Quick Reference

This page offers a selection of online references for grammar and vocabulary, such as parts of speech, punctuation marks, verb tenses, idioms and more. For English learners and teachers.

Parts of Speech Table
Parts of speech (word classes) at a glance

Summary of Punctuation Marks
See punctuation marks and their names, together with example sentences.

Basic Verb Tenses Chart
24 basic tenses in past, present and future, active and passive

Table of World Currencies
Here are the names and codes for most of the currencies in use today or recently.

EnglishClub Idioms
With explanation, notes, example sentences and quick quiz

EnglishClub Sayings
With possible interpretation, notes and quick quiz

EnglishClub Quotes
With notes and Wordchecker

The Quotations Page
Over 28,000 quotations online

Brainy Quote
Popular quotations arranged by category