You may have seen those scary headlines in financial papers, or on TV: “Markets nosedive”

What does “nosedive” mean? These two pictures should make it clear. The first one shows an aircraft nosediving. The second one is a chart of a stock that opened at $90 at 9am and then nosedived between 3pm and 4pm to finish at $30.


  • Anushka says:

    Thank you!

  • Linda k (Hollywood) says:

    Hi Everyone
    Nosedive(n) A very steep of an aircraft.
    A sudden,swift drop or plunge: A sudden sharp drop
    or rapid decline, “Stock prices took a nosedive”

    Good luck
    Linda K (Hollywood)

  • Joe says:

    Yes, Hanane, something that drops steeply, and fast. Another word for the same action is: “plunge”

    Their operating profits plunged 40%.

  • hanane says:

    Hello Dear Joe,
    thank you for enriching our vocabulary. So, nosedive refers to something that is getting lower or smaller or to something that drops steeply.

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