Would you like to be famous?

Would you like to be famous? And what would you like to be famous for?

If achieving fame meant that you would lose all your friends, would you still want to be famous?

Please leave your comments below 🙂

famous (adjective): known by many people
achieve (verb): successfully get or reach
fame (noun): the state of being known by many people
  • rachel ann jaca says:

    coz i like it ..so that my family and friends make proud of me

  • rachel ann jaca says:

    can you make me a famous please🙏🙏

  • PERUSE says:

    A big NO! Because Luke 12:15 and Revelation 4:11. ^_^

  • Mostafa says:

    i would like to be famous coz ther r many reasons first of all i want to make my country feel proud of me followed by my parents n others. i really want to do somethng nice for my country. secondly i will b respected wherever i go n there are other reasons too which i can’t describe coz they r 4 my own benefit.

  • mohammad says:

    No , i never want to be known as we get nothing out of it just disturbance and loosing the peace of mind which is the core of everybody’s aim in life.

  • Adaline Bala says:

    Yes I would like to be a famous person, But not because of singing, dancing, acting or any other activities. Only because my kind actions which will help people in need, educate the illiterate, stop the war or take people to space and so on.

  • Gingerxx says:

    As long as I feel comfortable being myself and concentrate what I am doing no matter how people judge, I don’t mind to be famous. However, when I become famous and felt being loved by all people, I am afraid I won’t going to let it go. And one day when I realised that not most of people like who I am and gradually people who ever liked me are leaving me then I would feel disappointed and lonely.
    If I could be famous, I would like to be famous for being a professional metallurgical engineer helping to resolve weld problems from all over the world using three language of Chinese, English and Japanese.
    It would be a good experience to be famous but I won’t like to be famous at risk of losing friends.

  • Ani says:

    In my opinion, I prefer no one. I just want to live how I live now. I enjoy my life. When I was a teenager, I wish to become famous Fashion Designer. Later, I thought that being famous is not good. You can’t be free. You can’t do what you want. I prefer peaceful life without fame, and popularity. Get your degree, find a good job, and live in your own life. You will never lose your friends.

  • Amal says:

    I prefer to be unknown even if being a famous brings money ,or respect .

  • marjan says:

    i think most of people do every thing to be famouse because if you be a famouse person you will have alot of thing in your life reputation .money .popularity.you can have very good life and find very good best friend again and you never forget your best friend never and ever.maybe you lose something you had but if you be famouse person you will have a lot of new things you almost you want to have them in your dream

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