Meeting the eye

“There is less to him than meets the eye.”

(Tallulah Bankhead)

The normal expression is “there is more to something/somebody than meets the eye”, meaning that the thing or person is deeper than surface appearances suggest.

  • Dany says:

    It is such a very deep quoute..well,we can say that eyes are the key of getting close to someone even if we never spoke..somehow it’s true…

  • ammar says:

    eyes give you the physical shape but to understand what ever you look, this the roll of your mind , sense and place

  • Baotram says:

    wow, I like this say. It’s much more meaningful than words, honestly! Sometimes, we just need to look into somebody’s eyes to look for the answer ^^. humorously , I found the answer reversed to their response. hihihi


  • shushies says:

    this quotation remind me of another one i heart from Mr Duncan : ” Do not judge the book by the cover “. Even though there are someone whose appearance seem to be dangerous,once we are acquainted with them we will find that they are really not…

  • Linda K (Hollywood) says:

    “Meeting of the eye” is between two people that
    expresses meaningful nonverbal communication
    to contact occurs when two people look directly
    at each other.
    Is very good quotation I really like it!

    God bless
    Linda k (Hollywood)

  • Nucha says:

    Really deep meaning in the eyes that we can see by that. Good quotation!

    Thanks a lot !

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