“Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little.”

(Dr Johnson on divorce laws)

  • Ameur says:

    Since the nature of the women have the power and strength…I do not blame the law but blame the women that have undergone the unjust law(I think)

  • ale says:

    I believe that it is true that law has taken power from women and it’s because we hardly participate in polical issues around the world, although in many countries law and educational sistems have changed androgen thoughts, behaviour and culture not only in men but also in women have not.

  • lexo says:

    I am a very clever boy

  • Nduta M says:

    It is always nice to share feelings… and I think that is also a way to practise use of language… and practise how to communicate appropriately, I think. They say the main cause of divorce is marriage… 😉

  • Pennie says:

    i don’t agree too. it is nice to share feelings with others around the world.

  • sandy says:

    i don’t agree u

  • Kholly says:

    answeres = answers: typo error

  • Kholly says:

    I was having fun reading comments here. But I noticed that most of the comments here are obscure. They usually give fragmented answeres which I think is not helpful for those who wants to improve their English skil.

  • maria says:

    Sometimes divorce saves life. If it’s impossible to exist (not live but exist) with your partner, when you can’t see him without disgust and pain, when he insults and abases you, ran away whithout thinking. Once forgiven he will continue and never end. Don’t think of him and his feelings – he doesn’t deserve it. If he wants to leave you be strong. He will go away from your life forever and you really may be happy without him.

  • yen says:

    The important here is our children.The women can sacrisfy their life for children. If they have the right to bring up their children, I think a great number of women in Asia will be ready to divorce to have happier life.

  • Baotram says:

    But it’s quite various for each country, not always the law protects or resist women.

  • Ian says:

    Good point, Linda 🙂

  • Linda k hollywood says:

    Divorce For women to help you
    prepare for the realities of the divorce
    process…..and save yourself a lot of time
    and frustration. Nothing is sooner drier them
    a women. Because crass of man,worse of man.
    Divorce make a women to be a freedom
    and happy ending in her life.

    Good Luck
    Linda k (hollywood)

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