Arguing with a woman

“Arguing with a woman is like trying to fold the airmail edition of The Times in a high wind.”

(Lord Mancroft)

The Times is a newspaper. It used to be large format (ie, it had very large pages). The airmail edition was printed on very thin, light-weight paper.

  • pierre corso says:

    He had probably believed that it would be as same as arguing with a man ; it’s easier with ” The Sun ” lol

  • bashir says:

    Hello every body, i hope you all have a cool evening, which is free from argument, discords, and unrest, its always important to understand each other, rather than arguing, by making your lives miserable, finally i would suggest ‘never argue with —–, because people can’t see the difference’.
    see ya!

  • Linda k hollywood says:

    Hello everyone
    Is very good Quotations Arguing with a woman.
    By (Lord Mancroft)

    She thinks you are complete idiot and wonder
    why she is wasting her time standing here and
    arguing with you about nothing.

    Good luck
    Linda k (Hollywood)

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