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Welcome to the EnglishClub section for learners of English. Here you'll find the language skills you need to learn English or improve your English.

Divided Kingdom video
Divided Kingdom video: welcome to a kingdom divided. In modern-day Britain, prejudice and discrimination affect the lives of two individuals, leading to a shocking confrontation with a dangerous and uncertain ending. With subtitles & classroom materials (12:33)

Language Skills for Learning English

Grammar Lessons
English grammar lessons with example sentences and tests
20 grammar rules

Pronunciation Lessons πŸ”Š
English pronunciation lessons with audio and video

Vocabulary Lessons πŸ“•
English vocabulary lessons with example sentences and quizzes

Listening Skills 🎧
English listening lessons with podcasts

Speaking Skills πŸ”Š
Lessons with audio and practice

Reading Skills
Resources, guides, quizzes

Writing Skills πŸ“
English writing lessons with examples

LISTEN & LEARN with Jaksyn Peacock
Listen🎧Learn in easy English
Listen to short, topical audio stories for English learners

Language Resources for Learning English

ESL Articles πŸ”–
Posts with ideas, help and tips on learning English as a second or foreign language
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ESL Games 🧩
Mobile-friendly online games for real English progress

ESL Quizzes
Fun quizzes to test your English grammar, vocabulary and more

ESL Videos 🎬
Films with subtitles for English learners

Songs for Learning English 🎸
Songs in English with subtitles and lyrics

English For Kids
Stories & puzzles for young learners

ESL Forums
Discussion for learners (and teachers) of English

Jokes in English
Have a laugh and learn English at the same time!

Business English πŸ’Ό
Help & resources for Business English learners

English for Work πŸ”Š
English for hotels, airlines, hospitals, police, tourism...

English Language Reference
Everything from phrasal verbs to slang, sayings and quotations

English Exams πŸ”Š
Learn about exams like TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge...

ESL Magazine
Short readings in easy English

English For Babies 🐀
Learn English with your baby

ESL Chat πŸ’¬
Chat online in English with other English learners.

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FAQ: frequently asked learn English questions

Learn English with Gymglish EnglishClub

More English Language Resources

Study English Abroad 🌏
English schools worldwide
Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, USA, More...

How to Learn English
How to organize your learning for maximum results

5 Tips for Learning English
Tips and ideas on the best ways to learn English faster

English Learning Tips for Beginners
6 ideas to help beginners learn English faster

The 4 Language Skills
Listening, speaking, reading, writing - and why you need them

Oral Fluency in English
Tips for developing your spoken language skills

How to start an English club
Advice on running your own English club

This Week in History πŸ”Š
A new story every week. With vocabulary, audio recordings and quick quizzes

Interesting Facts About English
In no particular order...

7 Secrets for ESL Learners πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ
"Wow! This tip is the best tip that I have ever seen." IsaΓ­as Quinze, Vika, Norway

Power of 7
A light-hearted look at vocabulary for English learners from 7-obsessed EnglishClub founder Josef Essberger

Word of the Day
Learn something new every day! A little and often is the best way to acquire new vocabulary.

Listen to Weekly News πŸ”Š
Each week, EnglishClub publishes a short audio news report in easy English. With this resource you can practise your listening, reading, writing and even speaking.

Guide to Online Degrees
The arrival of online distance learning has made it much easier to earn a degree if you are working or just busy.

Learn English with Professor Trump

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