“It is possible to be born an aristocrat without ever becoming a gentleman.”

(Nicholas Ridley)

  • Ameur says:

    Well I agreed it is correct for me.

  • Mahhhgolll says:

    I think it’s very true.^_^

  • w. sahara says:

    I’m on ur side, gentleman isn’t determined by “BLOOD” 😉

  • nathan.w says:

    to be urself should be better.
    do wot u think is right and do not regret it…
    gentleman? just a imaginary of people’s brain, and that’s nothing important.

  • Fatma says:

    I also agree with this quatition because aristocracy does not come from money. It is something that comes from the inside of the people. we see many people who have money but not a gentleman and also we see many people who do not have money but aristocrat…

  • Puja Senapati says:

    Manners,a great thing.Which is the best features of a gentleman.

  • Vespid says:

    Let me see , how can a person to be a gentleman , speak slowly … think carefully… it is such a mixed thing .. more than i can say

  • pierre corso says:

    what’s a real gentleman like ?

  • Linda k (Hollywood) says:

    When words lose their meaning people Lose their

    Linda k (Hollywood)

  • Linda k (Hollywood) says:

    From this point and the reason that a gentleman
    was passed intact to the first born…of the aristocrats was being western civilization was ruined. Very Excellent quotation. I really like it.

    Have a nice day!
    Linda Kosolsak (Hollywood)

  • Nucha says:

    Human’s mind is difficult to understand And we can’t decide the man from aristocrat
    Or money that is’ a gentleman …,but mind !
    So I really agreed the quotation ! Execellent ^_^

    Thanks a lot !

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