More Morocco

More Pictures from Film Location 04 – Casablanca & Rabat

We were in Morocco from October 12th – October 20th and we had a fantastic time there. Here are some more pictures of our journey and a short video blog detailing the events.


Hands up if you know the answer! – American Academy Casablanca


Tortoise Time with Joel Carr.


Taxi Breakdown on the way back to AAC


Movie Stars – Three Keen Beans at AAC.


Out Of Tape


It is ALL about Moroccan Mint Tea – I miss it so much!


9 Responses to “More Morocco”

  1. hanane says:

    Hello Daniel and Joel,
    I am so happy that you enjoyed your visit to Morocco. How is your stay in Romania and how things are developping?
    the best of luck

  2. nziha says:

    Thanks for the video you post about Morocco. I really hoped to see here in Fez
    Thank you again and good luck

  3. JuanCC says:

    That looks like a great school to learn English

  4. baiyun says:

    Hello,it’s a fantastic time for you to visit Morocco.
    Thank you for your video blog and I hope more people can go there.

  5. isabel says:

    hi thanks a lot for your gift. it´s a very good video people looks happy don’t they
    the best of luck

  6. kaoutar says:

    Morocco beautiful … I hope to visit Guelmim in southern Morocco Let gate Moroccan Sahara and Haya also very beautiful hello and thank you

  7. ivy says:

    i admired you Daniel and Joel, i want to there to.

  8. mew says:

    Hi’ Daniel’i wish you are be happy with everything.Have anice day to you and also have anice time to joe too!Take care…

  9. Abamaas says:

    HI ‘ all friends I wish you are happy.