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Online Dictionaries

This page helps you find practical online dictionaries, including English-English definitions, antonyms (opposite words), synonyms (similar words), rhyming words and glossary lists. Some of these dictionaries also have audio speaker icon

English-English Dictionaries

Use English-English dictionaries when you have a word in English and you want to know the meaning in English

Cambridge Dictionaries speaker icon
Choose in their drop-down box from several options such as British English, American English, Business English. With audio

Merriam-Webster speaker icon
American English. With audio

British English and American English. Looks in up to 40 different dictionaries speaker icon

Wiktionary speaker icon
Also has many other languages

Urban Dictionary
Dictionary of slang

EnglishClub Slang
With explanation, sample sentences and quiz

EnglishClub Phrasal Verbs
With explanation, sample sentences and quiz

Synonym Dictionaries (thesauruses)

Use synonym dictionaries to find words that mean the same or very nearly the same, for example: fast/quick/speedy/swift

Select "Find synonyms" in the drop-down menu

Antonym Dictionaries

Use antonym dictionaries to find words that mean the opposite, for example: fast/slow

Select "Find antonyms" in the drop-down menu

Syllable Dictionaries

Tools to help you calculate the number of syllables in a word or sentence, and where they start and end

Rhyming Dictionaries

Use rhyming dictionaries to find words that have endings that sound the same, for example: understand/motherland or rain/pain

Finds various types of rhymes

Select "Find rhymes" in the drop-down menu


Glossaries are alphabetical lists of words related to a particular topic and giving basic definitions

Chat Abbreviations Glossary
Short forms used in chat rooms, texting etc and what they mean

Grammar Terms Glossary
List of words used to talk about grammar and their meanings

Pronunciation Terms Glossary
List of words used to talk about pronunciation and their meanings

TEFL Terms Glossary
For teachers, a glossary of terms used in teaching English and their definitions