presume or assume?

People are often unsure about the difference between these two words. Indeed, they are very close in meaning.

to presume something (verb):  to believe something to be true, but without being 100% sure

  • I presume you’ll come to my party. (I’ll be surprised if you don’t come, but I’ll accept your decision.)

to assume something (verb):  to take something for granted, to believe it without question

  • I assume you’ll come to my party. (I expect to see you at my party. I will want to know why if you don’t come.)
  • aliona says:

    thanks a lot,you are very helpful person!!!

  • Belajar Bahasa Inggris says:

    To help myself remember this easily, I have always associated ‘presume’ with a term commonly used in legal contexts: ‘presumption of innocence’ or ‘presumed innocent’ which means that an accused is to be considered innocent, even without any proof, until proven otherwise.


  • Craig Kitching says:

    when you assume you are correct about me, without knowing for sure, and then act on your assumption you can quite easily make an (ASS) out of (U) and (ME).

  • Linda k hollywood says:

    presume to act as an equal.
    assume, to pretend, to suppose,
    wonderful I like it.

    Good luck
    Linda k.

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