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Exercises: Maxwell Loses a Tooth

Here are two short exercises based on the Maxwell Loses a Tooth children's short story (level: upper-intermediate). Answers are given at the end.

Exercise A: Vocabulary

Match the words from the story (abc) with the definitions (123). For example: a2

a. pillow b. advice c. tooth d. show e. home f. lose g. keep h. congratulations i. mouth j. empty

  1. the opening in the face that contains the teeth and tongue
  2. a soft object to rest your head on in bed
  3. not containing anything
  4. an opinion someone gives you about what you should do
  5. a white hard object in your mouth, used for chewing
  6. to make it possible for something to be seen
  7. the place where you live with your family
  8. to no longer have in place
  9. to continue to have or own
  10. an expression used to show that you are happy for someone

Exercise B: Comprehension

Answer the questions about the story:

1. Where did the story begin?

a. in the classroom b. in a bedroom c. at Maxwell's house

2. What did Maxwell lose?

a. a box b. an upper tooth c. a lower tooth

3. Where is Frida from?

a. Mexico b. Austria c. Japan

4. Where did Jorge tell Maxwell to put his tooth?

a. on the roof b. under the floor c. under his pillow

5. Who wrote Maxwell a letter?

a. his teacher b. the tooth fairy c. the tooth mouse

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