evrything you want without hesitating to do something new.I been living my whole life with the roof of other people,im living with relatives eversince,that is why i am very careful coz im afraid they might say something bad.I never had the chance to stay away late coz i dont want them to worry.
    If the time comes that I could have my house,I could say this is one of best gift i ever have in my life.Secondly,having a car is an extra blessings to me,i wish one day I could drive going somewhere without planning and i think this is so adventure.It is much for me thinking this thing because I see my self now if I have one already I make it sure I will do same which im thinking now.Driving without destination is like relaxing to me.While driving you can think anything its kinda enjoying to me.
    Hopefully,all this things will happen and could easily reachable to me soon.

    Thnk u

  • Nguyen Van Dinh says:

    I have two special daughters. they are very lovely and I hope they will have a good health and they will gain alot of successful on education.

  • apple says:

    If I had the chance, I would choose a time machine, then I could go back 10 year ago. If that happened, I will study more hard than I used to be. I will spend more time, when I play games and basketball, on books. I maybe will become a more competitive person. I know this is a fancy dream, but I do believe that there are no “too late” for everything. If you are determined, just do it now, there always exist the hope for everyone.

  • linda says:

    i wish be able to finish my book written in english also go out my contry and ends my studies out and find some one who will never .ever cheat me

  • Rahim says:

    I wish I can go to South Africa from 11 June until 11 July 2010 to watch final round Soccer World Cup. I aslo wish somebody can sponser me including accomodation, free ticket for all matches especially final. I hope 2010 Soccer World Cup will be final between England and Germany.

  • amr shaban says:

    I wish to travel to u.s.a , because I think I’ll be a important man ……………..

  • SomeBody says:

    I wish I had a plane at the moment so I could fly to Barcelona and then run to the Camp Nou and talk to my hero boys not to be so sad , defeat makes you stronger !

  • dimas says:

    I want to own just a day as someone real pour … because be that all the days is realy borring

  • nnaa says:

    I would like to have my own house. The one with a large backyard where I could play freely, without disturbing or being disturbed by my neighbour.

  • nguyen says:

    I like to make an album. I will introduce about my city by photos. Today, I go the first step. I hope can realize my plan before march. I want to give it to my girl friend

  • Amel says:

    If I have to choose one special thing to own in my life is to say Palestine free from the israeli force.

  • nourddine el ghayad says:

    If I own one special thing, it will be enter to paradise and be far away from the hell after death. because life will be die so we need to look for what’s after this life .

  • julia park says:

    If I own one special thing, it will be time. I want time to be infinity or maybe only 50 years with out getting old. I have so much to accomplish and I don’t have enough time. I want to get degree in health, I want to buy house for my children, and pay for there college. So if I have lots of time that is want I want.
    I don’t want some one to give me material thing, I want to work and get it for my self. But for me to get degree and get it my self all of does thing I mention, I am old and I don’t think I could accomplish or does thing I mention. ah

  • maddox13 says:

    If could a thing I want to have a macbook-pro. I want to design many things and I know mac book pro is a thing that can help me to be more creative.

  • ezi kusuma says:

    If I could own one special thing..I want to get a house which has a large yard..the house would build with a natural architecture, alike from wood..

  • ibra says:

    i would like to own atime ,and I will use toworship (Alaah) Means God As Alone

  • memol says:

    i’d like to have a husband:D:D:D

  • Zie says:

    I would like to own a fairy or Aladdin Magic lamp so that I can have every wish.

  • Dany Champagne, 25 y says:

    I believe I would be better than I’m now if I would have had a good father. I learned so many things by myself, alone, with my mind only. I think the greatest gift is to have a mentor to share his or her life, experiences, all the wisdom. Like the knight and the squire, tomorrow the squire will be a knight. For me that would be my special thing or rather gift.

    Thanks to ask.

  • pierre corso says:

    If I could own one special thing, it would be a time machine that could take me back to those old days when I was too timid to tell you how much I was mad about you while we were so close but you were with my best friend πŸ™

  • Lee wing says:

    If i really get a chance to own whatever I want I would want to own a pet cat. Cats are nice and cuddly, they also can keep me company. I would really like to own a cat . If only I didn’t have asthama which means I am allergic to cat hair. If only, if only.

