Who would you like to be today?

Who?If you could change

for one day and

be anybody on earth

(present or historical),

who would it be?

And why?

  • halo says:

    i would like to be Vince CARTER in 2000 slam dunk contest.

  • nonconformist says:

    I would love to have been President Andrew Jackson, cause he was one of our Greatest Generals and President. Then I would win the election for the present 2016 and put his actions of the past to the future.

  • falcon says:

    I would like to be someone who is as smart as Stephen hawking and as rich as bill gates.what good is knowledge without wealth and what good is wealth without knowledge!

  • Danica says:

    I would like to be a person who doesn’t worry about anything especially money. I’d like to have a stress-free life.

  • meurah says:

    I would rather to be…. a billioner with no changing myself. because, I think iam the only one that could change the world with my great wealth.

  • nethae says:

    Lee donghae girlfriend …

  • Aditi kumari says:

    I would like to be a social worker like mother Teresa to remove all the pain from the world and will try to spread peace

  • Alessi says:

    I would like to be Hitler! I would commit suicide back in 1939 😀

  • safia dirie says:

    i wish i would be a proficienal doctor who put a smile on the faces of terminally ill patients this is my hope in the future and i will work hard as much as i can to reach my goal

  • Aaron says:

    I would liek to be a free man, do anthing I want NO working pressure and endless work loading

  • Alice says:

    I would want to be Alice in Wonderland, in real.

  • alsa says:

    well today i wanna be a famouse

  • m-rabie says:

    Yesterday at one o’clock I was sitting with my friend in the house, he suggested to prepare lunch together and I agreed to his proposal.
    After that we started preparing lunch, he began to cook risotto called mnuzzly it eating Syrian to very tasty, while I arrange tableware pending finished cooking.
    I took the pot from him and poured food in pots and We spent a great time at lunch.
    I wanted it if you were with us in this lunch because you will not forget the taste of this food never.
    To the meeting.

  • mohame Rhman says:

    I want to be milionaire to help many people that want some help and make them life is better

  • Wilson says:

    I would like to be Freemason member*** 33degree

  • joojoo says:

    I’d like to be a football player. because i love sport and sport players. and i would be my english teacher. becase she can speak english easily.

  • Anybody says:

    I’d like to be an english native speaker so i didnt have to learn english the hard way.

  • poor me says:

    l would like to be a streets cat, cuse like spend my full day out said and my mam dont like it and i will go every where , eating fish

  • Tamaz says:

    I do not know what i would like to be.
    I like sport, I would like to be a sportsman, but I don not train. I would like to be a traveller, because I like to travel.

  • Maryam says:

    Id love to be a doctor who help other with many friends that are funny to travel with them

  • vaiphei says:

    who else do i want to be!! except me.. i dont envy anyone else.

  • Mali says:

    sory! I meant I loved to BE Yanni!

  • Mali says:

    I love to Yanni!bkz I love playing piano but I can’t take up piano courses…

  • sarina zalaghi says:

    my name is SARINA and i live in KISH island.
    I like to be a famous person and rich in the world and i like to be more beautiful than now.now i am not fat but i like to be thinner than now.because life become easier than now.

  • kevin says:

    I like to be myself to do my way and someone alive to get ride of problems and stand on my own two feet for being free.to love life can lead you change yourself to whoever you want to be.just love love now try it.

  • bahar says:

    i like to be my self just i could get all my dreams and all my whishes like im be a doctor im a good human my english is perfect i can do any work that is in my mind!

  • Zahra says:

    Some said they would choose to be themselves. I say “that’s a wise answer,since we have no idea about the real internal lives of other people; maybe they have some kina problem which we are not aware of”.We just need to try to fix the flaws of ours, not to be someone else.
    However,we can see some other aspect of being someone else; if it is just one day of experiencing someone else’s life,we can choose a favorite one,and be them to see their real life;just out of curiosity.
    Yet,we should be good enough at returning to our own life happily afterwards!
    Right now,I have no idol in mind to be them.
    Anyway,thanks so much for the interesting question;it made me consider my own life more wisely.
    Have a nice time

  • Nen says:

    I would be Aung Sui Ky. Her actions for society are deeply admired. Her character like The Mother Terressa.

  • mutasim says:

    i would like tobe my self and get rid of some atitudes such as procrastination,start to cultivate my potentials to make a diffrence and contribute to change the world t a better place of peaceful coexistance and lovely life

  • hannia says:

    I would like to be a somebody powerful person like president or a King that give allow to be change in the society and give the oportunity to understand how is function the social system, and if it posible to be change.

