Cambridge ~ City of Language

Greetings! We have two more days in Cambridge before moving on to New York and my oh my, what a productive week it has proven to be so far!

Our first appointment on day two was with the Cambridge International Club, who were most helpful in providing us with heaps of information about the international history of Cambridge. We learned a great deal about how this spectacular college town has blossomed over the years, providing its international community with an array of clubs and societies, gearing it towards being the multicultural epicentre we see before us today. People hustle and bustle in the streets, speaking in so many different tongues it is difficult to keep up. We took advantage of this opportunity in interviewing several ESL students this week, including a lone traveller from Germany who has been working hard as both a monk and a caterer.

The theological language enthusiast in question is a charming young man who, over the last couple of days, allowed us to peer into his first week in England as an ESL student. He provided us with an insight into his learning habits, personal methodologies and ideas associated with the English language that are going to make for a fascinating segment in our documentary project. We then spoke to his personal ESL tutor and mentor who gave us some ideas about how ESL students can really make the most of their time travelling to English speaking countries if they get the chance.

Since then, we have been lucky enough to meet several other members of the international community here who have been more than happy to help us with our project. We are most grateful for everybody’s support! THANK YOU!

Later on this evening we will be speaking to a group of Chinese students who have just moved to the area about adapting to England AND we will also be visiting the Cambridge International Club’s weekly curry night! I hope there is a vegetarian option!

With all that and International Folk Dancing on Monday – Cambridge is really setting a standard for the rest of the cities we will be visiting in the next few weeks!

Keep an eye out for our Cambridge photographs and video diaries, which will all be posted here on WEDNESDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER!


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