Exercises: Good Neighbours

Here are two short exercises based on the Good Neighbours children's short story (level: upper-intermediate). Answers are given at the end.

Exercise A: Vocabulary

Match the words from the story (abc) with the definitions (123). For example: a10

a. finish b. mittens c. help d. neighbour e. bucket f. yard g. roll h. decorate i. build j. window

  1. to turn over and over
  2. to make by putting things together
  3. glass that you can see out of
  4. to add something attractive
  5. a person who lives beside you
  6. a container with a handle
  7. to make a job easier for another person
  8. an area of land around a house
  9. warm coverings for your hands
  10. to complete or come to the end of an activity

Exercise B: Comprehension

Answer the questions about the story:

1. What time of year is it in this story?

a. winter b. summer c. spring

2. Who tells Naoko she can play outside?

a. her mother b. Jack c. her father

3. Who are Jack and Naoko?

a. They are best friends. b. They are new neighbours. c. They are brother and sister.

4. What was the problem with Jack's snowman?

a. It lost its nose. b. It was too cold. c. It's head fell off.

5. What does Jack share with Naoko?

a. his window b. a carrot c. his mittens

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