Learning English Video Project in China and Brazil


Firstly I would like to thank everybody at English Club for their comments and support over the last few months. Your input has made the project worth all of the hard work and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the films we have been putting together.

I would also like to thank everyone who has invited me to Iran, Chile, Tunisia, Indonesia, Argentina, Cameroon and many other countries around the world in order to produce more films. Since the project began, I have received so many invitations it is difficult to keep count…

Due to the phenomenal feedback that we have had, Englishclub.com has announced that it will sponsor The Learning English Video Project so that we may make two more films; later on this year, I will continue the project in both China and Brazil!

Pre-production will begin in May 2009 and I will let you know when I can confirm exact times, dates and locations for the filming schedule.

In the meantime, the first episode of The Learning English Video Project; ‘Stories from Morocco’ will be available to watch FOR FREE on www.englishclub.com from April 21 2009!

I hope you enjoy the film and I look forward to reading your comments.

Best Wishes,

8 Responses to “Learning English Video Project in China and Brazil”

  1. sunil dwivedi says:

    ths iz rely best trying to learn ing in english…

  2. jose carlos cardoso de lima says:

    You’re welcome to Brazil,

    Jose Carlos From- Brazil- Jundiaí city.

  3. Tara Benwell says:

    Congratulations on creating such a buzz. I’m so glad the video will be going to China and Brazil! Hopefully one day I will visit both of these countries myself. Have a blast!

  4. Anna Paula Pires says:

    Congratulations for this iniciative!!!
    I´m very excited with these videos that I´ll be using in my English classes for sure!!
    I´m looking forward for the next ones!!
    Thank you very much!!

  5. Anna Paula Pires says:

    I forgot to say that I´m form Brazil!!!

  6. maurice laban says:

    Congratulations ! for English Club

  7. PB says:

    ths iz rely best trying to learn ing in english…

  8. José Vieira Pedroso says:

    I congratulate you from the video project about China and Brazil. I am anxious about these videos ,I read all and watch them . One complete the other and one can see the true about other country, your work is very good. Continue showing us the beautiful places in many parts ,cultures,people and so on. Sucess.