Rhymes for Young Learners

Words that rhyme are words that sound the same at the end.

cat on yellow matcat

Cat and sat sound similar. They don't start with the same sound, but they end with the same sound.

Read and listen to this sentence:
There once was a cat that ate a rat, and after that sat on a yellow mat.

Can you hear 5 words that rhyme?

ball falling on dollball

Ball and fall rhyme. They end with the same sound - and with the same letters.

Read and listen to this sentence:
If you drop the ball it will fall on the doll.

Doll isn't spelled the same as ball and fall, but it sounds the same. Sometimes rhyming words aren't spelled the same.

Silly Rhymes

Here are some more examples of words that sound the same but aren't spelled the same.

Read and listen to these silly rhymes:

kite at heightRIGHT, KITE, HEIGHT
To your right,
you'll see a kite,
at a most incredible height

The big bear began to growl
when the little owl
used his towel

The boy of four
lovesick hawkcalled the circus a bore
until he heard the lions roar

The lovesick hawk,
who found some chalk,
wrote his sweetheart's name
upon a rock

Silly Sentences Quiz

Read these silly sentences. Which words rhyme with the bold word in each sentence? Sometimes there are two or more words.

There once was a king who liked to sing in the rain.

A shoe is still new till you step in blue goo.

What did you cut when you fell into the rut?

Don't stop going up till you get to the top if you really want to find the shop.

With me you will see there's no need for TV.

Sing a tune about June and we'll find the moon soon.

We'll never go if you continue to sew, so what you need to do is row.

I can't sleep with these sheep in my bed, though they seem to be sleeping quite deep by my head.

We think you should eat food that's good instead of eating wet wood.

I don't lie when eye to eye unless I'm feeling really shy.

Now listen to the silly sentences and read along.

Rhymes recorded with North American accent.