When words lose their meaning

“When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom”


  • Jeremy says:

    Actually, I believe Rachid is more attuned than you suppose #4.

    When Confucius spoke of words losing their meaning, he was not referring to a lack of specificity in the spoken words or implying that words were not being taken literally as they should have been.

    Instead, Confucius understood that the words one spoke must be meaningful, if one must speak at all. Words become meaningful when they are formed out of reflection and consideration for the entire scope of their consequence. Words spoken from a singular perspective or solely as a reaction to an emotion have no true meaning.

    Freedom is the ability to move through life unhindered. When meaningful words are used, one is able to operate in a manner of their choosing because the consequences which they must endure were understood and accepted from the very start. When words are haphazardly used without consideration for their meaningfulness, the consequences cannot be understood and so freedom is replaced with anxiety and fear about potential unforeseen catastrophes.

    “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” Perhaps this adage is the best advice for maintaining the freedom we all possess.

  • Rachid is an Idiot says:

    Your an idiot #3

  • Rachid Alaoui says:

    Words lose their meaning means,in my opinion,the words spoken without being moulded rationally or consciously.Thus the limits and the standards to which they must be constrained penetrated by the freedom of the people.

  • Linda k hollywood says:

    The word “Lose” is meaning : To be unsuccessful in
    retaining possession of Mislay.
    To be unable to keep control or allegiance of:is losing
    supporters by changing his mind.
    To suffer loss,To be defeated, To operate or run slow
    used of a time piece.
    Phrasal Verb: To fail to achieve or receive on expected gain.
    Idiom: Lost it slang
    To lose control, blow up,
    to be come deranged or mentally disturbed.
    lose time: To operate to slowly . To delay advancement.
    Run slow, fail, defeat,beating a defeated person
    is meaning “Lose’

    Good bye
    Linda kosolsak (USA hollywood)

  • Two by the sea says:

    Images and words together create a more powerful learning episode.

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