  • himan says:

    i’d like to be myself, the most prosperous person in whole world…

  • nada says:

    i wish to find someone help me to improv my writing skills, in contrast, he will be who i would like to be.

  • Daniel says:

    I would love to be God for one day and laugh at all what you just wrote above….

  • Lucky says:

    I want to change my own evil & negative thought. When ever i don’t kill this evil & negative thought then, I do nothing. When I free with these evil then i change other people, and country…

  • Poonam says:

    I would like to be myself. Because i believe i have the power to do anything. Everything you are looking out for in this world is inside you only. You just need to realize your true-self. Even if you die without accomplishing much, being yourself is the best thing you will do. 🙂

  • hamza says:

    Im going to be a translater

  • Katya says:

    I would like to be a giant whale for a day. Have you ever asked yourself what these mammals are thinking about when they are swimming in the depths of the oceans? Some of them live alone, so they have to think about something, right? Why do they jump out of the ocean? It’s their physical need – I don’t know, to warm up their muscles or to catch some fresh air – or it’s just for fun? Because they enjoy splashing back? Oh my, give me a chance to be a whale for a while…)

  • Annalia says:

    I’d like a business woman, I would like to be rich and have more things in my life, like a big house, a car, and I would like to have a boyfriend and in the future would like to make a family, have children, but I need to be a self-confident to get thigns that I need in my real life. I want to be a good person.

  • Richard says:

    I hope I can help others in many aspects.

  • Richard says:

    I agree.

  • Helen says:

    I would like to be the same again,but more stubborn and selfish.And would have at least 3 children, whom I would tech to be kind and well-educated. I wish I were a teacher so that I could give others knowledge and tell them how to survive in this world and stay a real human beeing.

  • Mary Apple says:

    I wish I were a ghost, you know, a kind of those who can go through the walls and other objects. It’s very interesting to see other people’s lives and the way they do something, for example, sleep or celebrate. I think it would help me to realize a lot of mistakes I’ve done and, in particular, how to fix them. I’d use their experience, though it violated their privacy:)

  • rasionalist says:

    I would like find new job in tourism sector. I need new job!!!

  • Maya says:

    I want to be my self with a better life.

  • Nafis says:

    I would prefer to be myself again.

  • shamsy says:

    I like to be myself with a lot of changing in my behavior and moral.
    or I like to be a successful person with good job and much salary.

  • SHIHA says:

    i would attempt to be calm and harmless to others . No more othr than it…i am ever cool

  • Fatimah says:

    I would like to be a scientist, who by his intelligent and creative skills can discover something change the world to better life.

  • Cuneyt says:

    pardon ! ı mean prosperity

  • Cuneyt says:

    ı would like to be an angel making people seeing the truth about every thing and bringing the world real Justice and proserity.

  • kimhoan says:

    i’d like to be opposite of myself. i want to see change in my life when i have different characters^^

  • pierre corso says:

    if only i could be a leader of a “superpower” country today, i would use my power to change the world . I want to see more kindness and sympathy and love among living creatures instead of greed, hatred and destruction .

  • Mary says:

    I think it’s extremely interesting to visit another planets…to feel zero-gravity))

  • Kirill says:

    I would like to be a spaceman, because I really want to see on the Earth from spaceship. I’d get as many photos of nearby stars, as possible. What do you think about travelling towards to other planets?

  • Mary says:

    I would like to be a person, like someone popular singer, for example Jimmy Hendrix, or Amy Winehouse. It’s case of my curiosity..i’d wish to know what is the feeling of full house, audience, when everybody is waiting for you start to sing..i think it’d be great to feel it some day…

  • Shikha says:

    I would like to be an English writer. Because I love to write my own ideas into words and I always tend to be curious about what will others think about it?

  • phu pwint Nandar Khine says:

    I want to be a successful business lady.And I want to be a rich person and now i want to forget my old lover and hope to meet new love.

  • elisa says:

    I agree with Dewan. I’d like to be myself again with better talent and quality..if this is possible :))

  • Alp says:

    I would be one of the prominent member of business society to invest in technological manufacturing industry to contribute the wellbeing standards of my country and to create jobs for unemployed people. Thus I would have money for charities and donations.

    I wish rich people do some more for the all poor people.

  • Maryam says:

    Generally, I wouldn’t like to be in other people’s shoes but due to my concern these days ,which is learning English, I wish I were my English teacher who is proficient at this language,then I would be able to do all my homework flawlessly or in other words I wouldn’t need to do them and instead would indulge my students in class.

  • Dewan says:

    I’d like to be myself againwith better talent and better quality who will be capable of making people laugh with his every significant word.

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