Remember Colours with Poetry

broom with coloursPoetry is a great way to have fun with colours. Writing poems about colours will help you remember them. You don't have to write perfect sentences. Just have fun. Try these three different styles.

Acrostic Poem

Write a colour in a vertical line on a piece of paper. Use the first letter to write a word or phrase that reminds you of the colour, for example:

Orange juice
Red's neighbour
Always bright
Nice with black
Grab a pumpkin
Eat your carrots

Senses Poem

There are 5 senses that help us understand our world. We use our nose to smell. We use our tongues to taste. We use our eyes to see. We use our ears to hear. And we use our fingers to touch. The world is a colourful place and we can use our 5 senses to describe it. Follow the pattern here and write your own colourful poem:

Purple smells like lilacs.
Purple tastes like grape juice.
Purple looks like the end of a sunset.
Purple sounds like popping bubbles.
Purple feels like monster fuzz.

Diamond Poem

In this type of poem you choose two different colours. One goes in the first line and the other goes in the seventh line. Follow the pattern to create your own poem. When you are finished your poem will be shaped like a diamond.

  1. first colour
  2. two adjectives that describe the first colour
  3. three -ing words that remind you of the first colour
  4. two nouns that are the first colour and two nouns that are the second colour
  5. three -ing words that remind you of the second colour
  6. two adjectives that describe the second colour
  7. second colour
brilliant royal
calming cooling looming
horizon water
grasses trees
giving living starting
healthy delicious

Now you can try this colours quiz to test yourself!