  • murat says:

    If i were do something for myself i would get healty body which is never become ill and i would get really good selfconfident and volition.If i really have this things i can succed everything in the world..

  • rahim says:

    Hi, i need a millionaire who can sponser me a ticket to Old Trafford Stadium in London, England. I’m interested to watch Manchester United football team plays against Liverpool for next session English Priemer League.

  • Kiba's Girl says:

    For me, I’d like to own my favorite video game ever, my own laptop, my own TV and Inuzuka Kiba πŸ™‚

  • NgocHanh says:

    If I could own a special thing, that would be : the ability to make every wish of mine come true, (am I too greedy?), ’cause man is such a greedy creature, nothing would be able to satisfy him, nothing!! But I also hope I could have that ability =)

  • shushies says:

    if i could own a special thing, i do not hesitate to choose someone who loves me with all his heart like Edward’s love for Bella. Life has no meaning without love.Until now, i have been waiting for my real lover.

  • doris says:

    Someone said: happiness is: being healthy, having a steady job and a lover. But the desire is endless, when you have i mentioned above, i also need more money to buy beatiful clothes, delicous food, a house and a car.
    if i have only one option, i want health which is the basic thing to enjoy life.

  • rina says:

    to be with my family

  • htram says:

    if i could own a special thing, it would be a radio. having it, i can hear programes which i like such as enghlish study program, international songs. at that times, i fell very comfortable and happy.morever, i can learn a lot of things besides things which i learnt at my school.

  • Linda k Hollywood says:

    If I could own a special thing.
    I would like to be a personal “Wealthy” and which
    has a multitudes money. Because there is the such as Beautiful house,such as education,such as a
    Business and precious metals such as gold-diamond
    and much much more.The money can change you
    life Forever and make you life accommodation.
    You can bought everything in the world by money.
    “The money is God”
    Linda Kosolsak (Hollywood)

  • grace says:

    i want to have an own happy life!

  • Adam jama ahmed says:

    i would like to have first what i am very in need and that is health,peace and ticket to go to european countries

  • Thiti says:

    If I could own one thing I would like to be the best football player in the world because I do like it.

  • Cody Bryant says:

    this is my whole poetry classes responce
    Teacher says: my husband back πŸ™ he died
    Student 1: my grandmother she also died πŸ™
    me:i would want my brother and my dad and my mother.=D

  • ines says:


  • Roman says:

    I think health is the most important thing.If me and my family is in good shape ,we can do everything,we can get things which we are dreaming about .

  • Helen says:

    The most important thing for me is peace of mind and good health.Really good health is a throne on the head of healthy people that see it but sick people

  • Rakki says:

    I would like to have a magic door that can bring me whereever in the world. Just think about one place you want to go then open the Door, then amazingly you already arived in that place.

    What an amazing stuff from some one who love to visit some interesting place in the world, no need money for transportation.

  • Nareeb says:

    If I could own enough money, I would bought a huge plane and a plenty of different foods and dresses so that I can fly with my friends to distribute them to impoverished human all around the world.

  • Milas says:

    I would bought a device that can detect and destroy any terrorist movement all around the world. Really the terrorism is spreading mess in the world. It placed the entire world under threat.

  • ANDY says:

    i wanna own kitt3000 from knight rider

  • james says:

    if god allows me to own one best thing in my life that would be a big SMILE on my face.
    and all my friends and their friends all the time.

  • leo says:

    If I could anything, it would be a good health and to my family. Being a physical fit now a days is most treasure to our life, You are able to do what do you like to do, you can play games, you can even dance and sing. And the most important thing is you can communicate to your love ones every day, share your happiness, laugh and tears. What a beautiful life you have! Thanks and God bless you all!

  • peter says:

    If i could own one thing i would like to have good relationship with our lord jeues christ because without him the life will be useless he who give us ever thing and if we behave like him when he was on the earth we will live a wonderful life and he will take us to the heaven and this must be our aim

  • baby says:

    I want to own ismail with his whole spirit belonging to me πŸ˜€

  • ID says:

    If i could own one things it will be having the best manner

  • khamsavanh says:

    i would like to speak english very well and i hope study aboad but is not com ture.and i would like to speak japan very well .i would like to read cartoon japan. i would like to own happiness of my family…..

