Everything will be OK

Everything will be OK

Just how much this post-riots message of hope in 21st-century Bangkok draws upon the similarly repetitive 14th-century “All shall be well” by Julian of Norwich one can but idly speculate.

post-riots: after the riots
riot (noun): violence and fighting by a crowd of people (often against a government)
draw upon (verb): borrow from; be influenced by
repetitive (adjective): doing something more than one time
shall be (verb): will be; future form of “be”; see shall versus will
well (adjective): ok; free from trouble
idly (adverb): for no particular reason; in a lazy way
speculate (verb): imagine; guess; form a theory about with no real evidence
all manner of thing: many different things; [in this context – everything]

  • Maria Salas says:

    That is something I tell myself too many times to figure out a solution for a problem.

  • siriA says:

    I often get frustrated on how the leaders of this country show their mentality to their people.
    But this time, it’s in English, so they target foreigners. They really think that this method will work with you guys too! amazing rulers, aren’t they!

  • Vega says:

    A seductive sentence.

  • Miss.Sara says:

    I’ve just learned new words,,EC makes me active all the time even though I’m lazy to learn , I get start browsing it yet I gained new worth vocabularies. Thanks Sir,,

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