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The Lucky Octopus Quiz

A. Do you understand what the words in the story mean?

Match the vocabulary with the definitions:

a happy 1 to be attractive
b kind 2 to have a pleasant taste
c delicious 3 to be equal for everyone
d honest 4 to have good things happen by chance
e fair 5 to be extremely small
f lucky 6 to be unhappy
g tiny 7 to be unhappy because you aren't with other people
h beautiful 8 to feel pleased
i sad 9 to be generous and helpful
j lonely 10 to be truthful
Grammar note
An adjective is used to describe a noun. There are 2 places to put an adjective:
1. Before a noun (example: She is a nice teacher)
2. After the verb "to be" (example: My teacher is nice)

How many words in the vocabulary list do you think are adjectives?


Some of the adjectives in the story are called superlatives. Superlatives are used to describe "the most".
Add -est to form a superlative for adjectives with one or two syllables (sound beats).
Example: She is a nice teacher. She is the nicest teacher.
If the adjective ends in "y" change the "y" to "i" when you spell the superlative.
Example: She is pretty. She is the prettiest.

Look for these adjectives in the story. How do you form the superlative?

adjective   superlative
young   youngest
old   __________
lucky   __________
kind   __________
tiny   __________
happy   __________

B. Do you understand how to use the words from the story?

Fill in the blanks:

1. The sea fairy was the _______________ creature Ollie had ever seen.

  1. lucky
  2. tiniest
  3. lonely
  4. delicious

2. Orlando baked his sister a _______________ cake.

  1. fair
  2. honest
  3. luckiest
  4. delicious

3. The jewels in the treasure chest were very _______________.

  1. honest
  2. happiest
  3. beautiful
  4. luckiest

4. Ollie was _______________ because nobody would play with her.

  1. kind
  2. happiest
  3. lonely
  4. fair

5. The sea fairy appeared because Ollie was the _______________ octopus.

  1. tiny
  2. luckiest
  3. fair
  4. delicious

C. Do you understand what the story is about?

Answer the comprehension questions:

1. What type of creature is the main character in this story?

  1. a sea fairy
  2. an octopus
  3. a fish
  4. a human

2. Why is Ollie different from the rest of her family?

  1. She is big.
  2. She is unlucky.
  3. She only has 7 legs.
  4. She doesn't like games.

3. Who are Oscar and Orlando?

  1. They are Ollie's friends.
  2. They are Ollie's brothers.
  3. They are Ollie's children.
  4. They are Ollie's parents.

4. Why did Ollie cry in the seaweed patch?

  1. It was her birthday.
  2. She didn't grow her eighth leg.
  3. She wanted to see the treasure.
  4. Her brother was dishonest.

5. What did Ollie's mother give her at the party?

  1. a birthday balloon
  2. a cake
  3. an apple
  4. a necklace

Now check your answers!

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