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Twitter Vocabulary Help

bio nounshort for "biography"; a short introduction about yourself
browse verblook through files to find something (eg: photo)
direct message nounsend a message directly to one person (not the network)
follow verbadd a Twitter user so that you can view their updates (tweets)
following nounreceiving the updates of this user
lingo nounwords or expressions that a group of people invent or change slightly
links nounhypertext links that you click on to go to other web pages
logo nounan image that identifies a company or product
microblog nouna very small blog
password nouna secret word that only you know (can be letters and numbers)
point form adverbnot in a full sentence
profile verbinformation about you, such as your location
recipient nounthe person who receives your message
reply verbwrite back to a person
settings nounoptions a user has to change how something looks and works
sidebar nounuseful information down the side of a page
social network noungroup of users who want to communicate with each other
text messaging verbsending messages from a telephone (SMS)
tile nounimages that repeat across and/or down an entire page
to network verbto find new people and groups to connect with
tweet verbwrite an update on Twitter; (of a bird) make a chirping noise
twitter verb (of a bird) make short, quick chirping sounds
Twitter noun name of a social network
username nouna name people use to access a website or program (may not be your real name)
word verification adja program that requires users to type letters into a box (to prevent spam)

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