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Maxwell Loses a Tooth Quiz

A. Do you understand what the words in the story mean?

Match the vocabulary with the definitions:

a pillow 1 the opening in the face that contains the teeth and tongue
b advice 2 a soft object to rest your head on in bed
c tooth 3 not containing anything
d show (verb) 4 an opinion someone gives you about what you should do
e home 5 a white hard object in your mouth, used for chewing
f lose 6 to make it possible for something to be seen
g keep 7 the place where you live with your family
h congratulations 8 to no longer have in place
i mouth 9 to continue to have or own
j empty 10 an expression used to show that you are happy for someone
Should is a useful word that you can use to give advice to someone.
Use: subject (you) + should + base verb (eat) + object (an apple)
Example: You should eat an apple.
When you ask for advice in a question the subject comes after should:
question word + should + subject + base verb
Example: What should I eat?

Look at the following pieces of advice. How do you write them as questions?

You should show your mum.   Who should I show?
You should come on Saturday.   _______ _______ _______ come?
Lisa should read the newspaper.   _______ _______ _______ read?
She should invite Julie.   _______ _______ _______ invite?
They should go to school.   _______ _______ _______ go?

B. Do you understand how to use the words from the story?

Fill in the blanks:

1. Maxwell put his tooth under his __________.

  1. advice
  2. pillow
  3. lose
  4. mouth

2. There is an __________ spot in the bottom of Maxwell's mouth.

  1. show
  2. empty
  3. lose
  4. home

3. The class gave Maxwell some __________.

  1. show
  2. teeth
  3. keep
  4. advice

4. Maxwell brought his tooth __________.

  1. home
  2. pillow
  3. advice
  4. mouth

5. Mrs. Gilbert didn't want Maxwell to __________ the box.

  1. keep
  2. show
  3. empty
  4. lose

C. Do you understand what the story is about?

Answer the comprehension questions:

1. Where did the story begin?

  1. in the classroom
  2. in a bedroom
  3. in Austria
  4. at Maxwell's house

2. What did Maxwell lose?

  1. a box
  2. an upper tooth
  3. a lower tooth
  4. a toy

3. Where is Frida from?

  1. Mexico
  2. Austria
  3. Japan
  4. America

4. Where did Jorge tell Maxwell to put his tooth?

  1. on the roof
  2. under the floor
  3. under his pillow
  4. in a box

5. Who wrote Maxwell a letter?

  1. his teacher
  2. the tooth fairy
  3. the tooth mouse
  4. a classmate

Now check your answers!

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