How many waves do you know?


Can you make one sentence for each of the four kinds of waves shown in the illustration? Use the comment box below to write your sentences.

illustration courtesy Andy Singer

  • Ahmed Saad says:

    I like sea waves..
    there are long and short radio waves.
    i hear about new waves..
    my brother waves to me..

    Thank you

  • Ahmed Saad says:

    Thank you these words…compound words….

    My regards

  • hoahuyen says:

    1-I like stiing on the beach to watch wave.
    2-I can’t leave without your wave.
    3-I use microwave to warm food.
    4-It’s difficult for people living in remote village to get the airwave.

  • metalgearsiolide1 says:

    1.One wave of sea.
    2.Two person waved the goodbye to the each other.
    3.three waves for combing.
    4.this radio can’t recieve the airwaves.

  • Mohamed Rhmani says:

    Hello Mr Josef Essberger

    thanx for this nice topic we can say

    1-we should know sea waves status before we are rid boats
    2- I had seen john father waved his son by his hand
    3-when I was with those three persons I received positive waves from them
    4-this tower send and receive waves for 24/7

  • Mel says:

    1. I’m on the beach at sunset enjoying the soothing sound of the waves as they gently wash onto the shore.

    2. Just before he stepped onto the train, he turned and waved goodbye. I waved back and shouted, “See you next week.”

    3. Punk Rock was the popular music culture in Britain in the ’70s. The outrageous fashion and hairstyles made waves with conservative society. In the late ’70s and during the ’80s a new genre of music called New Wave became popular. New Wave was famous for glamorous clothing and men wearing make up. Bands like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Depeche Mode are good examples of New Wave bands that were popular in the ’80s.

    4. Radio waves are used to broadcast sound and pictures through space by means of electromagnetic frequencies. When you tune in to your favourite radio station or TV channel you are using radio waves.

  • Min Min says:

    Dear Mr.Josef,
    There are 4 sentences for figures.
    1)The sun is shining brightly on the shores above the tidy waves.
    2)The boy gives a shaving wave to his father.
    3)The smile on his face is so wind as a punk wave.
    4)The air wave is always spreading to different area.
    If there will be mistakes, please give correction.

  • Edwin says:

    the waves of the sea are calm down the tide is low
    Celular´s tower send electromagnetic waves to cell phones
    only black men have wabes at their hair
    when i see somebody that stay far away i send my signal that i see waves my hand

  • Ram says:

    1) Sea waves gives piece to mind.
    2) Both are wishing with hand wave.
    4) Radio frequence waves coming out from tower.

  • Mani says:

    1.My younger son’s behaviour is as obstinate as tidal waves.
    2. The wave which was made on his departure was Really sad.
    3. All the recent waves of model are not to be fallowed!

  • Abd Allah says:


  • jose ramon says:

    It’s dangerous to swim at this hour, because the waves are so high.
    the last thing I remember, is the moment she waved me and said good bye forever.
    what I like the most from you is the waves in your hair.
    the radio signal gets to my radio through sound waves

  • Kati Svaby says:

    Childhood memories
    1.When I first saw the sea (The Black Sea) I didn’t dare to jump down from the cliff because the waves were very rough, however I used to be a good swimmer.
    2.When the train started I waved to my mother a goodbye from the window.
    3.In those days we didn’t see this kind of waves we used to have natural waves in our hair or we had permanent wave made by the hairdresser.
    4.We could listen to the radio only over the airwaves because TV didn’t exist in my country yet.

  • pinguin lay says:

    For the first picture: It is nice to look at the waves from the shore.
    For the second picture: People wave their hand each other as a sign of departing.
    For the third picture: As the modern world fashion, the teenager starts to shape their hair in the shape of waves.
    For the fourth picture: The tower emits the radio wave signals.

    Nice collection of waves forms.

  • teshome says:

    Microwave is one of the best transmission medium.

  • Aruna says:

    1.My younger son’s behaviour is as obstinate as tidal waves.
    2. The wave which was made on his departure was Really sad.
    3. All the recent waves of model are not to be fallowed!
    4 the coverage of Internet connection is disterbed by the radio waves.

  • Marwatageldin says:

    Dear joe:

    Thanks for the list and i will give you some sentence about those pic.

    1-In the winter must not forger the beauty of sea waves high.

    2-It is very fine when my father waved his hands to me and said good buy.

    3-I don’t think about waves in hair but may be (i don’t know)

    4-Transmitter travels through air waves from stelites.

  • agt. says:

    thank you for the list, I’ve learnt different ways, how to use the word wave.

  • samsam12 says:

    The airwaves very colled,
    Radio wave -send throw the air by V H F.
    Electromagnetic wave use for Radar.
    I wave to my friend to wite for me by hand, and say hello too.

  • kaku says:

    airwaves ;radio waves;
    microwave;electromagnetic waves

  • samsam12 says:

    Electromignatic waves
    Radio waves

  • João B. L. Ghizoni says:

    I was happily lying on the beach, watching the waves. Then my kids waved me goodbye as they attentively observed a group of guys wearing a punk style walk by. But they immediately tuned in to the radio waves again to listen to their favorite program.

  • yasmin says:

    Thanks Josef 4 question & Gabriel 4 her answer.

  • Galina Prostomolotova says:

    Hello, Mr. Josef!
    Here are my sentences:
    1. During that time her favourite pastime was watching the waves breaking on the shore.
    2. He gave me a simple wave and smile but it wasn’t enough for me.
    3. Each successive wave of punk wanted to be seen to be more ‘punk’ than the previous one.
    4. Radio waves travel at the speed of light in a vacuum.

  • Joe says:

    Well done GS! Those are four perfect sentences. And thanks for the list. I must admit I didn’t think of wave like that for #3, but it’s certainly possible. I was thinking Andy was illustrating waves in the hair – a bit like the “permanent wave” that you listed 🙂 But he probably had your kind of wave in mind.

    Anyone for anymore?

  • Gabriel Sowrian says:

    Dear Mr Josef,
    Here are the four sentences I made with the help of the illustrations you’ve given.

    1. I think it’s safe to go fishing now as the tidal wave has subsided.
    2. Johnson reciprocated with a smile as his father waved him goodbye.
    3. Punk was a new wave in the late 1970s where people liked brightly coloured hair and loud rock music.
    4. The newscaster always holds her listeners spellbound over the airwaves.

    The following is a list of compound nouns having the word ‘wave(s)’

    * airwaves
    * audience wave
    * brainwave
    * crime wave
    * electromagnetic waves
    * heatwave
    * longitudinal wave
    * long wave
    * medium wave
    * Mexican wave
    * microwave
    * new wave
    * permanent wave
    * plasma waves
    * polarized waves
    * pressure waves
    * radio waves
    * Rossby wave
    * seismic S (secondary) waves
    * shock wave
    * short wave
    * sound waves
    * standing waves
    * tidal wave
    * transverse wave
    * ultrasonic waves

    I really enjoyed myself while compiling the list. I learned a few new words in the process. Thank you for this interesting activity, sir!


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