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What do you think you were in your last life?


24 Responses to “What do you think you were in your last life?”

  1. mek says:

    hello every body

  2. natalia says:

    i think i were an anchor in my last life since i cant fulfil it in my recent life:)

  3. Walter Johnson says:

    I think I was an angel in heaven. I still may be simply because I love to help people, and I love God.

  4. Ms.Sara says:

    I just hang on Allah’s mercy. I wish to be accepted by Him.

  5. Aleks says:

    most likely I was a doctor, bcz in this life I make a living from entrepeneuring and total a healt freak

  6. elham says:

    i was a nice girl

  7. rasionalist says:

    I think that expensed my life useless whereas i can spent my time efficently. I expensed my time usfull things. Passing day is as gold!!!

  8. Davidson says:

    I do not know exactly, but somehow I paid my sins here in my plan.

  9. Mary Apple says:

    Sometimes I think I was a singer in a bar because of my love to singing strange old-fashioned songs from 19 or 20 century and the way I dress. This emphasizes my behavior and attitude to the world.

  10. Ksenia says:

    definitely a bird, owl maybe, – mesmerized by them

  11. Wahida says:

    life is only once, therefore enjoyed. don’t do sin, you should be prevent to do violence and in anything to take you do a bad.

  12. liedy says:

    i was like a baby innocent and ambitious .life for me looked wonderful.

  13. franky says:

    i think i was a president, because today, one of the thinks that i like to do is to lead and manage those who are around me.

  14. Mikiie says:

    hum … really good reflexion … In my last life? I think that I was a princess who help poor and children or rather I wish that I was a princess. Not a native princess but like kate middleton who found their prince or like lady diana without a divorce of course. … At least in my last life I was a lucky in love

  15. Alice says:

    Сertainly I were Chinese warrior. And I betrayed my overlord. That is why I borned woman :/

  16. elahe says:

    i was a princess

  17. Dia says:

    I think I was a fairy or a Princess in last birth.

  18. Nastya says:

    I think I was a philosopher or psychologist.I like over reflect,help to understand the situation,give to advice.And would like to be a war.

  19. Sharon says:

    I think I was a traveller

  20. Sahar says:

    Whatever I was, I think God loved me that has given to me this fantastic life now!

  21. Fatematojjohora Smrity says:

    I think I was a deep blue sky.

  22. rusiko says:

    I think I was a fortuneteller, because I have a great intuition

  23. jin says:

    well, i think i was an amoeba….hmmm… i just don’t know why 🙂

  24. erly says:

    I think I was a wonderful woman and very strong 😀

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