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Too Tiny for Tea Quiz

A. Do you understand what the words in the story mean?

Match the vocabulary with the definitions:

a beautiful 1 the body part that tastes food
b stirred 2 another word for stomach
c basket 3 to be able to touch or grab something
d tongue 4 an area out front or out back of a house
e bike 5 touched with a soft up and down motion
f patted 6 short for bicycle
g belly 7 mixed
h spoon 8 used to stir or bring food to the mouth
i to reach 9 very pretty, nice looking
j yard 10 a net with a hole at the top and bottom
Too is a word that means more than enough.
Use: too + adjective
I am too tired. I don't have enough energy.
This hat is too small. I need a bigger hat.
It's too cold outside. I don't want to play outside until it's warmer.

Look at the following sentences. Can you write the problems?

You aren't tall enough to reach the shelf. You are too short.
He has to be older to go on this ride. He is _______ _______ .
I didn't have enough time to call you. I was _______ _______.
You might burn your tongue on the soup. The soup is _______ _______.
Jenna needs a smaller bike. The bicycle is _______ _______ for Jenna.

B. Do you understand how to use the words from the story?

Fill in the blanks:

1. Marty's mother __________ her tea with a silver spoon.

  1. drank
  2. ate
  3. stirred
  4. cooked

2. Marty's brother is throwing his ball into a __________ .

  1. baby
  2. cup
  3. bike
  4. basket

3. When Marty thinks about candy he can taste it on his__________.

  1. shoes
  2. teeth
  3. tongue
  4. wind

4. Marty's mother__________ her belly after she told her son about the baby.

  1. careful
  2. patted
  3. smiled
  4. found

5. Jane thinks Marty's bike is too__________ .

  1. fast
  2. tiny
  3. old
  4. young

C. Do you understand what the story is about?

Answer the comprehension questions:

1. How old is Marty?

  1. almost 5
  2. 5
  3. almost 6
  4. 7

2. What is Marty's brother doing in the story?

  1. going to the store
  2. washing the car
  3. cutting the grass
  4. playing basketball

3. What does Marty wish?

  1. That he was younger
  2. That he was a baby
  3. That he wasn't the youngest
  4. That he was shorter

4. What does Marty's mother bring to Marty's father?

  1. a ball
  2. a baby
  3. a bicycle
  4. a cup of tea

5. What does Marty's mother tell Marty?

  1. She is feeling better.
  2. He is going to grow soon.
  3. He is going to be a big brother.
  4. They are going to go shopping.

Now check your answers!

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