LEVP Goes to Cambridge

Greetings Everyone!

Those of you who have followed The Learning English Video project from the beginning stages, may remember that we started filming in Cambridge during September 2008. Due to the fact that this will be the final film in the series (China and Brazil will be available very soon!) we have decided to go back to England and do something extra in Cambridge.

The theme of this particular film will be homestay, where students live with a host for a short time in order to make the most of their language learning experience. Before I travel to Cambridge, I would like to find out if you have had an experience with homestay in the past! If not, perhaps you know somebody else who has? If so, please provide a short description of your experience in a comment below.

If you have not had such an experience before, but think it might be an interesting idea, I would also like to hear from you!

  • What do you think could be the benefits of homestay and why do you think it is so popular?
  • If you could do a homestay anywhere in the world to improve your English, where would you go and why?

Are there any questions you would like me to ask homestay students in Cambridge?

I will be updating this blog regularly and look forward to reading your comments soon!

Best wishes,


37 Responses to “LEVP Goes to Cambridge”

  1. Ahmed says:

    It’s good in terms of grasping the cultural aspect of the language. I believe this aspect is as important as learning vocabulary or structure.
    Though all European cities are lively and fun, England has much more to offer, which is the English language in an English speaking environment.
    The workplace would not be enough to learn the language in the business world, text books ‘for university or college students’ would not be enough either if you were studying in an English meduim school in any other city, and so on.
    For a homestay, England would be the best place to not only: You hear, but also, You say technique. This shortens the way for learners, fun and sharpens the mind!
    If you got lucky, you would find a homestay family that emails you family pictures before hand so that when you arrive, it feels like home :)


  2. Mary says:

    I think doing homestay is so helpful for learning languages and be familiar to different cultures and customs there are.I really like to have a experience in a foreign country and make friends with different cultures.I want to go America and going on my studying.

  3. Vo Hoa Phuong says:

    I have no experience in being homestay. But I think that is a good way to learn English. It provides much benefits for people who wants to understand more native cultural, too.
    Firstly, if I live as homestay, I could have more chance to practice English skills. Everyday, I face to face with natives, listen and speak to them in English.Moreover,I can make friend with their children. From them, I have more special tips in using English that I will never learn from books.
    Secondly, I could learn more native cultural by living with them. Living with native family helps me understand their cultural clearly. Their food, gesture, or words show at least one part of their cultural. Even though the way they solve problems, or the way they show their feeling with their children. All of them are very precious for learners.
    Those are my opinion. I have a plan to go abroad to study, and I also hope to be homestay. I hope to live with a good family that can improve my English skills by that.

    Here my question: If I live as homestay, how can I am sure that family is good?

  4. Tharwat says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I hope you have a nice day.
    It’s wonderful idea to be a students live with a host for a short time in order to make the most of your language learning experience.
    And I think the studant have this chance are a lucky, but we miss that in Arab area. because that we look for free site learning english.

  5. Tania says:

    Dear David,
    I think it’s really a great idea to make a film about Cambridge. In my country it has a reputation of being an elite university, an “idol” of learning and education. Our students of English often use Cambridge textbooks. Moreover, the university is a wonderful ancient building that would be a pleasure for everyone to see in your film.
    As to homestay – no, I haven’t ever tried this, though I’d love to if I have a chance. I know several people whose children used to live in the families in the USA for a year to improve their English. They really made progress in English speaking skills and learned quite a lot of useful things about traditions and customs of the country (this really helps much to master English as it is impossible to learn the language without knowing any cultural background of the country speaking it as a native language). Besides, it is much easier to learn things being “inside”, i.e., directly participating in different activities.
    If I had a chance for a homestay experience, I’d definitely go to the UK. The country is rich in traditions and for me it’s “the cradle” for the classical English language (that of Shakespeare, Byron, Shaw, etc.). Though, visiting the US would also be a great experience as American English is also rather wide-spread due to Hollywood films and TV serials.


  6. Ellen says:

    How to make a good atmosphere? I mean when both you and the host have nothing to say and still have to stay together, will you find some topic break the silence?
    If you dont good at communcate, will you do some work just like talking topic before you meet and talk to host?
    What will you do if you found it`s hard to express yourself in their language? Keep silence or do something else?