  • Rajeev says:

    If i could own a special thing then i would like to own happiness of my family. Thank you

  • padal says:

    I want many thing specially a dog.A black dog covered with hairs.And a lizard like a crocodile.And Ant as big as elephant…wow if i get these all things i will become an animal…HAHAHAHAHA

  • Janiya says:

    wel there are so much things tht everyone wants to own. for me also,uhhh there are so many things but to choose one tht would be,,uhh can i choose two,,thank u,,wel firstly i want to become a good human being in short a perfect muslim,,i know its quite difficult and sometime seems impossible but i really wish to and INSHALLAH i will succeed wht i wish to. secondly tht would be a a good daughter, a mother,,and a good wife..this is what every girl really wish too.

  • Princess says:

    I do not want anything because God has already given me so much that is very much for me.God always give me before i wish for it.He has given me all happiness life, lovely parents,brothers and sisters and many more that is enough for a good life.There are many people who have nothing but still they have some thing and that is their believe in God and through this believe they are living and these people always thanks to God.We live in good condition but still we have some wishes.We all have to thanks to God for giving us such a comfortable life.We have to thanks to God for our every breathing….

  • Lili says:

    If I could own just one thing, I would like to choose my family- my special world. I love them so much! They bring me the happinest of my life. Even sometimes I so angry about what thay did to me but I still love them! Even they arent’ famous, perfect, but I love them for who they are, not for what they have. To the world they are someone but to me, they are the world. I can’t live without they. I always appreciated what they give me. yeah, I wanna thank my dad & mom, they had gave me a life, a fabulous life. I wanna thank my sister, my elder sister for what you have done to me. I wanna sorry for all of you for my crazy things I have done to make you totally upsets and cry. I am really ashamed of it. Do you forgive me? Please… I will change my behave, right now…

  • Issy says:

    If I could own just one thing, I would like to be happy for the rest of my life and to be able to invent hapiness to other people’s life because, happiness brings forth every good things of life one may desire…you will love God, love evrything about yourself, make the best decision, stay on top of your games, achieve all your dreams, live life as you want, feel like the president, go places…etc inshort, you will have reasons to live and be happy!
    If everyone is happy, this life will be a better place to live in!!!

  • trankien says:

    Today I would like thank my friend, my family, my neighbours for everything I have now. And now I would like to share one thing that I just have regained my lucky. I just find out myself like I was before. I love myself very much. Actually I am lucky and talent man but sometimes I had some trouble in which everything occured in the way I didn’t like. But right now I feel very comfortable and am drinking beer with my new friend. I find that I am very happy man. One of my troubles is due to some my brother and sister dislike me. They tried to disturb me very often. Many times they me angry and feel unhappy. I was very surprised about that but I didn’t know nothing to do but to be mat at them. They looked down and hated me because ( I didn’t know the reason why in fact ) according to them, I could not do anything at all. But now, step by step I have proved that I am super man that I can do many meanignful things. And today I have an interesting job and I promise I will enjoy my life and again, I want to thank all. Lovely bye. Thank so much for listening.

  • mehran khan says:

    if i had the comand to own something it would be a vise to canada

  • NganLuu says:

    If i could own one special thing , i wish i would own a intelligent brain.Because when i have it , i can solve everything easily with my brain and can help everybody to sold problems in diffucult situations.With intelligent brains,I will study all subjects good,so i will receive good degree and can apply for good jod with hight salary.Morover,with a intelligent brain ,I can studying a lot of language faster(especially English) because I want to know a lot of language so that I can communicate with every people who live around the world.That’s all.

  • Gaza says:

    I would like to own some books called Darren Shan, its a very good book, i like all the series of it.

  • Malalai H says:

    I would like to own to speak english fast learn and right.

  • Manal K says:

    salamI d like to own alot of many becouse i love triveling

  • trantrungkien says:

    If I have a special thing in my life, I will make my family rich.

  • Minna says:

    There a many special things that I’d like to own – the answer to this question depends about how serious we are. If we are really serious I’d definitely wish for a good health.

    But if we aren’t that serious I’d like to have so much money that I could just concentrate to the studies without working at the same time. With that money I would also travel around the world and take my boyfriend and cat with me.

