Advice or advise?

Advice is a noun:

  • He did not accept my advice.

Advise is a verb:

  • The doctor advised her to stop work.
  • Asante Richard says:

    Can i use determiners with uncountable nouns?

  • Glen Travis says:

    And for the record…. advice is an abstract noun. Or a noun that we cannot see, feel touch taste or smell, like Thought, Idea, or Knowledge. But it is DEFINITELY COUNTABLE. That is why we can give “pieces of advice”. Or have 2 or more thoughts, ideas, or feelings as well!!

  • Glen Travis says:

    Please remember, advice is considered a noun, so we have pieces of advice the same as we have pieces of cake. But advise is considered a verb or the action of giving advice.

  • Glen Travis says:

    No help at all. A complete waist of my time. If you want my advice, I would advise you to try another website.

  • english says:

    Hanane wrote: “Why do we have to say pieces of advice and not simply advices?”

    Advice is an uncountable noun:

  • hanane says:

    Hullo sir,
    In its plural form,why we have to say pieces of advice and not simply advices.

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