  7. Mery says:

    Hi Daniel,
    It’s a great idea to speak about homestay,I have never had such an experience ,but I would like to do a homestay in the UK because I’m a student in english at the British Senegalese Institute and we always talk about Bristish culture ,customs,traditions etc…I think that doing a homestay can be very useful when you learn a language ,because it allowed you to improve your speaking and your listening skills and it allowed people from different country to exchange loads of things and knows each other way of life.
    The questions I would like you to ask homestay students in cambridge are :
    How did they manage to get in contact with the families?
    How long a student can stay in a family ,if there is a minimum or a maximum of period.
    Thanks so much for these opportunities.
    Enjoy your stay in Cambridge!!!

  8. Salum says:

    Dear members,

    I have no such experience for homestay.But i recommend it. This can help english language learners to lean the language more easly by interacting with host.


  9. João B. L. Ghizoni says:

    Hi, everyone!

    Living with a host family is an unforgettable experience. It gives you the chance of “living the language”, which is spoken by natives. You get the hang of the culture, the lifestyle, and so many other aspects related to the language and people that speak it.

    I once had the chance to go to Canada, where I spent one month. It was a wonderful experience and I stayed with different families (because I had to move from city to city). It was a magnificent experience. I really recommend it!

    My question: How many hours a day does a foreign student have to stay in class each day if he/she takes an intensive course? (João, Florianópolis, Brazil)

  10. meena kalyan says:

    Hi, I think staying someplace in England and learning the language as it is spoken there is a great idea. You get the feel of the language, some local expressions/variations. Better than staying in one locality for a long period, shifting to different places makes you understand the differences in the usage and pronunciation. But I wonder how the hosts’ neighbours/acquaintances would treat/behave with an Indian? Any cause for anxiety? How could I get vegetarian food?

  11. ruari says:

    Ireland is the place to go to – the country is reasonably safe and the people are genuinely friendly.
    Yes they probably are doing it for the money – but at least they’ll talk to you.
    Have heard so many bad things about England and not just about the food.

  12. Panggih says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Home stay ?
    I don’t know yet about this topic. I wonder to follow this result program.
    It will give us more information, knowledge, off course about improving English.
    Thanks for your effort, Daniel…
    It will be useful for us.

  13. Amjad Ali says:

    HI Daniel,
    To stay with a native English speaking family is a great idea.But what is the process to become a participant of this project?What is the minimum or maximum period? How much it will cast?What is the chance for Asians especially for Pakistanis?Regards!

  14. THIBEAUX Georges says:

    1/To speak like local people
    2/Stratford-upon-Avon as a playwright,author of the “Sequel to the very excellent and pitiful Story of Romeo and Juliet” (French version already edited – English translation in progress
    3/Why did they choose Cambridge amongst other universities?

  15. chi du says:

    I live in the United States. I have a wonderful experience. I learn a lot of English, culture and custom. My English is growing fast in everyday. Even I need to improve English but it is much easier than first time. Homestay is benefit to everyone who want to learn a new language.

  16. Daniel Emmerson says:

    Some really interesting comments so far. I will do my best to find out the answers to your questions. I am particularly intrigued as to what people might say to both Ellen’s and Meena’s questions! Daniel.

  17. 王小雨 says:

    In my opinion,homestay is an cheap way when you never have enough money to live in a hotel motel or some other place that you arrive at a new country where you have never been and you should to stay for somedays,secondly,if your porpose is know the things about there,how they living and what they talk,like that you can find an easy way to get it.

  18. Darcel says:

    I’ve stayed in a home stay in Honduras in Central America. I learn Spanish with a lovely Honduran family and also started my first teaching experience there in a small village. I really recommend it as it helps you in so many ways to learn the culture and most importantly to communicate with people. I loved it and my confidence has really grown. Now I’m staying in Salamanca Spain for one year to pick my Spanish up for my university degree. I would recommend my students to go abroad and learn the best way, with a British family or any other English Speaking family. You make great friends and improve your language skills

  19. latifa says:

    I’d like to visit England and that’s it, it’s such a
    big dream for me, I want to know everything about some other people, their culture, habits, traditions,ideas , just different people.

  20. latifa says:

    sorry, happy valentine’s day too .

  21. amira says:

    i have never been in this experience befor ,from one hand, it seems very helpful and interesting for anyone wants to learn english fast,but ,from the other hand it seems difficult because you don’t know the family you are going to stay with and is it a good fmily i mean you will be with strange people
    hf i had chance i’d like to visit Englan

  22. leenasaed says:

    get engaged in learning englih everyday.