  • syaz says:

    i would like to have a good carrier..something that can make other people around proud at me..like a manager although i’m still young…

  • wided says:

    i would like like to have a magic stick to make peace spread throughout this world because to be honest i can’t stand all this violonce and fight that is happening nowadays it’s just so stupid we can live all in peace so why and i hate politics oh god so that’s my will peace i love everybody

  • ahmad says:

    I would like to have a magic power that i can help to stabilize peace in all over the world and help the needy people and teach them what they like to learn.be green to every body.

  • Doaa says:

    accually i have a successful career , good friends and a good family . but the most special thing i need is :

    INNER PEACE …………

  • Aziz saadallah says:

    i want to own a beautiful house.because if you didn’t reach it during your life your familly will suffer later

  • Preeti says:

    i would like to change my attitude as it is so bad

  • Paula says:

    I wish I could own a Good Job… Something I really love to do: deal with people. Than, the job, would “bring” money, maybe a successful carrer, maybe happiness,… That’s all.

  • bashir says:

    Good evening every body,
    If i could own one special thing in life, i would own a nice faithful lady, like fatuma-zahra!

  • ormila says:

    I would like to own the magic power to help me to bring my life 10 years back,because I was very Happy and had not alot of problems like now, to have my happiness and peace back

  • fahad says:

    i want to learn english only

  • Paul Nguyen says:

    I wish I could have a good job with high salary, challenges to improve my career. My family could have a good life.

  • lyle says:

    I want to have a special power that I can be able to see my 2 kids everyday and talk to them even when i’m far away.

  • hung says:

    I wanna have a beautiful billionaire wife as my own (like Paris Hilton)

  • Snowie says:

    I would like to own a shoulder of my beloved one.

  • lacio says:

    My perefect day . i would go around the world i would not speak any languages except E

  • Jacky says:

    If i could own special thing,i want to be a richer.Because i want my family live a rich life.I’ve always dreamed of owning my own car,house,business and so on.Also i hope i have a good body.If i have no health,all will become nothing!Tks for your asking!

  • winnie0706 says:

    if i could own spcial things ,i want to have money.there are three reasons .first,i can improve my life.i can buy a great number of things which i can not afford at past,such as lovely dolls,fashionable clothes,ipod.second,if i have a lot of money,i can have lots of exciting trip and i have visit different places.i can enlarge my horizon .the last,i can go to UK if i have enough money.it is easy to learn english when i am abroad.

  • phuong says:

    If you asked me that question six months ago, I would immediately answer you money. But now I feel it meaningless. If I could own one speacial thing, I just want to have one simple thing that is happiness. Happiness seems to be easy to have in life, but whenever you are in difficulty, you will feel it very faint. I hope happiness will come back to me, my family, and to those I love. Oh, God, please help me..

  • lesly_black says:

    if i could own one special thing i think that would be a kitten. i really love kitten when i was a child. i usually go to to the pet shop everyday after school to just take a look at them cause i could not afford for it. moreover, i m living in my uncle house who alergy with cats.

  • shahla mansurzade says:

    A complete series of english literature

  • isil says:

    i want to own a pet, like a golden retriver.. but i will never have it, because of my mum!!! my mother never lives with a dog..

  • becky says:

    The special thing I wish I could own is the magic power that can help me find myself ,be myself and live a life I want to live.

  • Ahmed Ali says:

    i would like to be high flyer in learning and teaching English language around the world.

  • Yati says:

    If I could own special things, then it would be a lap top. Having a computer for me is a very a hard thing. I’m not from a wealth and prosperous family, even for my college cost my parent must really hard work to afford it. Meanwhile, many of my assignment in campus need to be typed and sometime need LCD for presentation in the class. I think by having laptop, it can be saved much time and more money in finishing my assingments. I just want t share about this problem. But anyway I always try to thank for everything which God have given to me, especially my happy family. Both of my parents and brother always support me what ever the condition I have to face…Thanks God..

  • Fatima-zahra says:

    Hallo every body,
    I would like to have a good English pronounciation and go to Britain because it is my dream.

