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Exercises: Too Tiny for Tea

Here are two short exercises based on the Too Tiny for Tea children's short story (level: upper-intermediate). Answers are given at the end.

Exercise A: Vocabulary

Match the words from the story (abc) with the definitions (123). For example: a9

a. beautiful b. stirred c. basket d. tongue e. bike f. patted g. belly h. spoon i. to reach j. yard

  1. the body part that tastes food
  2. another word for stomach
  3. to be able to touch or grab something
  4. an area out front or out back of a house
  5. touched with a soft up and down motion
  6. short for bicycle
  7. mixed
  8. used to stir or bring food to the mouth
  9. very pretty, nice looking
  10. in basketball, a net with a hole at the top and bottom

Exercise B: Comprehension

Answer the questions about the story:

1. How old is Marty?

a. almost five b. five c. almost seven

2. What is Marty's brother doing in the story?

a. going to the store b. washing the car c. playing basketball

3. What does Marty wish?

a. That he was younger b. That he was a baby c. That he wasn't the youngest

4. What does Marty's mother bring to Marty's father?

a. a baby b. a bicycle c. a cup of tea

5. What does Marty's mother tell Marty?

a. She is feeling better. b. He is going to grow soon. c. He is going to be a big brother.

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