  23. kenni says:

    I will go to England because thats the origin of the language

  24. rose al nour says:

    Hi every body and a big hug for the EnglishClub for giving me the chance ,not only to practice my english skills ,but also to share my ideas with you.As to homestay i like the idea very much eventhough ,i havenot had the chance to travel abroad and homestay.I Think homestay will enable the person to communicate with a native
    family’s culture and customs.It is a wonderful experience that will promote your self confidence, and let you learn english quickly .I prefer living in England where you can learn about small details that may happen in their lives and their way of solving their problems.(I mean their way of thinking)that you will never learn it at all, from English books.

  25. Magdy Osman says:

    Happy Valentine

  26. Magdy Osman says:

    I have never been in this experience befor

  27. Deiw says:

    Dear all,
    I think that it is great idea but I don’t think that it is so easy as 99% people wrote here. I have not any experience with home stay but I know three persons who were in UK as au-pair. Their experience was not so pink as you imagine. Ok is true that they speak fluently English at this moment but nobody stayed by this job longer than 6-8 months. I know that homestay is shorter but I think that access will be not much different.
    SO OK my questions are:
    1. Are you prepared on different live??
    2. Do you have prepared any topic which you want speak about? Or do you have prepared any programs which you want to do with foreign family.
    3. do you think that you are able to host foreign person which want to teach your native language.

    Regards Deiw

  28. sharon says:

    not bad!

  29. tyas says:

    talking about homestay is interesting, although I don’t know much about that. but in my opinion, to enrich my english I prefer England to other countries, because England has special emphesizes both in pronounciation or spelling certain words. it’s really unique. and I wish I can travel there and other country. would you like to invite me to go there Mr Daniel ? happy valentine for you and to all anyone around you ….

  30. ody widodo says:

    Hi everybody
    I just want to say that I really want to be homestay leaners of english..but..may be its just adream…cos it is impossible for me to pay the cost.
    Started from my High school I have tried to find the way to make my dream be real. So I always go to my city looking for foreigners hope can be my partner in speaking english.
    Now, I m a teacher hope have a chance to bring my dream come true.
    If God permit me to homestay I really want to go to England.
    I m sorry if my comment is not good.

  31. Caesar says:

    Hello to everybody. My best wishes for this year.
    I would like to go to New York. I wnat to stay there for a short time in order to improve my english. I am Colombian, my native language is spanish.

  32. veereak says:

    hi everybody,
    At first, a big thanks to EnglishClub for giving me a good idea and all information about how to learn english such as reading, speaking, listening and writing. English is very important for all people around the world in communicate with people in anyplace, anywhere that we reach especially in work.
    i have no any experiences about visiting to abroad and homestay but i think it’s very great idea for getting an experience from other new to improve ourself and share an experience that we get to other people.

  33. hussam says:

    Fact that it is a great idea, and even been successful, any learner of English needs to at least a month so he could communicate with those who speak this language and be excellent if it is supported lessons at the School of English Language Teaching Bouger practice is difficult to learn any language, thanking your thoughtfulness

  34. Nhung says:

    It is true that home stay can help improve English of students. Home stay is the first step for students to enter the life with the other language. Learning by doing! Students can only learn how to communicate in English if they communicate.
    However, the willingness, hospitality of the house owner is very important to students’ improvement.

  35. Lina Altamirano says:

    It was 1980 when I traveled to UK to be one month living with an English family. I was 20. The purpose was to have the opportunity to learn English. By that time I didn´t know much. The place was Lee Green,near London and the Institution where I went everyday was EUROCENTRE. This was a wonderful experience. It`s amazing how much you can learn about culture. I met students from other European countries. At home I used to play with a kid, the landlady`s little son. It was useful because I learned from him,too. Actually, I think one month is too short. Once you are there you realize you need more time to learn more…but sometimes you cannot afford the expenses. After all this time I still open my album and see the pictures I have from places and friends there.

  36. anjana says:

    I think its great,but i have never had such experience,i would like to experience it if i have ever get a chance ,may in England ^-^.
    nice video
    Have a great day

  37. Natalia Koolchinskaya says:

    Hi,everyone.I know for sure that the best place to exchange English skills is Bulgaria-International Summer Camp.A lot of pupils from all over the world come there and easily communicate speaking and improving their English.I have already been to such a camp.There were a lot of English pupils too.