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Your own personal staff. Which will you choose?

Imagine that you win a contest and the 1st prize (free for 1 year) is your own personal

  • secretary
  • driver
  • butler
  • cook
  • housekeeper OR
  • masseuse

Which will you choose? And why?!!

You can tell us your ideas in the comment box below ↓ 🙂

butler Jeeves

19 Responses to “Your own personal staff. Which will you choose?”

  1. Sang Kooh says:

    I would choose masseuse.

  2. Triono says:

    I’m a man,
    I can drive car and always drive the car to the office.
    I have many experience about drive in Jakarta that very busy and traffic on the road.


  3. Zakumi says:

    My choice is simple! It would be the cook as I can’t cook myself! 🙂

  4. Moohmmad Ahmad says:

    I like language in general and none of each choices you mentioned

  5. Nazia says:

    A cook is very very important. Because I am foody.

  6. Susana Carolina Zilberberg says:

    Without hesitation, I would choose the driver. I am fed up with drivers who ignore traffic rules. When I drive, I finish exhausted.

  7. Joyce Fettermann says:

    A housekeeper, for sure! 🙂
    This way I would have more time for me.

  8. Mohamed Tharwat says:

    Of course , I will ask for a secretary as teachers are asked to do a lot of office tasks. So , a secretary will finish all this work for me.

  9. Zsuzsanna Vigh says:

    A housekeeper so i have more time for me.

  10. patsy perez says:

    I would choose the secretary because I am very fond of this post as I used to be one!!

  11. Jefferson Quezado says:

    I strongly recommend the housekeeper, is the best choice due to a higher costs and benefits that this professional provides

  12. ABDIRAHMAN says:

    i want to choose a driver, I LIKE DRIVING.

  13. Bijan says:

    Greetings to all of you,

    I only love to be a teacher, so I cannot do the above jobs with love.

    In addition, My wish is to be an English teacher on English Club one day and also to meet Sir Josef in London.

    Thank you and best wishes,
    Bijan from the Persian Gulf

  14. Isabel says:

    I would choose a cook. I don’t like cooking, at all.

  15. Neetu says:

    I would choose cook .

  16. Anna says:

    I will choose masseuse because I am a secretary and for myself , I make my daily list to do and I trust myself as I drive a car safely and I am a butler for myself , I carry all bags and I cook for myself and do housework .

  17. Marco says:

    I would choose a cook. I imagine that I could ask him to cook anything. I live in a small apartment, so a housekeeper wouldn’t make much difference for me. I masseuse might be handy sometimes, but as I’m still young, I don’t need it :). To have either a driver or a secretary looks inappropriate as I enjoy driving by myself although I don’t have many opportunities to do so and my life is well organised in such way that a secretary would be useless for me. The idea of having a butler sounds odd for me, so I would never imagine having one.

  18. Tuty says:

    I would choose the housekeeper because it would help me in carrying out any chores around my house. So many things to do at my office and sometimes I don’t have enough time for doing my house chores properly…love it if I have a special housekeeper

  19. Mishaikh says:

    ‘Driver”, if I can afford, because I do not know driving.

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