Learn About Shapes

There are two different ways of making sentences about shapes. You can use a shape as a noun or an adjective. Play the recording to hear the proper pronunciation of the shapes. Then read the example sentences and try the shapes quiz.

Listen to the pronunciation...

1. The roof of a house is shaped like a triangle (noun). The roof is triangular (adjective).

2. The clock on the wall is shaped like a circle. The clock is circular. (or The clock is round.)

3. The table in the room is shaped like a rectangle. The table is rectangular.

4. The necklace I wear is shaped like a heart. My necklace is heart-shaped.

5. The picture on the wall is shaped like a square. The picture is square.

6. The rock in the garden is shaped like an oval. The rock is oval.

7. The nose on the pumpkin is shaped like a star. The pumpkin's nose is star-shaped.

8. The ornament on the tree is shaped like a diamond. The ornament is diamond-shaped.

9.The stop sign on my street is shaped like an octagon. The sign is octagonal.

Now try the shapes quiz!