Can You Spot the Difference?

Look at the first picture. Then look at the second picture. Write ten differences on a piece of paper. Then check your answers.

house with chimney smoke

house with no chimney smoke


1. The sun is not smiling. The sun is frowning.

2. There is no smoke coming out of the chimney.

3. The red kite is gone. There is only one kite instead of two.

4. There is a person in the left window instead of the right window.

5. There are no curtains in the windows.

6. It is a cloudy day. There are clouds in the sky.

7. The grass is shorter. Someone cut the grass.

8. There are flowers on the tree instead of apples.

9. The flag on the mailbox is down. There is no mail.

10. There are only four birds instead of five. One of the birds flew away.