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Exercises: The Chickens Take a Holiday

Here are two short exercises based on the The Chickens Take a Holiday children's short story (level: elementary). Answers are given at the end.

Exercise A: Vocabulary

Match the words from the story (abc) with the definitions (123). For example: a4

a. fence b. holiday c. milk d. grass e. news f. farmer g. rake h. cheese i. rooster j. season

  1. white liquid produced by cows
  2. information about recent events
  3. one of the four periods of the year when the weather changes
  4. a structure made of wood or wire that divides land
  5. a time when someone does not go to work
  6. a male chicken that crows
  7. food made from milk, usually yellow or orange in colour
  8. person who looks after the grounds for raising animals and growing crops
  9. a low green plant that covers the Earth's surface
  10. a garden tool with a long handle, used for gathering leaves

Exercise B: Comprehension

Answer the questions about the story:

1. What time of day is it in this story?

a. morning b. afternoon c. evening

2. How many chickens are on Farmer Tim's farm?

a. one b. five c. ten

3. The cows moved to the grass to

a. find the farmer b. look for the rake c. eat their breakfast

4. What happened when the trees got angry?

a. The rake woke up. b. The apples fell down. c. Farmer Tim came out.

5. Who wakes up the farmer at the end of the story?

a. Rowdy Rooster b. Daisy c. Chester Chicken

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