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English-English Dictionaries

Merriam-Webster ~ American English - with audio

Cambridge Dictionaries ~ choose in their drop-down box from several options such as British English, American English, Business English - with audio

OneLook ~ British English and American English, looks in up to 40 different dictionaries

Wiktionary ~ also has many other languages

Urban Dictionary ~ a dictionary of slang

Talking Picture Dictionary ~ point at the pictures and listen to the words

EnglishClub Slang ~ with explanation, sample sentences and quiz

EnglishClub Phrasal Verbs ~ with explanation, sample sentences and quiz

Synonym Dictionaries (thesaurus)

Synonym Dictionaries find words that mean the same or very nearly the same, for example: fast/quick/speedy/swift

RhymeZone ~ select "Find synonyms" in the drop-down menu

Antonym Dictionaries

Antonym Dictionaries find words that mean the opposite, for example: fast/slow

RhymeZone ~ select "Find antonyms" in the drop-down menu

Rhyming Dictionaries

Rhyming Dictionaries find words that rhyme (have endings that sound alike), for example: rain/pain

Rhymer ~ finds various types of rhymes

RhymeZone ~ select "Find rhymes" in the drop-down menu


Chat Abbreviations ~ short forms used in chat rooms and texting

Grammar Terms

Pronunciation Terms

TEFL Terms ~ for teachers, a glossary of terms used in teaching English

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