“Life is what happens while you are making other plans.”

(John Lennon)

  • siba says:

    i think you are totally correct on your quote

  • Ameur says:

    The plans are part of our lives how to differentiate between our plans and the life we ​​live!!!???

  • Khadija Beyaar says:

    totally agree with you 🙂

  • iran says:

    Hello Sir, I completely agree with you . of course it needs to an awareness that we should get it.

  • mzigh says:

    Hi everyone
    I’m with you in what you say. All my plans and found in front of dam life omnipotent. Had tried to overtake but failed.

  • nathan.w says:

    life is everything around u, but wot we are always short of the eyes to see them.

  • Queen_Of_World says:

    I think that each person is as a farmer in his life when he farms good things < then he'll crops good things in the second life. and the death is the begining to life. so I think death=life so life=death

  • Betty says:

    Sorry, The title of the book I am recommending is “Other Plans,” not Making Other Plans.

  • Betty says:

    There is a very good, and poignant book titled “Making Other Plans.” I recommend it highly!

  • Hoanel says:

    As I read the above quote, one word strikes my mind “SERENDIPITY”. Correct me (please), if I’m wrong, but I have the feeling this word and the quote long together.

  • violet says:

    I think we should satisfy with many things around us, beside that we always make many plans!!! that’s a goosd way!

  • Eliana says:

    I think that is true, but life is also part of a regular day in my life, enjoy my children and my all family, enjoy my work, and do all the time the things that make me happy.

  • ammar says:

    if you are normally plan your life that mean you plan the present time in the past !

  • HILDA says:

    john did live…!!! he didn’t only make plans…he lived a life full of meaning…so should we do..!!

  • paulina says:

    Dear sir,

    i think you are totally correct on your quote…..great how people have things in common

  • Nucha says:

    Good ,it’s the deepest meaning! I will keep the word in buttom of my heart for remaining the things what I do .

    Thanks a lot .

  • Linda k (hollywood) says:

    Hi everyone
    It sure would be nice though to fine Something
    that give me definitive answer as to what exactly
    I need in life to make it feel complete.
    If not to making other life plans you are such a
    make you life collapse.

    Good Luck
    Linda kosolsak (Hollywood)

  • hanane says:

    Hello Dear Sir,
    He is 100% right. I have always thought this way. I think man spent most of his time planning things for the future and forget about the moment he is living i.e. the present. What the future will bring is in God’s hands despite our plans. So, besides making plans we should enjoy our present moments.
    Do you agree with me?

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