How many ‘scales’ can you see here?


How many uses of the word “scale” do you see above? Can you write one sentence for each in the comment box below?

illustration courtesy Andy Singer

  • kike jasso says:

    5 uses¡

  • lakshmy says:

    1. weigh
    2. scales of fish
    3. climb to top of the high feet
    4. musical notes

  • Sahondra says:

    Hi all,Please correct if wrong.
    – I use the scale to weigh vegetables and fruits in the kitchen.
    – This fish has a lot of scales.
    – These men use a rope to scale the mountain.
    – I would like to learn the musical notes on this scale.
    Thank you for this interesting games.

  • Kati says:

    1. I see the scales which shows the weigh of an apple.
    2.This fish has scales. There is fish without scales.
    3. two people are scaling to the top of the mountain.
    4.This can be a pentatonic scale because consists of five notes.
    5.1”=2′- I have no idea what it means.
    6.This is a ruler with scales.

  • Ian says:


  • Nasser says:

    In short,scale word like many English words has more than one meaning.In picture 1,you need a scale to weigh something.picture 2, a fish is coverd with scales should be removed before eating.picture 3,mountaineers need a scale to reach the top of the mountain.picture 4,reference to the seven notes Of music.

  • monika says:

    hi all first time i am visiting to this site and i find it very good. well i understand other three scales very much but i don’t understand the third mountaineering one please help me to understand this with more sentences.

  • Dina says:

    1.This scale doesn’t work. Please, repair them!
    2.I hate to clean the fish up from scale, so I buy fish in a supermarket.
    3.It was easy for these two experienced mountain climbers to scale Mount Everest.
    4.I don’t know anything about the scale of musical notes.

  • Mohamed Rhmani says:

    4-this music instrument is not for this scale

  • Mohamed Rhmani says:

    thanx Mr Josef for this topic

    we can say

    1- this fish have colorful scale
    2- we can’t use this scale for more than 2 KG
    3- there is many scale for climbers to arrive to the top

  • ahmed says:

    I see one scale

  • Dancy says:

    5. This map is published at a scale of 1:2

  • Johnny says:

    Hello everybody, these are my sentences:

    1.My sign is Libra which is represented by the scales.
    2. I love cooking fish, but removing its scales is very annoying.
    3. I think that I’m still in shape to scale Mount Everest.
    4. I prefer to play that song using the C mayor scale.

  • Ali says:

    Hi Joe,

    I love your site and blog. I live in Egypt and I’m currently in training to be an EFL teacher. This exercise is wonderful and thank you for all the great resources. Feel free to correct me if I’ve made any mistakes.

    1. The recipe called for 250g of flour, so I weighed the exact amount on the scale.

    2. The scales on the the skin of a fish should be removed before cooking.

    3. The mountain climbers took two hours to scale the peaks of Mount Everest.

    4. In Jazz music, the musical scale is made up of eight notes. The first and eighth notes are the same, except that the eighth note is exactly eight pitch levels higher than the first. For example, in the scale of C-major, the first note is C and you go up (ascend) in one note intervals until you reach the eighth note, like this, C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. Once you reach the top of the scale, you go back down again (descend) to return to the first note, like this, C, B, A, G, F, E, D, C.

  • Roro says:

    Hello everyone
    I have a problem
    I’m an English literarture student and still have not the courage to speak English…this is really embarrassing
    plz what can I do to be more confident?

  • Edwin says:

    the meter has scale in centimeters
    the fish are covered by scale
    two old men scaled the hill last week so i will scale tomorrow
    the musicians know the scale of the music so they play music very well.

  • Piroska says:

    All the shops use a special scale for weighing good.
    One of the thin overlapping plates of hard material
    that cover the skin of many fish is called scale.
    People would like to scale up to the highest
    mountain in the world.
    Clarinetists have to practise scale a lot every day.

  • myintmohoo1996 says:

    I always say to my brother that “eat with scale”.
    It is right or wrong?I don’t know.I am a learner of English.Thank you for sharing these lessons.

  • Craig Howling says:

    Great for a lesson opener thanks

  • Misra M says:

    This scale is used only in a laboratory.
    After removing the scale, we can make a delisious dish of a fish.
    Is it easy to scale in a mountain?
    Through scale, you measure the volume a music instrument.

  • Aruna says:

    *Electronic scales are better than the manual scales.
    *The scales of the fish really protect it.
    *Scaling a mountain is not only a passtime but also an exercise.
    *Practicing scales once in a while is helpful to keep musicians’ practical abilities.

    I improved the second and third usage of “scale” in this lesson. Your lessons are actually helpful to our progress.
    Thanks indeed!

  • Shiromi Harnagala says:

    1. We use scale to weight things.

    2. Fish scale is a protective shield.

    3. Its difficult to scale amountain Everest.

    4. I don’t know the scale of musical notes.

  • siti juenah says:

    greeting to all, i really like analizing the sentences

  • Ghanizada says:

    Greetings to all!
    I am really benefited from that very best practice as a senior leaner in English language, please stay in touch with us.



    greating to all

    in the first picture shown it’s measure the item.
    2.look at the fish scan spots
    3.two person (hikers) get the building on snow hill’s musical component Mr.Sher ali is very good musicians

  • ibrahim says:

    Greetings to all
    I am really benefi from that practice as I am jenior leaner to English plz give us more


  • Sakaliya says:

    In the first picture,the scale shows the weight of the apple. Second picture, before eating that fish, we need to remove the scale from its skin. Third picture points out two persons making great effort to scale the hill. And finally, I really don’t know the scale of this musical note

  • natali says:

    Dear Josef, look, pls:
    1) The scale is almost full.
    2) Fish are covered of scales.
    3) Two guys scale to Mount Everest.
    4) Learn your saxophone scale!!!!

  • selma says:

    Hi all,
    1-Be careful against the fake of “Weigh”
    2- Some fishes’ scale is too hard to eat, which you should clean it up..
    3-Two mountain climber scale the mountain.
    4-I can see five notes on the scale,unfortunately I am not talent person to read the musical notes :))

  • Shaiza says:

    Unluckily, I don’t have good command at English, but I’m trying hard to improve it. Hence, I need you guys to guide n correct me wherever I’m wrong.
    PLEASE PLEASE Help me””” (^_^)

  • rita says:

    plss help us how to scale them thts wht yu can help me

  • Mr Paul says:

    Excellent answers, but no one mentioned the 5th scale: 1″ = 2′

  • Abdul wali says:

    unfortunately right now i can’t leave any comment on above pictures so i try to learn Enlish by your help and i will able to answer all question on the future,

  • agt. says:

    Hi wants to draw his pictures to scale.
    The child had his skin scaly.
    He scaled some steps, but nobody allowed him.

  • Priyanka says:

    The scale though an old one will always be accurate. The fish monger in this store will remove the scales off the fish. Scaling the Himalayas will be the lifetime dream of many mountaineers. I’m not sure abt t other one.

  • Julio Galindo says:


    Thank you for sharing these excellent sentences. I´d just like to mention there are only seven musical notes which are C,D,E,F,G,A and B.


  • Gabriel Sowrian says:

    Dear Mr Josef,

    Thank you for your pictorial explanation about the use of the word ‘scale’ in different senses. Here are my sample sentences for each image.

    Image 1: (noun)
    The fruiterer reluctantly weighed the melon on the weighing scales.

    Image 2: (noun)
    I often amaze by the geometric pattern that the scales of fish make.

    Image 3: (verb)
    It wasn’t easy for the two to scale the treacherous mountain.

    Image 4: (noun)
    Don’t tell me that you’ve never heard about the eight notes of a major scale.

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