  • lacio says:

    if only i had enough time i would read whole the English magazines , news papers and books in other hands i always surf the net and skim the papers in the moring if only i could do something different at least at the weekend like watching telly and having big mac with soft drink , such kind of activity it is known in the of technology by coach potato.
    i wish i would be al alone doing DIY or getting doomed on so easly to score the goal above the rim.
    never be lonsome too otherwise if i get stronge will , i will kick the world by finger as clicking and ficking of high flying if i had swaped my broken wings , i would have flown till the end of time no matter what .

  • inaam says:

    If i could own one special thing, it would improve my english and learn more about it. to complead my studies in psychologe. and to Edit the hope of My husband. I hope my god helpe me. and my dream will come true!

  • vandana says:

    There is no dearth of wishes. If there is a question to ask i would love to ask make me content with the things i have and i remain hapy with the wishes n doing of almighty.

  • ALI ALMISNED says:

    If i could own one special thing, it would be faithful with good ,then every thing in life will be easy to accept

  • rony says:

    concerning me i have alot of things i want ..but my main hope to be happy i dont care whatever the methoud ..i think happenes is agolden aim every ony trying to have it but just alittles who have it…..

  • kantosha says:

    If I could own a specail thing ,it would be a poet spirt or writer imagination cause i wonder how they phrase the words.

  • Tiana says:

    If I had a chance to own one special thing it would be an ideal memory. I want to be a translator and my memory doesn’t let me do this.
    Thank you

  • Lutfi says:

    I want to be more and more greatfull for all i have today.
    Tanks God……

  • monalisa says:

    I myself want to own a heart of a good mother so it will guide me how to become a good friend of my daughters. I love them and want to understand them but I was confused a lot because they have growth up too fast. May be I haven’t prepared to become a good mother?

  • Saneth Gwala says:

    I want to own $50,000 to support my education.

  • astiag says:

    i wish to have a great and magical violin. to guide me to play better, and have a nice sound.

  • Mai says:

    If I could own one special thing, it would be health. Health like WHO’ definition about it. So I can do everything I want in my life.

  • Lael says:


    This Book exist and it is easy access. It is the Holly Bible. Start it writen Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, Psalms. You will be a new person.

  • majo says:

    if i could own one special thing, it would be a something giving us the power to take good decision and to do that

    thank you

  • lilly rivera says:

    If I could own one special thing , it would be a school.
    This school will be full bilingual, from preschooler to high school.

  • Edipo Silva says:

    If i could own one special thing, it would be a complete english course to improve my english and learn more about it. I think it will be realise one of my dreams that is to become an excellent english teacher and help people from all of the world learn this wounderful language. Especially people from my country (Brazil) who can not pay an english course. I hope my dream will come true!
    thank you for asking

  • hanane says:

    If i could own one special thing, it would be a GOLDEN VISA; I don’t know whether it exists or not, but I am dreaming of such a special thing to own to visit all countries, discover all the exotic places, meet all human races,and learn all languages.i.e. to feel as if the earth is one home and every living being on it is a relative of yours.
    thank you for asking

  • Maggie says:

    My main hope is that people are truly happy in who they are, not just what they own.

  • mohan says:

    I am going down i can predict that only for sure, but i couldn’t get away from that force. Real friend can do that.So I want to own a friend who must propel me into right path.

  • genius7 says:

    what I long for isn’t that limited to be a thing, it’s almost connected to my higher self’s world, & that is divine wisdome by which I’ll have the enormous power to love everyone, including myself, unconditionally.

  • Thao says:

    Special thing i want to own will be made by a person who i love very dearly.

  • John says:

    I often pray that i have a great wisdom,then i can help many many peoples take off the hardship.

  • naglaa ahmed says:

    I would like to own very good health

  • Dmitri says:

    As for me, I would own Lamborghini Reventon, because I’m obsessed with this car and I like luxury…

  • haminhon says:

    If I could own a special thing, I want to own an excellent brain because I want to do many things on the best ways for my parent, my dear friends and others.

  • Joao fonseca says:

    Hi dear,
    I do would like just a simple thing, I would like to have an iPod, just to record and listen to English every time I go and return from work, to keep English in mind mind.

  • september says:

    I would like to own a ticket to go to London because I have never been there. ItΒ΄s a dream.

  • Duong says:

    If I could own one special thing, I think it’s a good book to teach me how to become a good person.

  • >