Some seek knowledge

“Some seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge – and that is curiosity. Some seek knowledge that they may be known to have knowledge – and that is vanity. Some seek knowledge that they may give to others their knowledge – and that is charity.”

Bernard of Clairveaux
Saint Bernard of Clairveaux was a French abbot of the 12th century.

  • hannia says:

    I think seek knowledge is better because you can understand how fuction the rules , nature in world and you could offer the guide to other people to live better is use to knowledge to helping them.

  • hannia says:

    I do not , I think the knowledge is helping to understand the live, and to be better person.

  • Erika says:

    It’s so true…

  • Imti says:

    Without knowledge we couldn’t find who we are!

  • Lee says:

    The word is change

  • Lee says:

    The right knowledge applied can chang your life and help one chang the life of others. Love your stuff.

  • Linda k hollywood says:

    Hello Everyone
    Some seek knowledge and Understanding
    is something we all do.We read and study voraciously in an effort to learn more about a given subject.
    The subject varies as our interest waxes
    and wanes.Sometime we are Frustrated because
    we can’t find Answers.
    The Consciousness is very important and
    development for seek knowledge and charity.

    Good Bye
    Linda K (USA Hollywood)

  • Olive Gomez says:

    Knowledge is power. Then seek knowledge because it is the key to success.

  • Craig Kitching says:

    Seek the center of God through Jesus Christ, and make your home there. You will be given all the knowledge you need to fullfill God’s purpose for you. If only one soul goes to God for eternity because of your sharing of the good news you will have accomplished the greatest of all tasks.

  • Hida says:

    Knowledge is what we are supposed to have as human beings…though the motives and aims differ between people..but we should seek knowledge after all.
    Also, being aware of one’s wills after seeking for something is of a great deal..

  • Arejdal says:

    Knowledge is the brain’s food

  • Nellis says:

    Some seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge that is an invention .
    Some seek knowledge that they maybe known to have knowledge that is the one who people can asking about such us a priest or a professor etc.
    Some seek knowledge that that may give to others their knowledge these are the one Prophesy as a teacher or a leader
    I like this section and made me thinking hard – thank you

  • bashir says:

    Hello every body!this is what i should say,”Some seek knowledge” because “the real knowledge is the sure reward of wise efforts’! and it’s what makes man aman!
    see ya!

  • marlou says:

    I really like the quote it helps me realized that our own quest for knowledge should have a good purpose in order to get the real essence of it. Lets us all continue to seek knowledge then…

  • Joan Schumacher says:

    Hi Joe,
    Liked your quote “Some seek knowledge” but knew it wasn’t quite accurate.

    “There are those who seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge – that is curiosity.
    There are those who seek knowledge to be known by others – that is vanity.
    There are those who seek knowledge in order to serve, that is love.”

    I like this one better. Love your ESL sites by the way, thank you.

  • hanane says:

    some seek knowledge to find a better way to live this life honestly and feel alright

  • Hugo says:

    Well, in that case I have had the three of them because I was curious when learning, then I showed what I learnt and finally I taught and helped some people to learn. Somebody told me once that through teaching you have a way to help people.

  • trovizo says:

    Some seek knowledge because the humans are moved by wisdom. The wisdom is reached throuth the permanent seek knowledge.

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