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Exercises: The Bears' Night Out

Here are two short exercises based on The Bears' Night Out children's short story (level: upper-intermediate). Answers are given at the end.

Exercise A: Vocabulary

Match the words from the story (abc) with the definitions (123). For example: a7

a. gathered b. tucked in c. behave d. comfortable e. headed f. campers g. hungry h. exhausted j. extinct k. marsupial

  1. type of mammal that keeps its babies in a pocket called a "pouch"
  2. people who sleep outside (in tents) in the forest for a short time
  3. covered up with blankets at bedtime
  4. follow the rules
  5. went in a certain direction
  6. good feeling, when the body is in a nice position
  7. brought together
  8. feeling when you need something to eat
  9. very tired
  10. when all of a species have died

Exercise B: Comprehension

Answer the questions about the story:

1. What is Megan's favourite thing in the world?

a. the North Pole b. sleeping c. bears

2. Where did Grizzly take the other bears?

a. to the North Pole b. to America c. to Canada

3. Where do koala bears get their water from?

a. lakes b. leaves c. the ocean

4. Panda is worried about going to China because he think all the pandas will

a. be gone. b. ignore him. c. be afraid of Grizzly

5. Who hears Koala's secret at the end of the story?

a. Panda b. no one c. Megan

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